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An Unusual Tale August Teasers 2021: Shobha is annoyed with Samarth’s mom. Vikram and Shobha go to Sanjay and Garima’s commitment party where Vikram is charged. 

Sunday 1 August 2021 

Scene 5 

While Shobha is amped up for her new position, Samarth reprimands her and requests that she turn down the offer. Shobha likewise stresses over the pre-ponent of Garima’s commitment. 

Scene 6 

Garima’s family then, at that point fights about Sanjay’s family castigating Samarth. 

Monday 2 August 2021 

Scene 7 

Shobha stands up to Vikram. Shobha attempts to assuage Sanjay and Garima, yet to no end. She comforts Garima and asks her not to trouble Sanjay. Shobha begins her new position however is approached to stop. 

Scene 8 

Irritated Shobha chooses to stop. Nonetheless, Vikram figures out how to persuade her. Vikram is shocked by Shobha’s idea. Shobha is awestruck on getting an administration notice. 

Tuesday 3 August 2021 

Scene 9 

Shobha is stressed to empty their home. Tarun, to intrigue Samarth, recommends Ajay ought to wed Garima. Tarun demands that Shobha and her family move in, however she rejects. 

Scene 10 

Samarth apologizes to Shobha. Vikram reproaches Shobha for causing an occurrence. Shobha misleads Samarth’s mom, enlightening her regarding elective convenience, and will not move to Tarun’s home. 

Wednesday 4 August 2021 

Scene 11 

Shobha persuades Samarth’s mom to move. Vikram and Shobha are stunned as they are presently neighbors and Vikram is furious. Tarun attempts to prompt Veer’s mom against Shobha. 

Scene 12 

Shobha acknowledges Vikram’s Sharada plans to destroy Shobha’s show. Shobha tries sincerely however neglects to convey and Vikram chooses to fire her. A board part requests that Vikram allow her a subsequent opportunity. 

Thursday 5 August 2021 

Scene 13 

Shobha discovers Sharada doesn’t need her to work for Vikram. She looks for the assistance of her youngsters. Her show is enjoyed at the workplace meeting. Vikram and Shobha stall out in their structure’s lift. 

Scene 14 

Sandeep welcomes Shobha to his home to celebrate and Shobha slaps Sandeep for making trouble. Garima attempts to perk up a despondent Shobha. The following day, Sharada concludes that Garima will wed Tarun’s sibling. 

Friday 6 August 2021 

Scene 15 

To uncover Sandeep, Shobha consents to visit his home. The arrangement misfires when Sandeep deceives her and denounces Shobha. Vikram misjudges Shobha and flames her. Shobha becomes discouraged. 

Scene 16 

Sharada embarrasses Sanjay, false impressions emerge when Sanjay discovers Garima with Ajay. Sandeep is dumbfounded when Vikram fires him from the organization. Sandeep pledges to render retribution. 

Saturday 7 August 2021 

Scene 17 

Shobha consoles Sandeep’s better half. Shobha attempts to express gratitude toward Vikram, yet he is vexed. Samarth and his mom think Shobha is as yet terminated, yet Shobha visits him in prison. Sanjay advises Garima to abscond. 

Scene 18 

Sharada faces Shobha about the end. Shobha observes Diwali with her kids however is disturbed when Tarun is welcomed. Garima faces Ajay, Jiya coordinates a saltine towards Vikram’s room. 

Sunday 8 August 2021 

Scene 19 

Vikram and Dadi face Sharada and Jiya, Shobha stops the battle. Sharada attempts to extort Shobha. Dadi advises Vikram to not be vexed. Samarth and Tarun plan to pull a prank on Shobha. 

Scene 20 

Vikram has a go at being decent however Shobha misjudges his conduct. Tarun reveals to Shobha that Samarth needs to meet her. Afterward, Garima requests that Shobha get back right on time. 

Monday 9 August 2021 

Scene 21 

Vikram attempts to consol Jiya. Shobha misjudges Vikram’s aims. At the point when Sharada gets some answers concerning Vikram’s visit, she presumes that Shobha and Vikram are taking part in an extramarital entanglements. 

Scene 22 

Vikram saves Jiya from being embarrassed by her companions and Jiya makes the games group. Nonetheless, Shobha questions Vikram after seeing him at Jiya’s school and the two grown-ups have a contention. 

Tuesday 10 August 2021 

Scene 23 

Shobha laments going up against Vikram and attempts to apologize to him. Ajay discovers Garima with Sanjay. Tarun requests that Shobha sign an affirmation, to rescue Samarth. Will Shobha sign the oath? 

Scene 24 

Garima asks Shobha not to sign. Shobha chooses to sign the sworn statement. Samarth needs a separation, and needs the youngsters’ authority. Who harmed Samarth’s psyche? How will Shobha respond? 

Wednesday 11 August 2021 

Scene 25 

Shobha is stressed over her kids. Tarun embarrasses Shobha in the wake of marking the sworn statement. Shobha chooses to help Vikram. Nani persuades Vikram to settle down. Nani and Sharada have a contention. 

Scene 26 

Dadi orders Vikram to deal with kids. Samarth embarrasses Shobha at the court. Frantic Shobha lies in the court. Can she get Samarth delivered on bail? 

Thursday 12 August 2021 

Scene 27 

Vikram realizes that Jiya deceived him. Shobha is blamed for lying. The court orders that Shobha be taken into police authority and rejects Samarth’s bail supplication. Can Shobha save herself? 

Scene 28 

Shobha argues the legal advisor for bail. Ridhima stands up to Tarun for being capable of Shobha’s capture. Shobha reviews her past. Can Vikram get Shobha temporarily free from jail? 

Friday 13 August 2021 

Scene 29 

Shobha is astounded to see Vikram in the police headquarters. Shobha persuades Jiya to not stress. Tarun illuminates Samarth just one can get temporarily free from jail. Will Samarth consent to have Shobha rescued? 

Scene 30 

Samarth gets bail and Vikram demonstrates Shobha’s guiltlessness. The court discharges Shobha and Tarun is captured. Vikram becomes irate as Shobha gets some information about his past. 

Saturday 14 August 2021 

Scene 31 

Shobha sees that Vikram is disturbed. Ridhima stands up to Tarun. Vikram gets incensed at Jiya and Rehaan for investigating his own journal. What befell Vikram that inconveniences him right up ’til the present time? 

Scene 32 

Shobha chooses not to help Vikram to remember his past. She assists Doris with getting a showcasing line of work at Vikram’s organization. Shobha and Doris are infuriated when Vikram names Shobha as the promoting head. 

Sunday 15 August 2021 

Scene 33 

Shobha finds Vikram’s past. Ajay’s abominations trouble Garima. Sanjay identifies with Garima. Doris plots against Shobha and Vikram. Will Shobha find out about their ploy? 

Scene 34 

Vikram’s Nani uncovers Vikram’s past to Shobha. Vikram attempts to find out about Nani’s discussion, yet Shobha declines. Sanjay demands that Garima absconds with him. Will Garima react decidedly? 

Monday 16 August 2021 

Scene 35 

Vikram censures Shobha for spreading tattle. Shobha attempts to clarify however he arranges her to leave the workplace. Shobha educates Vikram that she is leaving her work. What will Shobha do now? 

Scene 36 

Vikram rehires Sandeep as the advertising head. Sandeep gets rowdy with Shobha. Shobha discovers that Sandeep is answerable for making contrasts among her and Vikram. How might Shobha respond? 

Tuesday 17 August 2021 

Scene 37 

Vikram apologizes to Shobha. Samarth plans to render retribution. Vikram thinks back about his past. Sanjay will steal away with Garima. Ajay extorts Garima. What will Garima do now? 

Scene 38 

Ajay coerces Garima about the phony video cut. Vikram finds about Ajays shakedown. Garima vents her outrage on Vikram for breaking her commitment. Vikram chooses to help Garima. 

Wednesday 18 August 2021 

Scene 39 

Ajay prompts Sharada against Vikram and Shobha. Vikram neglects to persuade Sanjay’s family. Tarun and Ajay plan to deliver retribution. Sanjay persuades Garima to abscond with him. Garima misdirects Shobha. 

Scene 40 

Garima steals away with Sanjay and Vikram considers Shobha answerable for it. Vikram and Shobha prevent Garima and Sanjay from wedding. Ajay discovers the young lady and proposes an arrangement to Samarth. 

Thursday 19 August 2021 

Scene 41 

Vikram encourages Sanjay to open his and Garima’s relationship. At the point when Samarth plns for Garima to wed Ajay, Shobha defies him. She advises Vikram regarding everything. 

Scene 42 

Shobha advises Garima about Samarth’s choice. Later in the evening, Shobha imparts a plan to Garima to foil her commitment. The following day, Shobha discovers that Ajay made an arrangement with Samarth. 

Friday 20 August 2021 

Scene 43 

Shobha prevails in her arrangement, Ajay attempts to demonstrate that Garima and Shobha are lying. Sanjay’s family consents to get him hitched to Garima. In any case, Sharada won’t permit Garima to wed Sanjay. 

Scene 44 

Ajay is angry when he discovers that Garima needs to wed Sanjay. He attempts to act up with Garima, however Shobha helps her. Shobha requests that Vikram advance Garima and Sanjay’s wedding date. 

Saturday 21 August 2021 

Scene 45 

Ajay discloses to Samarth that Sanjay is wedding Garima. Shobha and Garima think back about their minutes. Shobha attempts to get Ajay far from the wedding scene. Nonetheless, Samarth interferes with the wedding. 

Scene 46 

Sanjay and Garima get hitched. Sharada encourages Shobha to sign the legal documents. Shobha signs, and Sharada advises Samarth to escape the house. Samarth pledges to deliver retribution on Shobha. 

Sunday 22 August 2021 

Scene 47 

Shobha discloses to Samarth that she needs to save their marriage, however he embarrasses her. Afterward, Vikram attempts to comfort Shobha. The following day, Shobha discovers that her mom is unwell. 

Scene 48 

Sandeep welcomes Shobha for a festival. Shobha slaps him as attempts to get out of hand with her. Garima rouses her. The following day, Samarth’s mom chooses to get Garima hitched to Tarun’s sibling. 

Monday 23 August 2021 

Scene 49 

Sarika pushes Abhay off the overhang; he supports serious wounds. Sharada blacks out finding out about Abhays tumble to death. Dadi requests that Vikram go with Sharada to Mumbai. 

Scene 50 

Sharada illuminates Shobha about Abhays passing. Sarika plans to guarantee Abhay’s protection. Vikram is stressed over his past. Dadi requests Shobha to take care from Vikram. Shobha requests that Vikram continue on. 

Tuesday 24 August 2021 

Scene 51

Garima uncovers that she is pregnant. Shobha coordinates a child show

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