An Unusual Tale September Teasers 2021: Shobha asks guidance from her companion, Usha, who prompts her against tolerating Samarth back.

[Starlife] An Unusual Tale September 2021 Teasers

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Episode 67

Usha attempts to cause Shobha to understand that Vikram loves her yet Shobha will not accept so. Afterward, Shobha gets back.

Episode 68

Vikram is glad to see Shobha, yet chooses to forfeit his affection. Sarika attempts to affect Samarth against Shobha and Vikram. Nani is miserable when she finds out with regard to Vikram’s penance. Samarth apologizes to Shobha and needs to fix things up with her. Will Shobha allow Samarth another opportunity?

Thursday 2 September 2021

Episode 69

Shobha chooses to allow Samarth one more opportunity for their youngsters. In the meantime, Sarika attempts to deceive Samarth about Shobha. Afterward, Sarika attempts to incite Samarth against Vikram. Nani is annoyed with Vikram’s choice.

Episode 70

Samarth requests that Shobha quit her place of employment and Sharada concurs with Samarth. Sarika additionally attempts to persuade Shobha to quit working. Afterward, Vikram presents the worker of the month grant to Shobha. Sarika is sure that Shobha will stop.

Friday 3 September 2021

Episode 71

Vikram becomes vexed on discovering that Shobha needs to leave her place of employment. Shobha chooses to leave her place of employment to deal with her family. Meanwhile, Samarth requests that Sharada pardon him and acknowledge him. Vikram consents to permit Shobha to quit her place of employment. Binita

Episode 72

Samarth requests that Shobha keep her work and she is stunned by the abrupt change in his conduct. Sarika attempts to prevail upon Nani, yet her endeavor bears no natural product. Afterward, Shobha asks Samarth the justification his changed conduct.

Saturday 4 September 2021

Episode 73

Vikram accepts that Samarth is plotting against Shobha and Sharada. Sharada attempts to persuade Shobha that Samarth is a changed individual. Afterward, Samarth slaps Sarika for sassing Shobha. In the interim, Shobha is baffled by Samarth’s changed conduct.

Episode 74

Samarth accepts that Shobha is engaging in extramarital relations with Vikram. Sarika sees that Samarth is concealing something. Vikram encourages Shobha to be cautious with regard to Samarth’s changed conduct. In the interim, Samarth plans to utilize Shobha to retouch his political vocation.

Sunday 5 September 2021

Episode 75

Samarth intentionally harms Vikram’s hand. Afterward, Shobha keeps an eye on Vikram’s physical issue. Vikram gets disturbed as he discovers that Shobha is prepared to talk for Samarth’s sake at the public interview. Can Vikram persuade Shobha against supporting Samarth in his political plan?

Episode 76

Shobha goes to Samarth’s question-and-answer session and talks for his benefit. Vikram understands that Samarth is utilizing Shobha to support his political profession. At the point when a journalist attempts to test into the matter, Shobha proclaims that she confides in Samarth. How might Vikram get Shobha to see past Samarth’s innocent embellishments

Monday 6 September 2021

Episode 77

Binita misdirects Garima about Sanjay. In the interim, Sharada demands that Samarth take Shobha out on the town. Samarth faces Shobha and blames her for having an illegal relationship with Vikram. Afterward, Vikram discovers Shobha is profoundly bothered.

Episode 78

Sarika exhaust Samarth for thwarting her arrangements. In the meantime, Vikram finds that Samarth has made trouble with Shobha. Vikram laments encouraging Shobha to allow Samarth another opportunity. Afterward, Shobha chooses not to acknowledge Samarth.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Episode 79

Nani prevents Vikram from going up against Samarth. The following day, Vikram plans to deliver retribution against Samarth for abusing Shobha. He chooses to look for the assistance of a journalist, Rohini. In the meantime, Shobha attempts to uncover reality with regard to Samarth to Sharada. Will Samarth apologize for his wrongdoings?

Episode 80

Garima finds that Binita intended to hurt her and her unborn kid. Sarika illuminates Samarth that Vikram was searching for him. In the meantime, Vikram chooses to uncover Samarth before people in general with Rohini’s assistance.

Wednesday 8 September 2021

Episode 81

Garima attempts to advise Sanjay about Binita’s goals. In the meantime, Samarth professes to apologize to Shobha yet she will not pay attention to him. Afterward, Vikram chooses to record a grievance against Samarth for acting up with Shobha.

Episode 82

Samarth executes his arrangement to isolate Shobha and Vikram. He is sorry to Shobha however she won’t pardon him. In the interim, Garima gets discouraged as Sanjay will not pay attention to her. Afterward, Samarth blames Vikram for sending love letters to Shobha.

Thursday 9 September 2021

Episode 83

Samarth and Sarika figure out how to misdirect Shobha about Vikram. Shobha misjudges Vikram and trusts Samarth. Vikram requests that Rohini drop the public interview coordinated to trap Samarth. Afterward, Vikram and Samarth have a contention. Nani attempts to persuade Shobha about Vikram’s guiltlessness.

Episode 84

Binita promises to remove Garima from the house. Samarth plans his political vocation with Tiwari. Nani attempts to persuade Sharada about Vikram’s guiltlessness yet to no end. Vikram needs Samarth’s offenses to be uncovered. Samarth compromises Shobha and demands that she acknowledge him.

Friday 10 September 2021

Episode 85

Vikram is disturbed when Shobha misjudged him. Samarth is sure that Vikram can not demonstrate his guiltlessness. Afterward, Shobha discovers that Samarth and Sarika deluded her with regard to Vikram. She understands her slip-up and apologizes to Vikram.

Episode 86

Shobha chooses to help Vikram in uncovering Samarth. Afterward, Vikram and Rohini choose to put together a public interview for Shobha. The following day, Samarth gets a tip about Shobha intending to uncover him. On finding out with regards to Shobha’s arrangement, Sarika serves a spiked beverage to her.

Saturday 11 September 2021

Episode 87

Vikram discovers Shobha sedated and watches out for her. Sarika executes her arrangement and records a video of Vikram and Shobha. Rohini attempts to caution Vikram about Samarth’s arrangement however to no end. Samarth blames Shobha for engaging in extramarital relations with Vikram. Sarika and Samarth embarrass Shobha and Vikram before the press.

Episode 88

Shobha is discouraged because of Samarth’s wrongdoings. Afterward, Samarth extorts Shobha and requests that she get back to him. In any case, Shobha chooses to leave him. Sharada trusts Shobha to have an unsanctioned romance with Vikram. Garima attempts to persuade Sharada about Shobha’s honesty.

Sunday 12 September

Episode 89

Vikram and Nani discover Shobha discouraged and take her with them. Nani encourages Shobha to ponder her youngsters prior to making any extreme stride. Afterward, Nani attempts to persuade Sharada of Shobha’s guiltlessness however to no end. Vikram laments encouraging Shobha to allow Samarth another opportunity.

Episode 90

Shobha gets vexed after perusing an article on her in the paper. In the interim, Garima encounters stomach torment however Sanjay disregards her. Binita needs Sanjay to send Garima back to Sharada’s home. Afterward, Samarth educates the media that he needs to allow Shobha another opportunity. What is Samarth arranging?

Monday 13 September 2021

Episode 91

Sharada isn’t sure if to trust Shobha. In the interim, Garima feels that Sanjay doesn’t adore her any longer. Nani and Vikram discover Shobha missing from the house. Afterward, Sarika reminds Samarth about their arrangement. She thinks Samarth is attempting to utilize her. Where has Shobha gone?

Episode 92

Vikram discovers Shobha at her companion’s home and attempts to reassure her. Nani meets Shobha and figures out how to persuade her to get back. Sarika feels that Vikram won’t acknowledge her. The following day, Sarika calls Vikram and offers to help him and Shobha.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Episode 93

Sanjay and Garima have a contention. Garima gets discouraged as Saurabh and Sanjay abuse her. In the meantime, Samarth defies Sarika after discovering that she has plans of meeting Vikram. Be that as it may, Sarika extorts Samarth. She vows to uncover Samarth if Vikram weds her.

Episode 94

Garima illuminates Binita that she will not get back to Shobha’s home. Sharada gets enthusiastic seeing Shobha meeting Jiya. Afterward, Samarth discovers Shobha in the house and stands up to her. Vikram consents to wed Sarika to demonstrate Shobha’s blamelessness. Samarth finds out with regards to Vikram consenting to wed Sarika.

Wednesday 15 September 2021

Episode 95

Garima gets back and educates Sanjay that she went through an early termination. Sanjay apologizes for his wrongdoings. In the interim, Samarth is dubious of Sarika. Garima uncovered Binita before Sanjay. Binita discovers that Garima has not cut short her child.

Episode 96

Vikram accepts that wedding Sarika and uncovering Samarth will demonstrate Shobha blameless. Garima and Sanjay fix things up. Sourav will not pardon Binita for her wrongdoings. Shobha defies Samarth for attempting to take authority over her kids. Sharada is grief-stricken after learning Samarth’s world.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Episode 97

Binita apologizes to Garima and Sanjay for her offenses. Nonetheless, Sanjay won’t excuse her. Samarth enlists an analyst to discover reality with regards to Sarika. Afterward, Vikram persuades Sarika to assist him with battling against Samarth. The Income Tax Department assaults Vikram’s home.

Episode 98

Shobha looks for Usha’s assistance to discover an answer to Vikram’s concern. In the meantime, Binita apologizes to Garima and requests that she persuade Sourav to reevaluate his choice. Afterward, Usha needs Samarth to empty the house. Vikram, Nani, and Shobha empty the house. Garima requests that Sourav pardon Binita.

Friday 17 September 2021 

Episode 99 

Sarika chooses to trap Vikram by wedding him. Sharada meets Shobha and apologizes for not getting her. Shobha discovers that Usha ousted Sharada from her home. Vikram is stunned when Sarika demands getting ready for marriage, that very day. Inevitably, Shobha advises Vikram about Sharada.

Episode 100 

Samarth discovers that Sarika is getting drawn into Vikram and chooses to stop her. Sarika vows to uncover Samarth if Vikram notices her requests. Samarth attempts to stop Vikram and Sarika’s commitment. Sarika sincerely extorts Vikram and persuades him for the commitment.

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