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An Unusual Tale 13 August 2021: An Unusual Tale update Friday 13th August 2021 The Episode starts with Shobha coming home and thinking about the misunderstanding. She thinks how she has scolded him being mistaken. She thinks she should apologize. She sees the superman idol and gets Vikram in her flashes as he was wearing superman costume. She says I m going mad by stress, I will say sorry in morning, don’t know he will forgive me or not. She hugs Jia and sleeps. Its morning. Shibha asks Mahesh to take Vikram’s sign. He says did you fight again, its office, but a school, personal matters should be kept out. She says sorry, I will try this does not happen again. She says how will I face Vikram and goes to his cabin.

She asks him to sign on files. His hand touches her and says don’t think I touched intentionally. She says no, sorry Sir. He signs on the file. He says he was feeling angry, not he is amused, she thought he is interested in her, when is your birthday. She asks why, do you believe is horoscopes. He says why will I believe, I was thinking to give you a big mirror as a gift, in which you can see your face, yoy are mum of two and think you are beautiful, did you see your face, see the wrinkles. She says its not my age to get wrinkles. He says you look so old. She says you are so rude. He says people call me rude since 10 years. He asks her not to connect him with any woman.

She asks him why does he run away from relationships, is it connected to Diwali night. He says just get you, you can leave. She says sorry, I did not wish to hurt you. He says you have hurt me, get out. She says sorry and leaves. She says I went to say sorry and have hurt him more, someone has broke his heart, and he has stopped trusting life and its goodness. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………….plays……………

Garima meets Sanjay and asks him to do something, as she can’t bear Ajay. He says lets run, tell m what to do. She says we can’t run, we have to face situation. She says I would have not seen this day if we got engaged. Ajay sees them and says I have to cut Garima and Sanjay’s link. Mummy ji and everyone see Samarth’s news and the people opinions on getting him bail or not. Shobha says we should know what people think about him. They show Samarth being in bed with the girl. Shobha turns and leaves.

Tarun comes to meet them. Garima asks how did he come now. Tarun says its my house too, and I can come anytime. He says he has work with Shobha about Samarth’s case. He talks to Shobha saying he is trying to make her life better. He asks her to sign on papers. She asks about what. He says its legal affidavit to state that Samarth was here at home with you, it means he was not with that girl, it was fake video and we will show that it was a plan of opposition party to trap him. Shobha says was the love bite on Samarth’s neck was opposition trap, tell me Tarun what was it.

Tarun says you can do it in two days, by accepting the truth, else curse your fate forever, but in any case, you have to sign, as whatever is written, if you don’t believe it, you have to make world believe that Samarth is innocent. She says what do you mean. Tarun says he is your husband, 9 years of marriage, you have two kids, your sign can make then get their father back. He asks her to think and gives the papers. She takes it. He says I will come in morning to take this file. He leaves. Shobha looks at the papers and thinks about his words.

Jia comes to her. She says she has some work and asks her to sleep. Jia says she has tooth pain. Shobha hugs her. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays………….. She thinks about Samarth. Sarika argues with her husband Abhay. She gets Mummy ji’s call. She says good news, Samarth will get bail soon. Sarika says fine, I will talk later. She argues with Abhay. He asks why so much drama. Sarika says its my mistake to marry you, you are a loser, I ruined my life, I should have married someone, I ask money from my parents for you. Abhay slaps her for comparing him with her ex. She shouts how dare he slap her. He says sorry, please listen to me, you slap me now. She says get out and kicks him out of the room.

Shobha makes the kids sleep and talks to them. Jia says she is missing dad a lot. Reyaan says even I miss him. Shobha thinks about freeing Samarth as kids miss him a lot. She asks them to sleep. The papers start flying by air. She looks on and thinks Samarth will come home soon, thanks for making me take this decision, I can do anything for both of you. Vikram has a talk with his friends. They think of the old times. Vikram says he has stopped drinking. Saurabh says whats wrong, I notice that you are not being sarcastic and not said anything against women and marriage.

Vikram says an old wound got fresh, someone told me that when you love someone, then you hate the person with same intensity. His friend asks him to move on. Vikram says he can’t. He says I have to go to pick up Nani. Saurabh asks him to learn from Nani as she has a party life like 18 year teenager. They laugh. Vikram brings Nani home and she takes him by stairs. He sees Jia crying holding her jaw because of tooth pain. Nani asks why is she crying. Shobha comes to her. Vikram says what type of mum are you to leave her alone. Shobha says she has tooth pain, I m taking her to dentist. Nani asks Vikram to take her. Shobha says she will manage. Nani says we are neighbors, its our duty to help you. Vikram asks her to come.

Vikram sees Jia having much pain and diverts her mind. He worries as his car seat is getting spoiled. Tarun comes home and sees Ajay on phone. He says you are getting married in few days, grow up. Riddhima asks why did he come late. He says I went to meet your sister. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, Samarth will get bail and Shobha’s pride will go, I will have fun. She goes to get water for her. Ajay tells Tarun that Sanjay and Garima are still meeting. Tarun says he will handle one by one, first let him handle Shobha, he will manage everything.

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