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An Unusual Tale update Friday 17th September 2021: An Unusual Tale 17 September 2021, The Episode starts with Samarth getting angry seeing Vikram and hurting him intentionally. He scolds and threatens Vikram losing his temper. Vikram asks him to leave. Samarth says he should control his anger as this can go against him. Vikram says it means he was just acting to be good, but I will find the reason for his acting. He comes home and asks Nani to give ice, Samarth fell and my and in car door, e was talking weird about me and Shobha. She says did he doubt on you, maybe I m thinking, as he is criminal and would have done anything big. Samarth is angry in Vikram. He thinks his time was good, so he got saved. He says Shobha is simple and can make me reach heights.

Samarth talks about press conference Sarika says its good arrangements, is Shobha ready, will she say the truth. He says she really feels I changed, even others think the same. Sarika says you are genius and smiles. Sharda talks to Shobha about the press conference. Shobha says yes, Samarth is worried. Sharda explains her and supports Samarth, asking her to forgive Samarth, as he changed now. Shobha says how can I forget what he did. Sharda says but he accepted it, I want you to tell media that you are with him, I m saying as I was seen his tears and pain, he is repenting, if he comes back in politics, he will regain his confidence. Shobha agrees. She says I will have to go for the meeting, but don’t have time, so will just give the file to Vikram.

Nani helps Vikram as his hand is much hurt. She curses Samarth and says he is like Sarika. Shobha comes to give file and asks Vikram what happened. Nani says Samarth did this. Shobha asks how. Vikram tells everything. Shobha asks how can he be careless, and sees his hand. She worries for Vikram, and says I know what you will say, you and Samarth have tension between you. Vikram says he has to go office. She says she is giving a chance to Samarth for kids, and even you should give him a chance, he is trying to change a lot. Nani tells Vikram that Shobha is great, he has lost her.

Garima thinks Vinita was right, Sanjay is careless, I did not think he can do this, if anyone knows a pregnant lady is close by, they change and take care of the lady, and Sanjay does not do any bit to make me happy. She sees his pic and says we fought with the world to marry and he has changed so much, is it not his responsibility now, I know we did not plan this child, but if its coming, its by Lord and you should accept it. Nani talks to Shobha and thinks her hope is wrong, I just wish Shobha and Vikram should unite. Shobha makes haldi milk for Vikram.

He says you are very talented. She says just say me, I will become what you say. He stares at her. Ajeeb dastaan………….plays…………. She cares for his hand. He wishes Samarth really changes, else Shobha will be hurt.

Samarth says Shobha is not in her room. Sarika says she might have gone to Vikram. He says the conference is imp for me. She says maybe she don’t want to come. She says she will find some excuse and not give statement here. He says if this happens, then she will regret a lot. Vikram talks to Mahesh and says I will need time to get info. Shobha hears him, and Vikram asks her to type a mail. She thinks press conference will be starting now, and tells him. He says oh sorry, about what it is. She says Samarthh has changed and want to tell the world through media that he changed. He wants me to support him.

Vikram says you gave him chance, not forgiven him, you can’t give wrong statement. She says I m in dilemma, I don’t believe he changed, there is no guarantee, Sharda told me to support him. He reminds what happened last time, she went to jail. She says she has to give full chance to Samarth, afterall he is Jia and Reyaan’s dad. He says fine and leaves annoyed.

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