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An Unusual Tale 6 August 2021: An Unusual Tale update Friday 6th August 2021 The Episode starts with Mummyji seeing Shobha upset and thinking to talk to her. The doorbell rings and she goes to see. Sanjay comes to meet Garima. Mummyji stops him and says Garima went with her fiancé, she got engaged and she got respect. She says Tarun’s family respects her and values her. Sanjay says Ajay does not love her, I love her. She says tell your family that Garima got a better family, Ajay took Garima to his friend’s party, forget Garima now, leave, don’t come again. 

Shobha cries thinking about Sandeep accusing her. She makes the resignation letter. Mummyji sees this and is glad. She says you are leaving your job, you agreed to me, good, it’s fine if you don’t want to talk, it’s not easy to do the job, you are back home.

Shobha says yes, I m a fool, I can’t work in that office. Mummyji says it’s fine, don’t worry, Tarun will manage finance, submit the resignation and I will handle everything, you will catch a cold, change clothes, I will make coffee for you. Shobha thinks about Samarth and her. She cries. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye……………….plays…………… Vikram tells Nani that his secretary is leaving the job herself, which means he won the bet. Nani says she may be helpless to resign, she is a fighter, she won’t lose. Vikram says Shobha knows her problem. Nani thinks that girl is Shobha whom she dropped home. She asks him not to use anyone’s helplessness. She leaves. Vikram gets hair fall and applies more cream.

Ajay gets Garima to the party and drinks wine. He says his relation is fixed and asks how is Garima. They like her. Ajay shows a girl to Garima and says she is my ex. Garima goes to the loo. The guy asks how does he get good girls. Sanjay comes there and asks Ajay where is Garima. Ajay says who are you to ask, be away from her, she is my fiancé. Sanjay asks again. Ajay says your engagement got broken, find someone else, her mum gave me permission to go to her room. They have a fight. Garima comes and stops them. She asks Sanjay to go from there. She cries. Sanjay leaves.

Mummyji talks to her other daughter Sarika and says Shobha left her job, maybe she did a mistake. She says I chose her for Samarth, I like her, I will help her if she lost. They laugh. She says I feel I won. Alka asks her to talk to Samarth about Abhay. Mummyji says I m going to meet him tomorrow. Shobha comes there. Mummyji asks her to come tomorrow to meet Samarth to wish him a birthday. Abhay asks how much time will Samarth take. Sarika says he is in jail, till when will you use my family. Abhay says this contract is imp for me. She scolds him for not doing business well. They argue.

Shobha comes to the office in the morning and hears people commenting on her calling her shameless. She gives the resignation letter to Vikram. He looks at her. He says you are eager to go, wait for some time, I want all staff to be here, else the situation will get bad here. He asks Mahesh to get all office staff in his cabin. He asks what was she saying. She says my resignation, Sir. Vikram says he has a rule, that no employee resigns, and he suspends them. Sandeep looks on.

Vikram says this is a suspension letter, it’s not for you. He goes to Sandeep and gives him the letter. Sandeep is shocked. Shobha looks on. Sandeep says what, for me. Vikram hands over. He says you did the drama, about a woman attempting rape on you, which does not go on your and Shobha’s character. He says Shobha is not so aggressive, you used the CCTV footage to trap Shobha. You forgot that I used it to catch him. Neetu says it’s not like that. Vikram says I did not take your name and you spoke too, I will kick you out too with Sandeep. Sandeep asks what’s happening. Vikram gives her a suspension letter. Neetu says it’s Shobha’s mistake.

Vikram says he does not like Shobha and wants to get rid of her, but he always does the true thing, Shobha did not do anything wrong, I checked office CCTV footage and want you all to see, as it’s interesting. The footage shows Sandeep and Neetu in the lift, romancing. Everyone is shocked. Sandeep says before Shobha exposes us, we have to tackle her and hugs Neetu. Shobha looks on. Vikram says the CCTV cameras are everywhere in the office. Sandeep says you are firing the marketing head for a secretary. Vikram says she is a woman, he does not like women but respects them.

He says he got a special guest to honor Sandeep. His wife comes there, crying. Sandeep is shocked to see her. Vikram says she is Shikha, Sandeep’s wife. Neetu gets tensed. Vikram says she is seeing Sandeep’s real face for the first time. She slaps Sandeep. She says there is nothing to talk about now, don’t give explanations, you fell in my eyes, it’s over. Sandeep asks Vikram why did you call Shikha here, they did not do this right. Vikram smiles. Sandeep smiles. Vikram asks Neetu to get out. He says Shikha, it’s your mistake too, you should not be a fool to trust your husband so much and cry later. He says you might be feeling you are living in Ramayan time, as your husband is Ram. He says you should have controlled your husband and you could have not seen this day. Shobha looks on. Shikha cries and leaves.

Shobha tells Vikram you should have not told this to her. Vikram says I saved your job and you are saying this. She says you should have not called Shikha, it’s pain when such things come out. She cries. She says you won’t understand, as you are a man, the man knows just to hurt a woman. She says you did very wrong Sir and leaves. Vikram says I don’t believe this. He asks the staff to go as the show is over. They all leave his cabin. Shobha comes to Shikha near the lift. She says she will drop her home. Shikha says which home, I don’t have a home now, there is nothing new, everything is over now. Shobha hugs her.

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