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An Unusual Tale update Saturday 18th September 2021 Starlife: An Unusual Tale 18 September 2021 Starlife,The Episode starts with Samarth getting angry as Shobha did not come. Shobha tells Nani that she has to support Samarth for her kids sake. Sarika comes and asks her to come fast for press conference. Shobha leaves. Sarika taunts and scolds Nani. Samarth talks to the media and answers well. They ask Sharda does she see change in Samarth. She says yes, the 10 months spent in jail has brought a big change, he is repenting, and he called this press conference. Samarth says yes, and asks them not to make past story back in news. They ask about Shobha, does she feel the same. Samarth thinks why did Sarika not get Shobha till now.

The reporter asks him about his wife, and is he lying to them. Shobha comes. Samarth smiles and asks her to come. Shobha greets them. He says my wife, my love Shobha will answer you. The reporter asks did she change her mind at final moment. Samarth says she went to temple to pray that press conference goes well. Shobha says yes, I went to do puja. The lady says your life is ruined, how did you accept your husband after the scandal, don’t you think you are giving wrong message to every women, did you forgive him, do you think he is framed or he really had affairs, should he get a chance, how can we trust him if he has cheated his wife. Do you think she cheated the country? Shobha recalls the past. She thinks about Vikram’s words to give Samarth a chance.

The lady says think and tell the truth. Shobha says I have forgiven Samarth, he has apologized with honesty, he did mistake, but he did not murder, rape or steal anything, many such people are there, you should question such people, Samarth got the punishment, and we are ready to bear more, and about file, I don’t know about it. She says I still get hurt by the girl in sting operation, I felt my relation will end, and we have moved on, Samarth is a very good father, son and try to be good husband, relations are based on try, whatever he is, he is not a cheater.

Samarth says I feel it was a plan of opposition party, forget it now, I just know if my family can forgive me, country can give me a chance. Vikram tells Nani that Samarth is fooling us to make his image good in politics, so he kept the press conference to show he is good man, and I know what will he do with Shobha, he is still a creep, he did not change. Samarth talks to them. Another reporter comes and targets Samarth. The reporters talk that Shobha is defending Samarth. The lady says she wants to take Shobha’s interview.

Samarth says its over. She says why are you afraid, let Shobha speak, she is educated. Shobha takes her inside. Sarika asks Samarth what will he do now. Samarth says don’t know what will she ask Shobha. Shobha talks to the reporter. The lady asks how can she try to save her husband, she should beat him. Shobha says he is framed by opposition. She says he is good politician and he should get a chance. The lady asks don’t she hate to see his face, how can you sell your self respect. Samarth comes and scolds her. The lady says you stopped your wife from saying the truth, you crossed your limit in the MMS.

He shows the exit. She argues and insults him. She says you use women like tissue and keep wife like tissue. Shobha says the truth, that Samarth did not use and throw her, Samarth really changed. She praises Samarth and the lady leaves. Samarth thanks Shobha. She says it was my duty. Samarth smiles.

The reporter meets Vikram and says I m Rohini. Vikram asks what is she doing here. She says I came to a press conference, are you just Shobha’s boss or… He says her friend. She says I saw you in court, I cover you. She says Shobha is innocent and she becomes a fool again and again by Samarth, she told his words, is the fool. He says she is smart. She says Samarth has brainwashed her, she gave him a clean chit. He says Samarth is smart. She says I want to help her, I feel she doesn’t want to listen to me. He says I m getting late. She goes with him to talk on the way. He says he will drop her.

Sarika laughs and says you played a good game and made Shobha lie. Samarth says she is your Bhabhi. She says about Shobha applying lep to Vikram’s hand, she cares for his pain, not yours. Samarth gets angry. She smiles.

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