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An Unusual Tale 21 August 2021: Saarika fakes an act of abused wife and cries before Shobha on the phone, who is worried and concerned for her. Ajay and Ridhima meet Tarun in jail, who vents out on Shobha.

Starlife An Unusual Tale update Saturday 21 August 2021

-Kids get hold of Vikram’s dairy, who lashes out at them and throws the dairy out of the window.
-Kids cry and run to their home, Shobha explains it’s wrong to read someone’s personal diary
-Shobha decides to search for that dairy which might be linked to his past and doesn’t want it to land in the wrong hands, Vikram goes down in search of it
-Shobha gives his dairy back and assures him and requests him to trust her as she hasn’t opened it, Vikram leaves in anger, Shobha decides to help her.

Shobha comes back to her desk, thinking about Vikram, Saarika calls her and expresses her gladness over her coming out of jail, Abhay knocks on the door and calls Saarika, from outside. Saarika sneaks the opportunity and cries and tells about the atrocities and abuses which Abhay is doing on her, Shobha is tensed and troubled on hearing this, Saarika is smirking and putting up an act of abused wife, while Shobha is extremely worried and tensed for her, Saarika ends the call and behaves her usual self with Abhay.
Shobha was about to leave for home but is called in for a last-minute meeting, Vikram tells everyone to think and be creative and come up with innovative ideas to increase the sales of the recently launched coffee. One female employee says her boyfriend was supposed to propose her over a dinner date, Vikram taunts the girl to leave and send her boyfriend over here, hoping he might have better ideas than her, later he tells her to sit and work while he goes to skype call his client for a short while.

Vikram walks out, the female employee tells someone might have spoiled the boss’s mood today, which turned a sweet boss into khadoos, Shobha realizes and decides not to take up the subject of his past ever again.

Ajay and Ridhima come to meet Tarun in jail, who is continuously venting on Shobha and Vikram. Tarun and Ridhima have an altercation about Shobha and Samarth where each takes their respective sides. Tarun threatens to see to it that Shobha gets her due, Ridhima mocks him. Ajay assures him he would try to get him out and leaves.

Vikram is back to taunting the office staff, telling them they all seem to have purchased their degrees else the ideas wouldn’t be so pathetic. One employee tells that they have been working for the last 12 hours and they can give better ideas only with a fresh mind, Vikram warns everyone to come up with better ideas the next day.

Shobha at her desk is thinking how Vikram sir is passionate about his work, he can put all his efforts to help someone and expects everyone to give back the same efforts in his work and smiles.
Naani is teaching Jiyu dance steps, Vikram comes home, Jiyu runs and hugs him, Vikram is surprised with the welcome, Jiyu thanks him for getting their mom out of jail, Jiyu says she was rude to him many times even then he helped their mom.

Rehaan asks Vikram to play with them, Jiyu tells she saw on tv that kids need time, Vikram tells they should stop watching tv and agrees to play with them., Kids run upstairs, Vikram complaints to naani about kids, Naani says he is attached to the kids as much as they have and says only the love of these kids can bring him out of his past. Vikram shakes his head and leaves.

In one of the rooms, Jiya and Rehaan realize the dice of the ludo game are missing and decide to check in Vikram’s uncle’s room. They both start searching his room for the dice and in the process, Jiyu gets hold of a dairy. They both decide to read it. Jiyu explains to Rehaan that this dairy has romantic wali film songs, Vikram walks in to see the dairy in kids’ hands .. he has a flashback where he was reading a verse “Teri aankhon kay siva iss duniya mein rakha kya hain.. ” he comes out of the flashback and snatches the dairy from Jiyu lashes out at Jiyu and Rehaan for touching his stuff and calls them manner less and raises his hand on Jiyu, whose eyes are pooled. he throws the dairy out of the window in anger. Kids run out of their house crying, Naani tries to stop them but in vain.

Vikram strolls across his room in frustration, Naani asks him why were the kids crying, Vikram retorts why everyone is trying to dig up his past, which he has successfully buried, Naani tries to speak to Vikram, but he leaves, Naani is worried for him

Sharda mom decides to speak to Saarika, right then, Jiyu and Rehaan come inside crying. Sharda’s mom, Shobha, and Garu ask them why they are crying, Jiyu says Vikram’s uncle scolded them and he became bloodbath uncle, Sharda’s mom is angry and tells kids not to go to their place ever again.

Shobha takes them inside and asks them exactly what happened, the kids fill in her all the steps sequentially, Shobha tells the kids that Vikram uncle scolding them is wrong but Jiyu and Rehaan reading Vikram uncle’s dairy is equally wrong and explains how Jiyu locks her diary and doesn’t let anyone read it, similarly Vikram uncles dairy is private and it shouldn’t be read. Kids understand it.

Vikram is walking across his room in frustration and is worried about his hair and chides himself for the way he reacted with the kids and realizes that he threw the dairy in anger and fears what if someone else reads it !!

Shobha while boiling milk is lost in her thoughts about Vikram’s past and him being touchy about it and remembers about the dairy and concludes that the dairy might have the details about his past.
Shobha comes down and starts searching for it, the security shows her the dairy and asks her if she was searching for this, Shobha acknowledges and takes it. Shobha thinks that Vikram sir might have thrown it out in a fit of anger and this has to be with him and no one else.

Vikram comes down and bumps into her and asks what she was doing here, Shobha says she came down for fresh air and poses the same question to Vikram who replies the same, Shobha says few hours before he said that the air doesn’t suit his hair so how is he here, Vikram says he came here to find his important thing, Shobha asks what is that, Vikram says it’s his diary in which he writes his business strategies, Shobha shows the dairy and asks if this is the same dairy? Vikram is shocked to see the dairy in Shobha’s hand.

Even before Vikram shouts at her, Shobha explains herself, that Jiyu told her about the dairy and she thought it would be very important to him, hence she didn’t wanted it to land in the wrong hands and assures him and tells him to trust her that she did not open the dairy and he is the one who helped her the most in her dire and she has immense respect for him and requests him to trust her that she did not read it, Vikram furiously snatches the diary from her hand and walks away.

Shobha is left alone in thoughts that Vikram sir is facing the burden of his past and he has none to share it and is going through the anguish of it even now. Vikram thinks this is his anguish and he will only endure it

Shobha thinks that Vikram sir who is like an angel in her life always stood by her and inspired her to be strong and truthful, is going through a bad phase and she will have to help him out of this.

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