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An Unusual Tale 28 August 2021: An Unusual Tale update Saturday 28th August 2021 The Episode starts with Vikram meeting Saurabh and Vinita. He says Nani misses them and asks them to come over. Vinita says she does not have time. Vikram says why don; ’t we do Sanjay’s marriage, as his wife will help her with work. He says he knows a nice girl, Garima Sachdev.

Saurabh asks is he maad, you know what happened between us, and her brother is a criminal. Vikram says calm down, I know love and what I m telling. He says Garima and Sanjay love each other. Vinita says Sanju broke the engagement on your saying, whats this now. Vikram says what was my mistake and its time to correct it, Garima is a nice girl. Saurabh says he is shocked, as he is giving lecture about love. Vikram says who are we to come between them, if they love each other. Vinita says Sharada has insulted her. Saurabh says he knows Garima, she is not like Samarth, Shobha and her kids are good.

Saurabh says Shobha is making you say this, you can’t see the truth, Samarth has made Shobha lie, he can make her have affair with you, so he is doing this, don’t fall in Shobha’s drama, she can cry to get your sympathy. Vikram gets angry and says not a word more about her. Vinita says how long you know Shobha, that you will slap your college friend. Saurabh says see she has created a rift between brother like friends. Vikram says forget it and leaves. Ajay calls Sharda Mummy ji. He says Garima talks to him as if he is her enemy, she taunts me. She asks what happened. He says he loves Garima a lot and she sdoes not respect him, if she did not wish to marry him, why did she not tell him, I respect you, but why did she tell Vikram Ahuja to my home for beating me, he is a goon, he threatened me to break this marriage else he will not leave me, Samarth and Tarun are in jail because of him. She says don’t worry, I will see the matter. He says yes, you are like my mum. She says I m my mum, Garima will marry you, take care. She ends the call.

Vikram tells Shobha that he came to say sorry to her. She asks why. He says he was wrong to break Sanjay and Garima’s engagement, but he could not make things fine now. He regrets it and says he failed to convince Saurabh. He says the world is right, I just know to make people far from me. She asks what happened. He says he has broken his friendship with Saurabh. He says they were saying that we have something in between us. He says I don’t know why does the world think this, when the truth is we have mutual respect between us. She says people make such relations, my life is raised on media, so I don’t care what people say, just ignore them, as we are not wrong. He says he wanted to join army in childhood, and says she looks like a strict commando to him. She says he has helped her a lot. Mummy ji comes and asks are they done. She asks Vikram to go and shuts the door.

Mummy ji asks Shobha whats going on between her and Vikram. Shobha says he is just my boss. She says why does he come to help always and why do you tell him the problems, he has threatened Ajay. Shobha defends Vikram as he is helping Garima. Mummy ji asks her not to interfere in Sarika’s life, as everything is fine, if she needs me, I will give her advice, stay away from Garima and Sarika’s lives. Ajay meets Tarun and gets scolded. Tarun says he will also come here for drunk driving. Ajay tells him everything. He says Garima is not in my control. Ajay says Ketan is not able to free Samarth and can’t free him too. Tarun says Ketan met me and said if the girl gives statement in Samarth’s favor, then he can come out. He says I gave her money to disappear, where will we find her. Ajay says I will find out. Tarun says find her, once Samarth and I come out, we will unite you and Garima. Ajay says understood and leaves.

Garima comes to meet Sanjay and he is angry on her, as Saurabh did not agree. Garima says why did anyone not tell me. He says we have one way to run now. She says we have to think again. He asks yes or no, we don’t have time to think. She says yes. She says maybe he is right, the situation is bad, and Shobha is finding tough to manage. He holds her hand and says we have to take this step. Shobha comes to Vikram and says Mahesh is calling you, receive his call, he wants to give some urgent message. Vikram checks phone and says its on silent. He says he will mail the clients. She says she will help him and sits to work. He dictates her. He asks about her home, is everything fine. Shobha says no, Mummy came to know about you and Ajay. He says only we are seeing this how Sanjay and Garima love each other. She says yes.

He takes noodles and tries eating it. She says if he needs help, he can ask. She holds the bowl and he eats noodles. She says she is also believing that relations are made by fate. She ties the bandage to his hand. He thanks her. She says you are welcome. She says good night and leaves. Vikram shuts the door. Shobha sleeps with the kids. Garima comes to her with her bag, as she is eloping. She sees Shobha and the kids. Shobha wakes up and sees her cry. She says don’t worry, you will marry Sanjay, we can sit and talk. Garima says no, you sleep. Shobha hugs her and says I love you, see you in morning. Garima says I love you too, and moves back. She leaves feeling sorry, as she is not selfish, but she is helpless.

Garima comes out and bumps into Vikram. He says you, here, at this time. She asks why is she silent as if she is running. She says she wants to take a break so she is going trekking with college friends and going to Manali. He says good, I will drop you at the bus stop. She says no, my friends are coming, give rest to your hurt hand. He says fine, click many pics, take care. She says promise me, you will take care of Shobha. He asks how many days are you going. She says 4 days. He says fine, promise. She thanks him and leaves. Its morning, Shobha calls Garima. She makes the kids ready for school. She goes to Garima’s room and says where did she go. She asks Mummy ji where is Garima. Mummy ji says she may be having a bath. Shobha goes to the bathroom and it’s open. Shobha gets her letter and is shocked to read it.

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