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An Unusual Tale update Sunday 12th September 2021: An Unusual Tale 12 September 2021 The Episode starts with Sarika walking on the road and thinking about killing Shobha. Vikram comes there and confronts her for trying to kill Shobha. She is shocked. He says your game is over, now you give me all my answers, else I won’t let you go, tell me why you wanted to kill Shobha, even your husband Abhay fell by the balcony and died, and I know you were behind it, I can’t believe I loved you. Sarika says it’s nothing like you. He calls her a criminal and asks why she wanted to kill Shobha. Sarika says yes, I tried to kill her. He slaps her and says I need all my answers. She says how can you think so, you think I tried killing Shobha and killed my husband. She says he married me, I hate that I loved you, you feel I m a killer. She cries. He asks what was the screwdriver doing with you.

She says you won’t believe me. He takes her in the car. Shobha talks to Garima and says she will sort her issue, and meet Sanjay. She says Sanjay is not alone, many men get nervous about the first baby, once the baby comes, everything will be fine. Garima says I don’t think so, I m not able to talk to him, it looks like a wall between us. Shobha says I will talk to him, whatever happens, don’t harm this baby, you are the mother, and it’s your duty to protect it from the world and yourself. She hugs Garima and leaves. Vinita hears this and thinks Shobha brainwashed Shobha. Sanjay should know how Garima is spoiling his name in front of her family.

Sarika brings Vikram to Reyaan, and asks who joined this car. Reyaan says you did, why are you asking. She asks him to go out and play. She tells Vikram that she got screw driver for this. Vikram thinks who did this then. Sarika says I can’t believe you can think this about me, Shobha is my Bhabhi, if you think someone tried to kill her, tell me, I will help you. He leaves. Jia and Reyaan complain to Shobha about each other. Sarika thinks how can she do big mistake, to make Shobha drink kada, everyone will doubt her, she has to be careful and take next step.

She thinks she will give some time to Shobha. Vikram thinks who will get benefit by killing Shobha, but Samarth can’t do this, and he was saying right, he is in jail, who can it be, Tarun? But why will he do this with Samarth, it means its not Tarun, and then who is it. He says I will protect Shobha always, whoever comes, I will not let anything happen to her. Jia and Reyaan wish Shobha happy birthday. She smiles and says I forgot. Sharda and Nani hug Shobha and wish her. Jia gives a flower to Shobha. Shobha gives them chocs. Nani asks Shobha to start her life fresh. Sharda says yes, think about marriage. They try convincing Shobha.

They ask her to come to temple. Vikram talks to his client. Nani comes to him and ends the call. She says you are saying you will say your feelings to Shobha, but when. She shows the bangles and asks how is it. He says nice, Ketan likes it a lot. She says I made it for Shobha. He says I did not talk to Shobha till now. She says I spoke to Sharda and she said she is happy with Shobha’s happiness, lets talk to Shobha as its her birthday today. Vikram smiles.

Sarika and the kids decorate the home. She thinks if the fan falls on Shobha and she dies, it will be very bad. Shobha comes home and gets the birthday party surprise. Everyone wishes her. Garima brings the cake. Shobha thanks them. Sharda blesses her that Lord returns everything taken away from her, life will give you another chance. Sarika smiles seeing the fan. She talks to Sharda about Vikram’s marriage. Sharda says I wish Shobha settles again. Sarika thinks Sharda is ruining me and favoring Shobha, you will be shocked to know Vikram wants to marry Shobha, I will see how you react then. Jia starts the fan and all the decorations fall. The doorbell rings. Everyone is shocked seeing Samarth.

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