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An Unusual Tale 19 September 2021: An Unusual Tale update Sunday 19th September 2021 Starlife The Episode starts with Shobha telling Vikram that you told me to give Samarth a chance, but this chance has ruined me, he can’t change. He asks what happened, tells me everything. She says there is no relation, Samarth did not change, my instinct was saying, but I heard you all and thought this is life, you can save me from jail and media, but can you save me from my husband, no right…. She cries and says I don’t need anyone’s help, this is my life. She leaves. Vikram is stunned and says Samarth.. angrily.

Sarika asks Samarth why did he do this. Samarth says I did not do anything wrong, once she comes, she will bend to us and forget Vikram, else I will tell everyone that she has affair with Vikram. Sarika says there is no affair, I was just saying it. He says you are a big fool, it’s all because of you, where did Shobha go. Shobha waits for the lift and gets a call. She talks to Riddhima. Riddhima asks what happened to your voice. Shobha says I got cold. Riddhima says you forgot me since Samarth came, he will take care of you, I m happy for you, you guys are so lucky to get a second chance. Shobha says yes, I will call later, I m not well. Riddhima says fine and ends the call.

Shobha comes home. Sarika asks her about her date, and where is Samarth, did he go party office, it’s very nice husband and wife should have such dates, it increases romance. Shobha goes to her room. Sarika thinks she did not tell anything, it’s serious, once she tells mum, Samarth will have to leave this house. Vinita says she gets angry seeing the pregnancy book Saurabh got for Garima. She sees the list of things to avoid in pregnancy, and aspirin is bad. Garima comes and says she has a headache. Vinita says I will make tea for you. Garima thanks her. Vinita says take aspirin and then tea. Garima says no need for medicine. Vinita insists and Garima says I m sorry, I use to think wrong about you before marriage, I felt Saurabh will accept me, not you, I was wrong, you and Saurabh take care of me, and Sanjay acts like strangers, he does not care for me.

Vinita says no need to say sorry, I understand but I m seeing Sanjay behaving weird, if I say, I will look like interfering in personal matters. Vinita thinks to harm Garima’s baby. Vikram recalls Nani’s words and says it’s my mistake, I should have not sent Shobha to Samarth, how to rectify my mistake. He recalls Shobha’s scared face. Shobha is upset in her room and cries. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays……………..Garima reads the book, and Vinita stops her saying she has a headache. She asks her to have a tablet and Garima says it’s fine. Vinita insists and says take care. She thinks to put two tablets. Garima sees the tablets and says she can’t have this tablet. Vinita thinks she read the book. Garima says it’s expired tablets, you can give from any other strip. Vinita says there is no extra. Garima says it’s fine, we will have tea.

Sarika comes to Shobha and asks why is she crying. She asks what happened, did you have a fight with Samarth, he also did not come home, tell me please. Shobha tells her everything. Sarika says how can he do this. Shobha says this has happened. Sarika says I hate him, how can he behave like an animal, I m so sorry, I m feeling very bad. She thinks now Samarth can’t be saved, Lord saves us, now it will take much effort to clean this mess. Sarika says maybe Samarth is troubled by a jail stay or that reporter made him angry. Shobha says no, don’t defend him, no reason can justify this behavior, you are a woman, how can you say this.

Sarika says I m on your side, I m not defending him, I don’t know how can he do this, you know him, he did not behave violent, maybe that reporter told him about your and Vikram’s affair, I don’t mean this, but people tell that your wife has an affair and what will he think. Shobha says affair….. She says do I have time to have affair, people don’t think before saying anything, does Samarth not know me, he is blo*dy…, he cheats and thinks I m doing the same, why don’t people ask him, he had many affairs, did anyone say me, he has used me again, he cheated me, you are defending him. She asks is he a kid, doesn’t he have sense, he went to jail for his mistake, no one has put him forcing him. Sarika says calm down. Shobha says how can he do this. Sarika says I m sorry.

Shobha asks am I his property, how can he do this, I gave my life to him, we have kids, did he think, why should I always think, stop it Sarika, I will live my life, I don’t need anyone. Sarika is shocked.

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