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An Unusual Tale 22 August 2021: The episode starts with Vikram getting ready and while searching his watch, he looks at the diary and thinks he has become impatient due to the diary and thanks to that Shobha was the one who got the diary and also did not read it. On the other hand, Shobha thinks that she would never ask Vikram about his past. Shobha and Jihu have a moment where Jihu tells Shobha that how much she prefers remote toys as the battery would never finish and it is a transformer and she is clever. Shobha then tells her that she will take the kid’s Maths test when she returns from the office and leaves for work. 

(Starlife) An Unusual Tale update Sunday 22 August 2021

At work, Dorris, Shobha’s work colleague tells her that she is worried as her husband is jobless. Shobha then suggests Dorris apply for the Marketing Head position. Dorris is reluctant to talk to Vikram about it while Shobha says she would talk to Vikram. Inside Vikram’s office, Vikram tells Shobha to look for a new Marketing Head while Shobha recommends Dorris who is standing beside her. She tells Vikram that Dorris would be an ideal candidate since she has worked for the office for 6 years and is an MBA too. Vikram then tells Dorris to hand in the marketing strategy by 7 pm and he will decide about the position while he leaves for a meeting with Mehta. Dorris then sincerely thanks Shobha for her help.

Ajay comes to the Sachdev residence where he meets Shraddha in the kitchen. They discuss Tarun and Shraddha tells how bad she feels for Tarun and is annoyed with Vikram for meddling in their family affairs. Ajay then goes to Garima’s room and tells her that his brother is behind bars due to Shobha only. Garima retorts saying Tarun deserves to be in jail after all his doings. Ajay then slaps Garima and tells her that she should not say that anymore as slap would be the aftermath only.

At the office, Shobha and Dorris are worried as they could not get any good strategies. Vikram enters the office and says that he wants results and is happy seeing both of them working. A frustrated Shobha then has flashbacks of the morning where Jihu was explaining about the remote toy being a transformer. Shobha then tells the idea to Dorris about the ChocoChino coffee being a double energizer as coffee gives people energy and chocolate gives happiness. Dorris who likes the idea thanks Shobha.

The scene shifts to Shraddha who is talking to her friend in the park and when they are about to sit on the bench, Nani comes and sits there with her friends. Shraddha then taunts Nani where Nani replies back saying she is good at taunts as she only does that to Shobha. Shraddha then tells her that she has a daughter in law so she will taunt but Nani does not have one and her dreams of having a grandchild will never be fulfilled. Hence, they always are seen playing with Jihu and Rehaan. While Nani replies that she will get a bride for Vikram too, Shraddha says that since Vikram hates Women he might be the other type. A worried Nani then thinks Vikram instead of the rising horse might sit on the doli and shouts Nahiii.

At the office, Shobha almost collides with Vikram in front of the meeting room. He then says to Shobha that since there is so much traffic they should think of putting a traffic signal in the office too. Shobha then says Sorry to Vikram to which Vikram tells her that if Sorry is her fave word and tells her to go inside the room. Doris presents the marketing strategies and Vikram tells that he very much likes the plan. Shobha then asks if the job now belongs to Doris to which Vikram says that the job will belong to the one who came out with the idea and its Shobha. Shobha is surprised and Vikram tells that he heard it when Shobha was giving the idea and during the presentation not once did Doris acknowledge Shobha for the idea. Vikram then asks the opinion of other members present in the room where everyone agrees to Vikram’s decision and Doris leaves angrily. Shobha then goes behind Doris and apologies to her while an annoyed Doris blames Shobha for planning all this.

Scene shifts to Doris where she is talking with Sandeep about Shobha. Sandeep then tells Doris that they should work together to destroy Shobha.

Shobha comes into Vikram’s cabin and talks about Doris while Vikram says that she should stop being Mother Teresa and further says that he really likes the innovative ideas that Shobha brings on board and that is the quality he wants in his marketing head and tells her not to worry about Doris. Vikram then tells Shobha to think about the Jingle for the Radio advertisement. Shobha again thinks about Jihu talking about Vikram’s old songs and asks Vikram to help her in the jingle since he loves sayari. Vikram asks Shobha how she knew about it thinking she might have read his diary to which Shobha replies everyone in the office knows since he is so articulate and good at his speech. Vikram then tells Shobha to get the information of marketing from Mahesh. Shobha then sighs that she almost said about the diary while Vikram thinks he should be careful with Shobha as she might disclose his past to others.

On reaching home, Nani tells Vikram to listen to what she has to say. Nani then hands Vikram the photographs and asks him to select one. Vikram then tells her not to talk about faltoo stuffs. Nani then tells him that the things he thinks faltoo are important and before it’s too late he should think about it or they both would end up in Ashram.

Vikram tells her that if she is drunk and leaves to go to his room while Nani says that she has not had a drink and tells him to agree to the marriage. Vikram then tells that he is not interested in marriage and women and it is fine that he is not normal. Nani then gets more worried and tells him to say more clearly. Vikram then says that women are too complicated and he prefers men. He says that men are simple and easy to understand. Vikram then saying Good Night leaves a shocked Nani behind. Nani then says that Vikram might have been spoilt and what Shradha said could be true were in the background Maa Ka Laadla plays.

Scene shifts to Sandeep and Doris where he drops Doris home. Doris thanks Sandeep and says that she detests going to the office back as she hates Vikram and Shobha faces. Doris then tells that she would give resignation in the morning while Sandeep tells her to just do what he says and he will make Vikram and Shobha suffer. The episode ends at Sandeep face.

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