An Unusual Tale 8 August 2021: An Unusual Tale update Sunday 8th August 2021 The Episode starts with Shobha talking to Mummyji about her job. She says I m doing this job for you, I don’t want you to ask someone else for money, why should we ask Tarun, I know Samarth is your son, I m in this family for 9 years, am I nothing to you, we all have differences, you taught me everything, this family is my responsibility, I m doing this job as you take care of kids, Samarth has hurt both of us, and you still love him, and even I love him, I have kids with him, I have felt even if I m hurt, you are our mum, you are our responsibility, this is for us. They cry. Shobha goes to her room. She sees the kids silent and asks what happened. Jia says we want crackers, Papa will never come, so will we never celebrate Diwali, Dadi told us. Shobha says we will decorate the new house and celebrate Diwali.

Mummyji hears them. The kids run. He says my heart melt when you spoke to me, then why this Diwali, Samarth is in jail. Shobha says she can’t see kids upset. Mummyji says I m their Dadi too, I can’t see them sad too, but you decided. It’s the morning, Shobha sees Vikram and stops him. She says she can’t come office today for Diwali’s holiday. Vikram says yes, take many leaves in a week. She says a holiday is needed for Diwali. He says what Diwali, is this a festival to make sounds, think about an animal, who gets scared of crackers sound, gives the money to poor people. They argue about the Diwali function.

She says it shows what a husband can do for his wife. He says it shows how every fight is because of a woman. He asks her to take holiday and leaves. Tarun comes to meet them. Shobha sees Tarun stepping at the Rangoli. Tarun says happy Diwali Shobha. Shobha says see what you did, you spoiled the rangoli. Tarun says sorry. Riddhima says happy Diwali and hugs her. Tarun greets Mummyji. Mummyji welcomes them. She asks Shobha that she invited Tarun.

Mummyji asks Ajay to go and meet Garima in her room. Garima wears the saree and asks Shobha to help her tucking it. Ajay comes and holds her. She is shocked and pushes him. he flirts with her. She says how dare you come into my room. He says we will be together after marriage. He holds her hand and she scolds him. She says I m not your personal property. He says you are my fiancé. She says don’t touch me. He says then will Sanjay touch you. She asks why does he want to marry a girl who does not like him. He says you will like me. She says never, gets out. He leaves. Garima gets upset.

Shobha lights the Diya and kids say they have to burn crackers. Shobha says after the puja. Tarun asks about Ajay. Vikram’s Nani plays the loud music. Mummyji says she will make them shut the music. Shobha says I will go. Mummyji says I don’t need you always. Nani dances with her friends on the song Chaar Bottle Vodka………………. Mummyji comes and asks her to shut music. Nani refuses and says Shobha is sweet, she would have heard her, but not do as she says. Mummyji says she is doing puja and this music is noise pollution. Nani argues and challenges her that she will play music loudly, let’s see who wins. Mummyji says she won’t lose easily. Nani says learn some manners from your bahu.

The kids burn the crackers and Vikram is annoyed. She wishes happy Diwali. She says I don’t like crackers. He says I don’t like you, tell me who burnt the crackers. She says you find out, kids have spoiled these days. He says I know it, see your friends pointing at you. Jia looks at him and says so what, it happy Diwali. He says I will gift wrap you and drop you at the police station. She starts like emotional lines. He says oh God, her daily soap started again, save me, Lord. He leaves. Mummyji asks the man for the light switches as she wants to check. He says I will come. She says I will see, you do your duty. Shobha makes the rangoli right and lights the diyas. She thinks about her and Samarth and smiles.

Vikram comes to her and sees her lost in thoughts. He says excuse me, is this your pallu, keep it to yourself. She sees it’s near Diya and thanks to him. He says don’t thank me if it caught fire, you should have shouted, I can’t bear noise pollution. She asks why you hate Diwali. They argue again. He thinks something why he hates the festival. She says I m sorry Sir. He leaves and comes home. He shuts his ears by Nani’s loud music. Nani asks him to dance as it’s Diwali. He puts on earplugs and leaves.

Jia burns the rocket while Vikram is working in his room. The rocket goes into his room and burns his imp file. He sees the kids and gets angry. He sees hair falling by stress. Mummyji sees the flat number 1305 of Vikram and shuts it. She says now it will be fun, happy Diwali. Nani tells Vikram why did our power go. Vikram says he will see it, and asks for the torch. Mummyji says the music stopped, now it will be happy Diwali. The guard tells Vikram that he gave keys to Sharda Sachdev (mummy Ji) and goes to check. Vikram comes to the kids and scolds them, asking who has thrown the rocket into his home, it was catching fire, he is going to report to the police. A girl says Jia kept this competition to send a rocket to your home. He says he won’t leave Jia. Everyone does the puja at Shobha’s home. Shobha gives aarti to everyone. The doorbell rings and she sees it’s Vikram. Vikram comes to complain to Shobha, about Mummyji and Jia. He says I will teach them a good lesson. He says this is war, you heart it. Shobha looks on puzzled.

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