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An Unusual Tale update Thursday 16th September 2021: An Unusual Tale 16 September 2021, The Episode starts with Sharda talking to Shobha. She says Samarth has changed by the jail stay, don’t you think he changed and became caring, I know you will take time to accept him, but clap does not happen by one hand, if you think he is trying to change, you also take the steps ahead and return his old Shobha. Shobha says she is lost somewhere. Sharda asks she feels she has compromised for the kids. Shobha says someone has to think about kids. Sharda says he is your husband, if you feel he is changing, you can also try. Shobha says I understand, but I can’t get over the cheat he did, it will take time.

Garima talks to Sanjay and asks him shall I cook anything He says lets go out and have food. They smile. She says I m so happy, I will get ready. He asks her to wear her black dress, since marriage, she got boring dressing. She says lets go for movie. He says no, I want to see my Garima, I miss our old days. She says I read that Chinese is not good for pregnant ladies, it can harm the baby. He gets angry and says romance gone, life is ruined. He asks her to understand and abort the child. She asks is he mad, is he the father or enemy. Saurabh and Vinita come and hear them fighting. Saurabh slaps Sanjay. He says if anything happens to the baby, I will not leave you, how can you give stress to Garima, this baby will come in this world and I will protect it. He leaves. Vinita smiles and says if anything happens to baby, it will be Sanjay’s mistake, not mine.

Sarika comes to Samarth. He asks what is she hiding. She says a surprise, and shows wine bottle. He asks for what. She says you came home after many days, a small celebration. He says it was not needed. She says I can’t believe you are not convinced to drink. She asks him did Shobha accept him or not He says you always want to know about others. She says I m your sister. He says she needs time and I m giving her time, she will accept me soon. She says I can’t believe you are saying this. He says she can take time and do what she wants. She says I m hurt seeing you like this. He says I m fine.

She says Shobha is having an affair with Vikram, why can’t you understand, someone has taken your place in her life. He gets angry and slaps her. He asks is she not ashamed to spoil Shobha’s name, she did a lot for you and our family. Sarika gets angry and says I know you would say this, I care for you, so I told you this. I can’t bear all this, beat me, but I will stay say the truth. He says I have full faith she won’t do this. She says if you don’t believe, go to your room and try getting close to her, lets see does she get away and come in your arms. She leaves.

She comes in her room and says I have keyed Samarth, I m sorry Shobha. She says Vikram, you have run a lot, I like to run after you, like hunter after prey. She says if they come closer tonight then Shobha will never see you again, what about you Vikram, you will cry and I will wipe your tears. Samarth drinks wine and recalls Sarika’s words. He recalls Shobha’s words. He goes to the room and sees Shobha sleeping. He touches Shobha. Vikram says Shobha and wakes up from his sleep. He tells Nani that Shobha is not fine, my heart is saying this. Nani says no, nothing can happen. He says I will call Shobha. She says you can’t call her at this time, she will be with her husband and kids.

He says I want Shobha to stay fine, and she sleeps peacefully. He cries and Nani pacifies him. He hugs her. Shobha wakes up as Samarth gets closer. He says I heard some sound, did you see any bad dream. She says no. He says you shouted and I came, are you fine. She says I m fine. He says you sleep. He goes out. Samarth thinks he can’t do this, he can get any rape case on him, his career can end, Shobha can help him, he has to act smart and plan things. He says Shobha is multi purpose, he used her many times and even then she is useful to him. He says he has to act being good to her, and everything will be fine.

He sleeps with Reyaan. Shobha comes to him, and thinks he has really changed, maybe you missed him, did jail change your priorities. She leaves. Samarth wakes up and thinks is she cheating him, he can’t get angry on her, he has to keep her trust and win. Sarika comes and thinks is Samarth really mad that my words did not effect him.

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