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An Unusual Tale 19 August 2021: The Episode starts with Vikram coming to the police station. He says all world’s unhygienic people are here. He says I don’t think they had a bath this week and covers his nose. He tells him he wants to meet Shobha Sachdev and sits on the bench. A man comes and asks does he have a cigarette. Vikram says I don’t smoke. A lady comes and touches him. She says you look like cheese, I will give you free service. He says thanks to Didi and gets away. He tells the inspector that he has to meet Shobha right away. Shobha asks for water. Vikram comes to meet her and gets 5 mins. She says Sir, you here. He says no, it’s my ghost. He says why did you give a statement to his stupid husband.

An Unusual Tale update Thursday 19 August 2021 On Starlife

She says you came as office work is pending right. He says yes, I m dependent on you, Jia and Reyaan are not having food, get out soon. He calls Garima and asks her to make kids talk to Shobha. Jia talks to Shobha on a video call. Jia says Reyaan is not well, he is sleeping, why did you leave us and go. Shobha says I m always with you, take care of Reyaan, have food, please. Garima makes her drink juice. Jia says I won’t trouble anyone and take care of everyone. She says till Garima gets married to Sanjay, I have to take care of her. Shobha gives the phone to Vikram. He asks shall I call again. She says no.

He says I will try my best to free you. She says its not easy, till Samarth gets bail, I can’t get bail. He says he knows the lawyer Ketan as he is his friend, he will talk to him. She says she did this for her kids and cries. He leaves. Tarun meets Samarth in jail. Samarth asks what’s his plan. Tarun tells him about the lawyer saying any one parent can get bail to take care of kids, if both are in jail. Samarth asks really and starts laughing. Tarun asks whats your decision is. Samarth says what’s there to think, I can’t be here for one more day, I can handle my case well once I get free, and then free Shobha for the kids. Tarun says fine, I will tell the lawyer. Samarth thanks him. Tarun leaves.

Garima talks to Sanjay and tells everything. She says Sarika said she can’t handle kids and asks about him to arrange a good lawyer. Mummyji takes the phone and scolds her reminding Sanjay broke the engagement, does she have self-respect or not. Garima says I can just share my problems with Sanjay, you want me to tell Ajay against Tarun. Mummy ji says you have gone mad, he regards us family and he will get Samarth out. Garima says yes, Shobha is paying the price, if my inlaws do this with me, what will you do. Mummy ji says Shobha knew this risk, Samarth will come out first and do something for him.

Garima says wake up, Samarth is not like he looks. She leaves. Mummy ji gets a call and says I will come. She meets her friend and says she is having much stress in life. Nani sees her in the park and asks her gang to come. Nani scolds her for sending her bahu to jail. Mummy ji argues. Nani says catch me and show, and runs. Mummy ji says we got the worst neighbors.

Vikram meets Ketan (the lawyer) and asks him to make others life better. Ketan asks what did I do. Vikram says I m talking about Shobha, we all know Samarth is bad, I think she is inncent and gave statement on Tarun’s saying, how can you do this, her kids are crying a lot. Why are you seeing me as if you saw a ghost? Ketan says I did not see you before talking about others problem, it means you are in love with Shobha. Vikram is shocked and gets angry. Ketan asks is there something between you and Shobha. Vikram says have you lost it, you know about my past and asking me this, I feel we are good friends, I don’t know you at all, you have send an innocent woman to jail and asking me do I have an affair with her.

Ketan says its fine, people move on, I asked this seeing your concern for her, you are standing for a woman and fighting for her with your friend, I can’t believe she is your employee. Vikram says she is a mum who went to do right for kids and fell into trouble. He asks him to leave. Its night, Shobha thinks about Vikram’s words and thinks she never felt some stranger will help her when her family is against her, am I doing mistake to trust anyone, but no one has time to solve my problem, he will forget me in few days.

Vikram shows his hair fall to Ketan. Ketan says I can see my old friend again, but I can’t see good hopes, I have to do as per my client and Samarth is my client. Vikram asks you know you are doing wrong about Shobha. Ketan says my duty is for my client. Vikram says we are friends. Ketan says don’t make it difficult for me. Vikram says fine, I will find some other way. Ketan says that I m sure of. Vikram asks what. Ketan says nothing, the hearing is tomorrow. Riddhima asks Tarun about the hearing. Tarun tells Riddhima to not argue, legal matters take time. She asks him to think about kids, get Shobha bail, I don’t care if Samarth gets bail.

Tarun says fine, Ketan has a plan and we will try tomorrow. She says yes, Shobha will not come out of it. Tarun says Samarth is my boss. She says Shobha is my sister. He says I m going to court for myself to financially secure our future, not for them, think about me and be loyal. He sleeps. Riddhima prays Lord to send some angel to help Shobha. Mummyji tells the kids that Samarth will get out today. Does Jia ask mum? Mummyji says yes both will come home, I will get ready to go court. Nani calls Vikram and he says he slept in the office. She says Shobha may have not slept in jail. He says let her family worry, why should we. She asks will you not help her. He says I don’t have proof, how can I help.

Tarun meets Samarth and says Ketan reached court, I will meet you in court, don’t worry. Samarth says I hope I won’t come to jail again. Samarth and Shobha are taken to the court for the hearing. Shobha thinks Samarth will think about him again, prove me wrong Samarth, just once.

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