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An Unusual Tale 9th September 2021: An Unusual Tale update Thursday 9 September 2021 The Episode starts with Sarika making Kada for Shobha and adding mosquito repellent to it. Sharda comes and asks for Kada. Sarika makes excuses and goes to Shobha. Some interruptions come and Reyaan makes the glass fall. Sarika scolds Reyaan and then calms down. She says she will clean the floor and gets angry. Sarika comes to her room and says I can’t overreact, else everyone will doubt me. She says last time I acted quietly and no one has doubt on me, this time anyone can doubt on me. Vikram comes to meet Samarth and Samarth recalls it Vikram Anuja, Shobha’s boss. Vikram says why is Samarth after Shobha’s life, whats this revenge, if he tries to hurt Shobha, I will kill Samarth.

Samarth and Vikram meet face to face. Vikram asks why is he doing this, he is asking about Shobha, why does he want to kill Shobha, what did she do, she was with him for 9 years and you have insulted her and gave her divorce, she did not break. Samarth says what nonsense. Vikram says Shobha is not alone, we all are with her. Samarth says why will I kill her, now she started this. Vikram scolds Samarth and says its good you told me your plan. Samarth gets angry. Vikram tells her about balcony screws gone and Shobha made to fall. Samarth says you are mad, I m thinking how to come out. Vikram says I know you want to take revenge from Shobha.

Samarth says I asked her help, but you spoiled it, I don’t have any hope from her, and I don’t care. Vikrram says you care. Samarth says will I make my kids alone, by hurting Shobha, just leave, and why do you defend Shobha, who are you. Vikram says I m that which you could not become, I m her friend. Samarth scolds him. Vikram holds his collar and gets Shobha’s call. Shobha asks is everything fine. Vikram says I will talk later and ends the call. Samarth says my wife calls you now, I m out of happy family frame, go and find the right man. Vikram stops him, and Samarth says its over. He leaves. Vikram says maybe Samarth is right, why will he try to kill Shobha, I think I should talk to inspector, who is behind this.

Garima comes home and asks about Shobha. Sarika says she is fine. Garima says why don’t anyone tell me, and goes to meet her. Sarika thinks everyone is after Shobha. She says if Samarth was here, I would have taken his help, I miss him a lot. Samarth says what nonsense was Shobha saying, who would hurt Shobha, she says sorry if she kills mosquito too. He thinks who is harming Shobha and why. Garima asks Shobha whats happening, she was afraid. Shobha says I m fine, you should not take tension in this state. Garima says I will pamper you, tell me what you want. Shobha says we should pamper you, tell me Sanjay will pamper you right. Garima gets sad.

Shobha asks whats the matter and Garima starts crying. She says Sanjay does not want this child and I should abort this baby. Shobha is shocked. Garima says it looks like its not baby, but a wall between us. Shobha explains her that if two people love each other, they can face anything. Garima says I don’t know, but I did not know Sanjay will react this way. Shobha says now I understand you both were silent in baby shower, I will talk to him. She cries and hugs Shobha. Shobha makes her smile.

Vikram comes in parking and recalls Sarika and the screw driver incident. Her behavior was strange and doubts on her. Sarika thinks where to hide the screw driver. Sarika says she is going out, and kids stop her. Sarika says she will drop Garima. Jia takes the bag and it falls. Vikrram comes to them, and Sarika gets tensed. She takes the bag and leaves. Garima says how can railing fall like this, its good Shobha is safe, you take care of her. Sarika says I m here, I will take care. Garima leaves. Sarika thinks to throw the screw driver. Vikram talks to Shobha and says inspector said it was planned trap, and think did you see anything unusual, any doubt, did anyone call. Shobha thinks about Sarika’s call.

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