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An Unusual Tale 31 August 2021: An Unusual Tale update Tuesday 31st August 2021 The episode starts with Shobha discussing Garima’s marriage with Vikram where he tells her to stop blaming herself for everything and Garima is an adult and she knows about what is better for her. Vikram then tells her to join the conference room for the meeting and suggests she keep personal and professional life separate. On seeing a worried Shobha through the glass door, Vikram comes in and gives a day off to Shobha.

Scene shifts to Nani where she is having dreams of Ketan standing with garland in wedding attire and falls off the couch. Vikram comes in and helps her and tells Nani to stop stressing herself too much. Nani then tells him whatever happens she will be on Vikram’s side thinking about his homos*xuality while Vikram is thought Nani must be worried due to Garima and Sanjay being called off the engagement. Vikram hugs Nani and tells them both are alike, to which Nani is shocked thinking how could she not know about her being homos*xual all her life. Vikram then tells Nani that he needs to give a file to Shobha and requests Nani to make coffee and also adds that Ketan makes great coffee and Nani is worried about it again.

Garima calls Shraddha and is surprised when Shraddha informs her about the shopping that she has done. Shraddha then asks Garima if Shobha told her anything to which Garima says no. Garima on seeing Shobha by her asks her about the issue. In the meantime, the doorbell rings, and Garima answers it to find Vikram outside. Vikram gives the file to Shobha and then tells her to talk to Garima about the engagement and Shobha is reluctant to do so. 

On hearing her name, Garima asks if there is something and they are discussing her. Shobha then tells Garima that her marriage has been fixed with Ajay and the engagement is tomorrow. Garima then tells her not to joke while Shobha says that Samarth fixed her marriage with Ajay. Garima refuses to marry Ajay and says that she would suicide rather than marry Ajay. Shobha tries to make her listen but Garima is adamant to do so. 

Vikram then steps in and tells Garima that her marriage will take place with Sanjay only and since relationships are made by heart she can always take off the engagement ring later. Vikram then leaves the place thinking Shraddha might come soon. Garima is angry at Shobha for not letting her know about it and Shobha tries to make her understand. Shraddha comes in with her shopping items. Garima then has an outburst with her mother about Ajay and shouts that she would end up being another Shobha only just the way Samarth treated her, Ajay would do the same. Garima tells Shraddha not to force her to marry Ajay as she wants to marry Sanjay only. Shraddha then breaks down telling her that Sanjay’s brother and sister in law are not ready for the alliance and so is Samarth. Shraddha then folds her hands and requests Garima to agree to marry Ajay while both cries on.

Scene shifts to Sarika and her husband Abhay where she is having a go at him for being a loser and tears off his loan application. Sarika then starts off her drama of being a victim of domestic abuse (due to the hidden camera) in the room when Abhay scolds her for tearing the papers and apologies to him crying.
At Garima’s room, Shobha comes in and tells her to sleep. Garima then tells that wishes she could sleep forever because she will only dream of Sanjay and her future while asleep and she is not allowed to dream. Shobha then tells Garima not to be depressed and tells them she got an idea to stop the engagement. In the morning Shraddha is shown making arrangements for the engagement and the kids come there all dressed up and excited. Shraddha then calls Sarika and Sarika starts her drama again and tells Shraddha that Abhay is around cuts the call. 

Shraddha calls her again and she does not answer the call. Shraddha then thinks that she needs to start giving her attention to Sarika too after the engagement. The doorbell rings and Ajay, Riddhima, and others come in for the engagement and Shraddha are happy to see them. Ajay then asks permission from Shraddha to go to Garima’s room and she agrees. 

On his way to Garima’s room, Shobha stops Ajay saying she is not ready, Ajay then tells Shobha that Samarth is under his palms and he would do everything for this marriage to which Shobha says that she would never let Garima marry him even if he was the last male in the world and walks away with the soft drinks tray.

Scene shifts to Sanjay where he is acting to jump off the building while Ketan and Vikram are holding the rope behind. Sanjay then tells that he is afraid of the height to which Vikram and Ketan tell him that he needs to do this for Garima and suggest he remember Dharmendra. In the meantime, they get a message from his brother and Ketan goes to receive him.

Garima is shown walking in the hall dressed up for her engagement and Riddhima compliments her. Ajay then again makes a comment that she was too dying to get engaged to him and says she looks hot. Riddhima gives the ring to Ajay and tells him to make Garima wear it to which Garima is reluctant. On Shraddha and Shobha’s insistence, Garima brings her hand forward for Ajay where the ring finger is bandaged. All are shocked and the episode ends in Shobha’s face.

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