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An Unusual Tale 8th September 2021: An Unusual Tale update Wednesday 8 September 2021 The Episode starts with Sarika hiding. Sharda gets some items and takes them. She leaves. Sarika thinks mum got saved. Sarika continues her work to make some oil on the ground and make Shobha slip. She says I will call Shobha and asks her to get my jeans, which have my solitaire ring, which is Abhay’s last memory, she will come running here and slip. She will then fall and die. She says I will be free of you forever. Shobha coughs and works in an office.

Vikram looks on and says don’t know what did Sarika tell Shobha yesterday. He asks if she is getting a cough a lot. She says yes. He asks did Sarika tell anything. She says no, is there anything you want to discuss. He says no, I was wondering when is she going back. Shobha says she is not going, and we won’t let her go even if she wants. He says of course

She tells the staff man that she wanted normal water and its cold. Vikram scolds the guy a lot and asks him to get normal water. She says don’t you think you get angry a lot. He says yes, if you behave like kids, I will do this. She smiles and asks him not to get angry, whats the matter, why is he looking worried. He says the matter is you are unwell, and I told you not to come office, and you came. She says she came to end her work. He says its my office. She says its my department. He says I m your boss. She says you should be happy to have hardworking employee. She gets Sarika’s call and Sarika asks how is she. Shobha says I m better. Sarika asks her to come home, and rest. Shobha says I will come soon. Sarika says I have some plane for you. Shobha asks what plans.

Sarika says its surprise and Shobha says I will come, I love surprises. Vikram takes Shobha and asks her to go home. Vikram comes home. A man sells perfumes and asks him to have it, his Madam will like it. Vikram asks who Madam. The man says your wife. Vikram bargains and the man saks can’t you soend money if you love your wife. Vikram laughs and buys it. He sees its Jasmine and imagines Shobha saying she loves Jasmine. The constables talk and Samarth hears them saying about a woman marrying someone else when her husband was in jail. The man lost his property too along with his wife. Samarth recalls how he gave divorce to Shobha.

The constable tells about his wife and how much he misses her. The house looks lonely without a wife. Samarth recalls his family life and happy moments with Shobha. He says he may break up with kids too and misses Jia and Reyaan. He says what did I do and realizes his mistake. Sarika makes the kdis ready and makes plans with them. They say you are very good. She says I know, but I have to show this goodness to someone. Sharda says we are going out after many days. Shobha comes and asks kids to go and enjoy, she will rest at home. Sarika smiles and thinks her plan will succeed. The kids ask Shobha to come, and she agrees. Sarika says no, Shobha is unwell and she may get more unwell if we take her along.

Sharda says we will let Shobha rest. Sarika smiles and asks kids to say bye and love you to mum. The kids hug Shobha and say love you. She asks them not to trouble Sarika. Sharda says we are going for two hours. They leave. Sarika says I waited for this moment and its here. She calls Shobha and asks her to get her jeans and the ring. She acts like very loving towards Abhay, and the ring is important and its costly too. Shobha agrees and goes to the balcony. She takes the jeans and Sarika count downs. Shobha puts her weight on balcony and it started breaking. Sarika laughs. Shobha goes to attend her call and talks to Vikram. He asks where was she, he was worried as she was not taking call. She says relax, I m fine. He says he wants to spend time with kids.

She says kids went out and I m feeling drowsy by medicines. He asks her to sleep and ends the call. He says Shobha, you have made me part of your happiness, I feel I became a poet. He says its good whatever it is and everything will be good. Sarika prays that Shobha dies. She calls Shobha again and thinks she is dead by now. She is shocked as Shobha takes the call. She says I called to remind about ring. Shobha says Vikram called so I went, I m taking ring now. Vikram comes towards lift. The jeans stucks in balcony, and Shobha tries to pull it. Vikram gets in the lift. She slips and hangs on. She gets afraid and calls for help.

Shobha shouts help. Sarika smiles hearing Shobha shout. She says Shobha is gone now, she is so good who did not do bad with anyone, she was good with me too, but she came between me and Vikram, I would have done this with anyone. She laughs. Vikram passes by Shobha’s door and thinks Sarika would have told everything to Shobha, I will talk to her, but she might be resting. He starts leaving and hears Shobha calling for help. He knocks the door and asks her to open. She says save me. He breaks the door and says I m coming. He looks for her and goes to the balcony. He is shocked seeing her hangining and helps her. He holds her hands and pulls her up. She comes up and hugs him. Vikram gets still. Music plays……………. He caresses her hair. Sharda asks Sarika to come, as kids are calling her. Sarika says I m sorry, I was feeling unwell.

Sharda says we can go home. Sarika says but, I have such blackouts after Abhay died, get the kids and we have movie now. Sharda says no, we will go home, I will get the kids. Sarika smiles. Shobha moves away from Vikram and cries. He sees the railing broken and she is in shock. He holds her close and they look at each other. She says thanks. He wipes her tears. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh………………plays…………..

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