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Antara 14 November 2020: Antara update Saturday 14th November 2020, Abhishek and the his grandmother come to Adi’s place. Abhishek points at Antara and asks Adi who is she. Abhishek(Abhi) says that she is Antara. Abhi asks Antara where is your mom and dad. Antara goes to the balcony with Abhi following and starts saying Ma…antara repeadly while pointing to a star and herself. Abhi tells Antara if her mother is a star….he also tells her that his mother lives with him. Abhi’s grandmother tells ABhi not to trouble Antara. She takes him inside and they sit to eat. Antara comes and feeds Abhi.

Next Morning they show Antara with milk packets…she puts them in the garden. Billu sees this and takes the packets and puts them far under the tree. All the housewfie are waiting open their doors and not finding the milk ask the watchmen if the milkmen came. He says yes and thay all come down and start shouting at him on how he didn’t see anyone taking the milk. Billu comes there and takes the housewife to the tree and tells them that Antara took the milk.
At the house, Adi wakes up to find Antara at the balacony. He goes to her and sees that she has peed on the floor. He tells her that she needs to pee in the toilet. He takes her and gives her a shower and dresses her up. He tells her that Abhi is her brother and to take care of him. Allthis time, Antara isrocking back and forth and Adi looks at her but at the same time, the door bells ring. He finds the building ladies at the door and they complain to him about Antara. Adi apologies to them and says that he will not let it happen again. They leave. Aarti comes and tells him that she has taken leave from the college but she won’t be able to do it tomorrow. She asks Adi what she has to do with Antara. He tells her to feed her cormnflakes and looks after her.
At Vidya’s house Vidya is trying to concentrate on playing the sitar, but she fails to do so. She goes to kitchen and tells the servant that she will make the food today. Vsya’s father comes and tells her that this is not Adi’s hous that you have to constantly work…go rest. Vdya mother and Abhi comes there. Vidya’s mom tells her to eat something but she refuses to eat becaus Abhi hasn’t eaten either. Abhi says that he already eat yesterday at his father’s place. Vid is surprised and Abhi informs her that his grandma took him to Adi’s place. Abhi leaves to get chocolates from his room. Vidya tells her mother that she betrayed her by taking Abhi to Adi. Vidya’s mom tells her that she choosed the right path because if she would not have done this, Abhi would fall sick because he missed his father. Vidya tells her mom that if she would go under the same circumstances she would feel different, if her husband would have betrayed her…how would she feel. Vidya’s mom tlls her that her father already has betrayed her but the only difference is that he betrayed me for his work while adi betrayed  you with another women. When you were born, your father was not there. When you went to school for the first time, he was not present. When you were sick, he was not present. Vidya’s mom tells her that Adi is a responsible father and don’t seperate a father from his son.
At Adi’s house, Aarti is trying to feed Antara at the table while Antara is playing with the ball. Aarti gets angry when Antara ignores her. Aarti leaves the table with the food saying that when Antara will be hungry, she will come to her. Antara sees the ketchep bottle and draws a flower on the carpet. Aarti comes and sees this and takes the ketchep bottle from Antara. Antara starts crying. After a while, Antara is still crying when Billu comes and asks Aarti why is Antara screeming. Adi and Sam comes there. Aarti tells him that Antara is crying and when she tried to quiet her but Antara bit her. Adi comes to Antara and tells her to not to cry but to no vain. Billu just then starts crying Antara which quietens Antara. Adi asks Billu how did he know how to make Antara stop crying. Billu says that his Aunt’s son is Mad and this is the same method his aunt uses. Billu advices Adi to use the same method the next time Antara cries. Episode ends.
This serial reminds me of the movie Anjali which was dubbed in Hindi but I think it was originally a Tamil movie.

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