Antara Zee world Full story, plot summary, casts, teasers: Is all about a story of Antara, a 5Year Old Girl. Antara suffers Autism and was once thought to be strange and complicated. She was born out of acceptable societal standards and learning to adapt into the new home she finds herself. Will the love of the Verma family finally make a difference in her life?

NB: Antara to replace Zee world Age is just a number on November 2020.

Aapki Antara Full Story

Aapki Antara is the story of a five-year-old girl named Antara. She is born to Anuradha, who had a relationship out of wedlock with Aditya Verma. When Anuradha dies in a car accident, Antara is orphaned, leaving Aditya with the responsibility of taking his illegitimate daughter home to his wife, Vidya, and son, Abhishek, and raising her as a part of his family.

With Antara in their life, things are not the same again for the Verma family. Antara does not behave like a normal child, being unable to express her emotions and living in her own world. To the outside world, she is a daydreamer and slow child. Eventually, Antara is revealed to have autism. Both she and her family and are faced with the journey of navigating the world and being accepted by the society Antara is brought up in. Through her story, the show guides people to understand the needs of those with autism and handle them with sensitivity.

Aapki Antara Cast

  • Antara Verma – Zaynah Vastani (Kid)/Aaina Mehta (Teenager)/ Anjum Farooki(Adult)
Antara Zee world Full story

Antara Zee world Full story

  • Aditya Verma (Antara & Abhishek’s father) (dead) – Darshan Pandya
Antara Zee world Full story

Antara Zee world Full story

  • Vidya Verma (Abhishek’s mother & Antara’s stepmother) – Prabhleen Sandhu/Kshitee Jog
  • Sameer Malhotra (Aditya’s friend and brother-in-law) – Himanshu Malhotra/Prashant Ranyal
Antara Zee world Full story

Antara Zee world Full story

  • Aarti Malhotra (née Verma; Aditya’s sister, Sameer’s wife) – Tulika Upadhyay
  • Abhishek Verma – Raj Simaria (Kid)/Sahil Deshmukh Khan(Teenager)/Darshan Pandya (Adult)
  • Billu Gupta – Aarav Velhal (Kid)/Sandeep Upadhyay (Teenager)/Rayo Bakhirta (Adult)
  • Mr. Gupta (Billu’s father) – Nikhil Ratanparkhi
  • Mrs. Gupta (Billu’s mother) – Alka Mogha
  • Vidya’s mother (Kiran) – Sujata Kumar
  • Vidya’s father – Vijay Aidasani
  • Anuradha Rai (Antara’s mother) – Rupali Ganguly
  • Vikram (Antara’s doctor; Vidya’s childhood friend) – Sachin Khurana
  • Mili Malhotra (Sameer & Aarti’s adopted daughter) – Apurva Paranjape (Teenager)

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