Ashoka samrat is a 2015 indian historical drama and Below is some Interesting ashoka serial written updates which We’ll all Love.


Initially, the show focused on the life and love story of Ashoka’s parents Dharma and Bindusara. Bindusara is the present king of Magadh, while his step-mother conspires against him. Bindusara was attacked by Helena’s men but saved by a beautiful and intelligent Brahmin girl named Subhadrangi/
Dharma. Impressed by her skills, Bindusara falls in love and marries her. Later, Dharma becomes pregnant. The session ends when one of Bindusara’s other wives Noor and her father Mir Khorasan try to kill Dharma. Dharma gives birth to a baby boy and names him “Ashoka” (without sorrow).

14 years later

The show later on focuses on the life of young Ashoka getting guidance from Chanakya who helps Ashoka against all obstacles. Dharma does not let Ashoka know anything about his father. Ashoka managed to impress Bindusara with his skills at a young age. Many times, Helena conspired against Bindusara. Bindusara’s third wife Noor betrays him and married Justin the same day when Bidusara married Dharma. She declared Siamak as Justin’s son. Helena had prepared a trap during Justin’s wedding but Ashoka manages to rescue everyone. In order to save Helena, Justin lies in court and proved himself guilty, as a traitor due to which he gets executed. Helena, Mir Khorasan, Selecus Nicator and Noor join hands to destroy Bindusara, Dharma and Ashoka. After a lot of struggles, Ashoka figures it out that his father is none other than Bindusara through certain clues and manages to re-unite Bindusara and Dharma. Chanakya also believed that Ashok will be the great ruler of Magadha because of his selfless nature and his oath of serving motherland till his last breath. But Ashok never wanted the throne as he thinks that his brother; Siyamak will be the perfect ruler for Magadha.

Meanwhile, Chanakya along with Radhagupta and his other disciples are busy in protecting the throne of Magadha from the evil and corrupt practices done by Helena and the other enemies of Magadha and Chanakya’s oath of protecting his motherland forever created hindrance in the way of Helena; who at last created a plot to kill Chanakya. Meanwhile, Chanakya came to know that from some time; Charumitra practiced black magic on Dharma. Susima hated Chanakya as he always favoured Ashoka over him while mahamatya Khalatak was always jealous of him as Bindusara always favored Chanakya over him in the matters related to Magadha. So Helena joined Charumitra; Sushim and Khalatak. Siyamak also joined in this mission as he believed that his dear ones (Justin and Noor) had died due to Chanakya. They all killed Chanakya who in his last breathe tells Ashoka that the only way to serve his motherland is to become the Emperor of Magadha by any means. Ashoka believes that Chanakya did not die due to some mishap/ accident but due to a conspiracy done by the enemies of Magadha. Thus; Ashoka takes a pledge to punish the culprits and fulfill Chanakya’s last wish of becoming the Emperor of Magadha by any means.

Meanwhile,to end the tyranny of Keechak, Ashok heads for Takshashila and after a lot of struggles, becomes successful. Also there,he meets Kalinga’s Princess Kaurwaki, forms a unique bond of friendship. Later on both fall in love and kaurwaki takes him to a temple and she ties a sacred thread around his hand, as a symbol of her love for him and her wish to be accepted as his wife, but ashoka never realizes it. all this happened against Kaurwaki’s father Jagganath’s wishes. Later-on, Ashoka returns to Patliputra and in the meantime, found out that his own family members were involved in the death of Chanakya. But in the process of making the criminals punished for their sins, tables turned on him making Ashok attack on Bindusara and injuring Susima. So, in a fit of rage, Bindusara exiled him from Patliputra. For protection of her son, Dharma went with him along with her newborn Vitta ( legally named vittashoka) and the trio left Patliputra and settled in Ujjain. That marked the end of the session

10 years later

A ruthless Ashoka in the name of Chand along with Dharma and his brother Vit have been settled in Ujjain in the house-hold of the merchant Dhanisharam who resides there with his daughter, Devi. In Kalinga, Kaurwaki’s only ambition of life is to meet Ashoka and makes many futile attempts for the same angering Jagannath. Bindusara has grown more cruel and harsh within these years while with the help of black magic, Charumitra had made Susima stronger than ever. After some days, in a wrestling match, in which Ashoka and Susima are
fighting, Dharma comes with Vit and stops the fight. Everyone recognizes them.

Bindusara forgives them and asks them to return to Patliputra. Dharma and Vit return to Patliputra. Ashoka did not follow Bindusara’s orders. He roams in a jungle and meets Kaurvaki. In these years, Dharma too has turned clever and bold enough to face internal politics. Ashoka sees Devi and her father being tortured by Nirankush and his men and saves them but fails to capture Nirankush. Ashoka returns to Patliputra and reveals to Bindusara that slavery was in practice in these 10 years. He also reveals that a man named Kondna is behind this. One night, Siamak secretly goes to meet Kondna. It is revealed that Kondna is none other than Helena. Ashoka sets out to capture Kondna using Nirankush. Ashoka fails to capture Kondna and Nirankush escapes. However he got a clue that Kondna is a woman. Ashoka got clue from Nirankush that the woman’s name starts from ‘H’. He finds that Kondna is late Helena. Nobody believes it. Ashoka is sure that Kondna is Helena . He sets out to capture her and bring her in front of everyone. Ashoka, with Lasandra (Helena’s enemy) manages to expose Helena and forces Siamak to kill her.

Later, the marriage preparations of Ashoka and Kaurwaki begin.
Just then, Dharma and Devi meet an astrologer and he says that this marriage is full of obstacles and many innocent people will be killed in the Kalinga war. Due to fear, Dharma decides that Ashoka should marry Devi, instead of Kaurwaki. Jagannath tells Bindusar that Ashok can marry Kaurwaki only when Bindusar gives the throne of Magadh to him after the marriage. Bindusar agrees. At the time of marriage Ashoka comes to know about this and breaks the marriage with Kaurwaki and in a fit of rage injures Jagannath with a dagger.

Ashoka instead, marries Devi. Dharma had discovered the truth about Chanakya’s death but Sushim and Siamak strangle her to death. Siamak goes to Takshashela as governor and calls in unani guards. Ashoka kills Siyamak in a fit of rae for killing Dharma and returns to Patliputra. Susima has control over Bindusara and Jagannath accuses Ashoka for killing Kaurwaki, Devi gets Kaurwaki and saves Ashoka. After Bindusara’s death Susima and Ashoka fight, but Susima jumps into a flaming pit. Ashoka is crowned Magadha Samrat Ashoka Maurya. Devi gives birth to Ashoka’s son, Mahendra. (How do u see it going to be interesting or boring?)

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