Begusarai Full Story Zee world, Casts, Plot Summary and Teasers


Begusarai Full Story Zee world & Written updates: Begusarai may be a quaint quirky place within the hinterland of Bihar. it’s the land of Phulan Thakur and his family, a land where bullets speak louder than words, where money and power are earned through bloodshed. Begusarai may be a place where every man has got to battle for his zar, zoru and zameen. Friday 1 April 2016, the show took a 20-year leap in its storyline and an entire slew of latest characters were brought in. The show now goes on with the central character of Bindiya Thakur taking care of 5 grown sons who are being groomed to rule Begusarai in Unity, as she is paranoid about any woman coming between them and splitting them apart.

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A new family has now been introduced to supply much needed inherent conflict to the plot. Abhimanyyu Raj Singh because the honest and upright Ramakant Misra, Veebha Anand as his principled daughter Ananya and Vijay Kumar Singh as his wayward son Mayank, form the tiny nucleus family. the daddy , has been recently transferred as Head Constable, to the Begusarai police headquarters . Ananya is that the romantic angle to the lead son of the Maa Thakurain, Shakti Thakur and Mayank is that the romantic and conflict angle for Soni, the daughter of the Thakur family. The new family brings in ready conflict to the plot-line, because the children of the Thakur family come aged after the 20 year leap within the story. there’s a cheerful ending when Bindiya realizes her mistakes and every one of them apologize to Ananya. within the final scene, Ananya and Shakti are seen together.


Begusarai Zee world Full Story: Poonam Kumari (Shivangi Joshi) is an intelligent girl who dreams of upper studies. Priyom Thakur (Sarrtaj Gill), the son of Begusarai’s Bahubali, Phulan Thakur (Narendra Jha), a ladies man, is Poonam’s childhood ally . Lakhan Thakur (Vishal Aditya Singh) is Priyom’s cousin brother, who constantly is under Priyom’s shadow and has loved Poonam since childhood. Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage is about by Phulan Thakur, and initially Poonam isn’t happy, since she wants to continue her studies. Lakhan initially agrees to let her study then marry , but he starts torturing Poonam. Phulan Thakur finds out about this and breaks Lakhan and Poonam’s alliance. He then arranges Poonam’s alliance with Priyom and that they start to fall crazy with one another . Lakhan, checking out about this alliance, starts to wreak havoc on Begusarai and therefore the Thakur family. He kidnaps Phulan’s grandchildren and Poonam decides to marry Lakhan, so he will leave the Thakur family alone ,leaving her and Priyom’s Love .

Begusarai Full Story: While this is often happening , Bindiya (Shweta Tiwari), a dancer enters Begusarai to form money by dancing in Begusarai events. She brings chaos into the Thakur family, which cause Lakhan to start out hating Priyom, his brother Mithilesh (Darshan Dave), and Phulan. it’s soon revealed that Bindiya has come to Begusarai with an agenda. Bindiya’s father wont to be the King of Begusarai, till Phulan Thakur killed him and took his place, and left Bindiya and her mother on the road. She has come to ruin the Thakur family.

Once Lakhan and Poonam marry , Lakhan once more starts to torture Poonam. Phulan asks Lakhan to maneuver into the Thakur Haveli, and initially he denies the offer. Once Poonam tells Lakhan the reality about her and Priyom, Lakhan decides to check Poonam by getting into the Thakur Haveli. Priyom seeing how he’s affecting Lakhan and Poonam’s marriage, decides to marry, and gets fake married to Bindiya, not knowing her truth. Poonam sensing that Bindiya doesn’t have the proper intentions for the Thakur family, constantly butts head together with her . Believing she is trying to interrupt Priyom’s marriage for her personal benefit, Lakhan moves further faraway from Poonam. Poonam learns about Lakhan’s love for her and the way he never hurt anyone when he was trying to woo her, changes her mind about Lakhan and starts to love him.

Phulan gets arrested in an kidnapping that Bindiya did and Thakur family is left distraught. Poonam starts changing Lakhan into a soft person and that they start getting close. Priyom constantly gets mad at Bindiya’s antics and tries to vary her into a far better person. Then enter Datta ji, a person with old traditions and who believes men are the simplest , and ladies are nothing but servants. When Priyom, Mithilesh, and Lakhan’s sister Guddi (Richa Mukherjee) gets pregnant with Poonam’s brother’s child, Datta ji decides to urge her married to subsequent person he sees. Poonam’s brother dies in an accident and Datta ji decides to bury Guddi and her child alive. All the ladies of the Thakur family get along side all the ladies of Begusarai and save Guddi from Datta ji and send him to jail.

Poonam starts responsible Lakhan for her brother’s death and Lakhan decides to free Poonam from their marriage. they begin living separately. Bindiya changes and becomes an honest person. She and Priyom start to like one another , and he becomes the Bahubali of Begusarai. Priyom’s older brother Mithilesh gets jealous of Priyom and decides to start out his own business. When his business partner cheats him, he tries to kill the business partner and Priyom tries to prevent him. within the ensuing battle, Priyom becomes collateral and dies by Mithilesh’s hands. When Bindiya learns the reality , she decides to urge revenge on Mithilesh. the whole family opposes her, apart from Poonam and Lakhan. When she decides to file a case against Mithilesh, but loses when Badi Amma (Sulbha Arya) locks Poonam within the cupboard . Datta ji gets out of jail and comes back to the Thakur Haveli. He strips Bindiya ahead of entire Begusarai and drowns her alive. Lakhan and Poonam attempt to save her, but aren’t ready to . He also tries to kill Guddi and her child, but Poonam and Lakhan save her.

Begusarai Full Story Zee world
Begusarai Full Story Zee world

Poonam and Lakhan finally reveal their feelings for every other and begin a replacement relationship. Bindiya is revealed to be alive, and comes back to urge revenge against the whole Thakur family for not coming to save lots of her. She gives mercy to Lakhan and Poonam, but tortures the remainder of the members of the family, and even kills Datta ji. Choti Amma’s granddaughter, Komal (Rati Pandey), involves visit her while Bindiya becomes the Bahubali of Begusarai. Komal starts to fall crazy with Lakhan and starts to assist Bindiya financially, by bringing her a business partner named Sarkar. Sarkar demands tons of Bindiya which causes Guddi to lose her child and Lakhan and Poonam to almost get a divorce. The Thakur family goes against Bindiya and Komal and check out to work out who Sarkar is. Sarkar is revealed to be Choti Amma (Madhvi Gokhte), who wants to urge revenge on Thakur family and brought Komal to Thakur Family. during a chase between Komal and Choti Amma and Lakhan and Mithilesh, Komal’s car falls off a cliff and Choti Amma and Komal die. Bindiya is revealed to be pregnant with Priyom’s child.

A couple months later, Poonam and Mithilesh’s wife, Maya (Vaishnavi Dhanraj), have also become pregnant. When all three daughter-in-laws are celebrating their baby shower and doing a puja by the river, Guddi gets pulled into the water. Everyone looks for her, but not in time and that they find her body . it’s revealed that Komal is really alive and killed Guddi. Komal then kidnaps Mithilesh and Poonam’s father, in demand that Poonam leaves Lakhan. Mithilesh and Poonam’s father attempt to run away, but Poonam’s father dies within the ensuing chase. Poonam decides to surrender herself for the security of the Thakur family. Lakhan finds Poonam and Komal, and shoots Komal within the chest. Poonam falls unconscious and Lakhan takes her to the hospital. At the hospital some goons kidnap Poonam and it’s revealed that Komal was saved after she got shot. Komal shoots Mithilesh and Lakhan and Poonam dies during childbirth. Bindiya takes the baby and decides to boost him as her own.

20 years later

20 years later, Bindiya has become Ma Thakurain and takes care of Mithilesh and Maya’s kids, Soni (Riya Deepsi), Adarsh (Manish Naggdev), Amar (Parichay Sharma), and Samar (Mukul Raj Singh), her and Priyom’s son, Garv (Ankit Gupta), and Poonam and Lakhan’s son, Shakti (also Vishal Aditya Singh), who just seems like Lakhan. Bindiya hates women due to what Komal did to the family. the whole family is frightened of her and never do anything she doesn’t like. All the boys are like goons and do everything for Bindiya. Everyone calls her mom and Maya gets jealous that her own kids don’t consider her their real mom. The show then brings in Ananya Mishra (Vibha Anand), the daughter of Ramakant Mishra, a constable who gets transferred to Begusarai. Ananya has an older good-for-nothing brother named Mayank (Mithli Jain), who is online chatting with Soni.

Begusarai Full Story Zee world, Casts, Plot Summary and Teasers

Ananya and Shakti first meet when Shakthi saves Ramakant from some goons. He asks for money, but since she has none, he takes her late mother’s necklace. She gets it back, but also learns he’s very frightened of his mom. they need funny interactions happening . Mayank and Soni meet secretly, but someone sees them and tells Ma Thakurain (Bindiya). She plans to urge Soni married within three days. When Mayank hears of this, he tries to kill . When Ananya finds out the rationale behind the suicide, she decides to let Soni and Mayank meet for one last time. But Mayank cheats Ananya and runs away with Soni. When the five brothers determine Ananya helped in Soni getting out, they kidnap her and torture to seek out out where Soni and Mayank went.

Begusarai Full Story Zee world: When Ananya gets free, through the assistance of the police, the police arrest Ma Thakurain and therefore the brothers plan to get revenge. Ma Thakurain gets out of jail and Soni and Mayank return to Badi Haveli. Ma Thakurain decides to permit Soni and Mayank’s marriage, but on the condition that Mayank sleep in their house. She asks Shakti to form Ananya fall crazy with him, then she is going to get her married to all or any of her sons. Ananya falls crazy with Shakti, and Bindiya manages to urge her married to all or any of the sons without interference. When Ananya learns the reality of her sham marriage, she decides to require revenge on the Thakur family and alter them for the higher . She manages to not let herself have any relations with the brothers and learns the oldest, Adarsh, is secretly married and is close to have his child.

She is in a position to urge Adarsh’s wife her rights within the house and Shakthi falls crazy with Ananya. Bindiya changes back to her former self, when Badi Amma tells her she acting exactly like Datta ji. Ananya talks to Bindiya then asks her if she will leave. Shakthi asks her to remain , but she says her trust was broken and she or he cannot stay. a couple of months later, Ananya is shown to be an educator at a faculty and Shakti shows up. He asks her to forgive him and marry him for real and she or he finally forgives him. The show ends on a cheerful note with Ananya forgiving Shakti.

Begusarai Zee world Full Story and Plot Summary Written updates


  • Shweta Tiwari (Season 1–2) as Bindiya Priyom Thakur/Maa Thakurain: A ex-dancer; Priyom’s wife; Garv’s mother; Shakti, Amar, Adarsh, Samar and Soni’s namesake mother (2015–2016)
  • Sartaj Gill (Season 1) as Priyom Phulan Thakur; Phulan’s younger son;Mithilesh, Rajkumar and Guddi’s brother; Poonam’s childhood friend turned ex-fiancé; Bindiya’s husband; Garv’s father ; Soni and Shakti’s Uncle. (2015)[3]
  • Vishal Aditya Singh (Season 1) as Lakhan Thakur: Poonam’s husband; Bhushan and Rekha’s son; Priyom and Mithilesh’s and Guddi’s cousin; Shakti’s father ; Soni’s and Garv’s Uncle. (2015–2016)
  • Shivangi Joshi (Season 1) as Poonam Lakhan Thakur / Poonam Kumari: Lakhan’s wife ; Munchita’s Daughter; Priyom’s childhood Best friend turned ex-fianceé; Shakti’s mother (2015–2016)
  • Vishal Aditya Singh (Season 2) as Shakti Lakhan Thakur: Poonam and Lakhan’s son; Bindiya’s namesake son; Ananya’s husband (2016)
  • Rati Pandey (Season 1) as Komal Thakur , Choti Amma’s granddaughter , Later, she loves Lakhan (2016)
  • Ankit Gupta as Garv Thakur; Priyom and Bindiya’s son
  • Vibha Anand (Season 2) as Ananya Thakur / Ananya Mishra : Ramakant’s daughter; Mayank’s sister, Shakti’s wife (2016)
  • Aalisha Panwar (Season 1) as Najma ; Ponam Childhood and Best Friend (2015)
  • Sulbha Arya (Season 1) as Badi Amma Thakur ; Mithlesh ; Lakhan ; Priyom ; Rajkumar And Guddi’s Grandmother ; Bhushan And phulan’s Mother. (2015–2016)
  • Narendra Jha (Season 1) as Phulan Thakur; Mithilesh, Priyom, Guddi and Rajkumar’s father, Lakhan’s uncle, Adarsh, Amar, Samar, Soni and Garv’s grandfather (2015–2016)
  • Vaishnavi Dhanraj (Season 1) / Kanishka Soni (Season 2) as Maya Mithilesh Thakur; Mithilesh’s wife; Adarsh, Amar, Samar and Soni’s mother (2015–2016)
  • Darshan Dave (Season 1) as Mithilesh Thakur; Priyom, Guddi and Rajkumar’s elder brother, Phulan’s elder son, Lakhan’s Cousin Maya’s husband, Adarsh, Amar, Samar and Soni’s father (2015–2016)
  • Harshh Sethi (Season 1–2) as Bhusan Thakur; Rekha’s husband; Phulan’s younger brother; Lakhan’s father; Shakti’s grandfather 
  • Malini Sengupta (Season 1–2) as Rekha Bhushan Thakur; Bhushan’s wife; Lakhan’s mother; Shakti’s grandmother
  • Riya Deepsi as Soni Mithilesh Thakur
  • Richa Mukherjee as Guddi Phulan Thakur;Phulan’s daughter Priyom, Rajkumar, Mithilesh’s younger sister , Dolt’s Love Interest
  • Abhimanyyu Raj Singh as Ramakant Mishra/Baba
  • Parichay Sharma as Amar Mithilesh Thakur
  • Manish Naggdev as Adarsh Mithilesh Thakur
  • Mukul Raj Singh as Samar Mithilesh Thakur
  • Aru Krishansh Verma as Raj kumar Phulan Thakur; Phulan’s youngest son; Priyom, Mithilesh and Guddi’s brother
  • Sudesh Berry as Manohar Thakur/Dadaji
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as SP K N Rai
  • Mithli Jain as Mayank Mishra
  • Madhavi Gokhte as Choti Amma
  • Nikhil Mehta as Dolt Munchita Kumar: Munchita’s Son ; Poonam’s Brother ; Guddi’s Lover
  • Ankit Mohan as SP Avinash Srivastav
  • Dheeraj Miglani as Ghungroo
  • Vineet Raina as Bhanu
  • Nandini Singh as Shravani


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