Bridal Material 29 April 2022: Vivan continues training Meera and teaching her how to smile. She laughs loudly. He scolds her to shut up and says today she will control her laughter and even inner Meera and will just smile showing his hand. She sees it in the mirror and asks how can she. He asks her to shut up again and says he has hired a makeup artist, a dresser, etc., and she should go and get ready for the dinner party as his friends are coming. She continues her NOK jhok and he sends her away.

Dolly walks in with homemade laddoos and says to Vivan thank you for his help. She says a mother’s best gift is her handmade food and tries to feed him. He reminisces his mother asking him to have laddoos himself and says she does not have to gift him anything, he is also helping himself. She asks what. He says whenever he needs help, she will ask her. She says why not, she is always ready to help him and walks away leaving laddoos and saying Punjab’s pinnies are famous. Vivan reminisces then his mother feeds him laddoo/pinni.

Meera gets ready in a beautiful gown and smiles showing her teeth. Vivan scolds to remember what he told. She asks if she cannot smile alone also. He says she has to keep Meera aside and act as a high society girl. Meera holds his hand. He pushes her hand and asks what is this. She says she saw it in a movie, a couple walking with swag holding each other’s hand.

Vivan walks down with Meera and greets his business partner Dimitri and her girlfriend. Dimitri says Vivan finally got a girlfriend. Vivan says Meeeraa is his friend. They start talking about business. Vivan says they should invest 500 crores instead of 100. Meera thinks he is talking about such huge money so casually. Dimitri eyes Meera and touches her sensuously. Meera fumes in anger. Dimitri’s girlfriend flrirts with Vivan and asks when he will train her. Vivan says he is busy during day. She says he can teach her at night. Meera feels disgusted seeing their flirting and walks away. Vivan follows her and asks what happened. She says how can he talk so cheap with that girl. He says it is called healthy flirting. Meera sayy they would not do it even after marriage, it is so cheap. Vivan scolds there is nothing wrong with it and in fact her parents want her to learn high society etiquette. She argues but agrees.

They both go down, and Meera serves dinner. Dimitri touches her sensuously. She feels uncomfortable but says she does not mind his healthy flirting, looking at Vivan. He touches her again. She drops curry on her dress. vivan fumes. Meera says sorry and goes to the washroom to clean herself. Dimitri walks in. She asks what is he doing here. He says he is helping her as she cannot touch her back and touches her back lustfully. She feels uneasy.

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