Bridal Material 3 June 2022: Dolly thanks Vivan for finding Meera and says a mother gets worried for her daughter and Vivan helped a mother by bringing her daughter back. Vivan leaves to his room. Dolly sees Biji standing and gets nervous. Biji scolds she warned not to take Vivan’s help. Dolly says a mother had to disobey her mother-in-law for her daughter, Meera returned home because of Vivan. Vivan walks to his room and shouts reminiscing about Meera slapping him. Roma walks in and tries to brainwash him that fate had already slapped him and now Meera slapped him, he should not forget he is The Vivan Kapoor and not tolerate Meera’s nonsense. Vivan warns her to stop her mind game and leaves.

Sweety asks Meera what is happening between Vivan and her. Dolly asks where was she, if she wants to break her marriage. Meera says she will really. Dolly asks if she has gone mad, what will happen to her child’s future. Meera thinks how to tell mummy that she is not pregnant.

Vivan in sleep dreams about Meera confronting him why did not he think of her pregnancy when he ordered bouncers to kick her out of Soni Kudi Academy/SKA. He wakes up nervously. Saddi Kaur/SK calls him and asks if he is fine. He says his wife slapped him. She laughs that Mrs. Boss ji slapped Mr. Boss ji, she must have done it in love. Vivan says what if he says he lost 1 tooth out of 32 teeth. SK continues her blabbering. Vivan says forget all that and revive Pammi Kapoor’s photo by tomorrow. Meera thinks she has to revive Pammi’s photo soon. Next morning, Meera takes Vivan’s black coffee and breakfast to his room and apologizes him while he is asleep. He wakes up and his hand hits coffee and he shouts she burnt his hand with coffee. She says she brought him coffee and even apologized, he is so heartless. Vivan slips on her and they fall on bed. Meera says he is habituated to her, can he stay without her. Vivan wakes up and realizes it is his dream.

Roma tells Laachi she does not know where oldie SK has hidden Pammi’spassport, she needs to get it and destroy. She gets happy seeing SK and her bag outside SKI speaking over phone to photo studio owner and telling she will come to there to revive photo. SK sees them and thinks let her make them run behind her and walks. Roma follows her with Laali and asks Laali to snatch oldie’s bag. Laali says people will trash her. Roma says if she does not, she will trash her. Meera walks towards studio when Laali snatches bag and runs. Meera thinks Laali troubled her mother and grandmother, now it is time to take revenge. She runs behind Laali. Roma sees SK running and thinks she heard Punjab oldies are very strong, she saw it now. Meera catches Laali and shouts to leave her bag and calls for help. She pushes Laali on floor and pinning on her down asks why she is stealing when she so healthy. She snatches bag. People says let us handover this thief to police.

Vivan calls Meera who says she revived photo and is returning to him. Roma stops her and apologizing her for misbehaving her requests to give her bag in exchange of money. SK says she just wants her to promote bag vendor. Roma says she will definitely and takes bag from her giving money. SK counts money. Roma does not find passport and yells at SK she is fraud, where is passport. SK says she already told she keeps unimportant things in bag and important somewhere else. She takes out passport from her clothes. Roma tries to snatch it. SK calls Vivan and says she got passport and gives it to him. Vivan is shocked to see Pammi’s photo.

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