Bridal Material 8 July 2022: While getting ready for the office, Vivan gets romantic with Meera. Meera asks if he is not getting late. He says yes, wears his blazer, and leaves. In the living room, Amar asks Dolly to serve him breakfast. She asks to take it from the kitchen, she is going to the temple. Meera walks down and requests Amar to take her to mehandipur Balaji as she does not want any family member in trouble. Tulika thinks her plan is working and says she does not have to go. Meera insists. Tulika says whoever goes to mehandipur Balaji gets returned cured. Vivan while driving the car reminisces his and Meera’s romance.

Meera gets into car. Amar asks Prince if they are doing wrong by taking Meera to mehandipur Balaji. Prince says it is a very powerful place. They get into car and leave with Meera. Vivan enters next calling Meera and not finding anyone at home calls Meera, but finds his phone in room itself. Dolly returns. Vivan asks where is Meera. Gurumaa enters and signals Meera is taken to Mehandipur Balaji and her life in danger. They rush to mehandipur Balaji.

Meera with Tulika, Amar, and Prince reaches mehandipur Balaji temple. Tulika thinks if she enters temp,e, she wil burn. Meera asks them to wait while she herself goes in alone as she does not want them in trouble because of her. She enters temple alone. Vivan driving car with Dolly and Gurumaa towards mehandipur Balaji thinks Meera was emotional because she wanted to go to mehandipur Balaji.

Meera sees a woman possessed by ghost flying in air and pandit controlling her by throwing holy ash. She then flies in air. Tantrik uses ash, but Meera holds his neck. He says this is amantrit dayan and orders to chain her. They chain him. Vivan with Dolly and Gurumaa reach the temple. Dolly asks where is Meera. Amar says she went inside the temple. Vivan asks how can he send his daughter in alone and runs into the temple and hugs hypnotized Meera. Dolly and Amar walk in and say even they want to take their daughter home, but let her here tonight as it is Amavasya. Vivan agrees. Dolly sends Amar home with others. Vivan hugs Meera. Dolly turns into Tulika and smirks.

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