Bridal Material 21 May 2022: Vivan informs Meera’s family that he wants to make an announcement and says Meera will stay with her parents from hereon as he is divorcing Meera. Meera asks what is he telling. Vivan asks her to keep mangalsutra herself as it is just a piece of cheap jewelry for him.

Amar tells Meera that he will bring Laali’s mobile and gets it. Laali smirks and says her phone is with her, she found it in her brother’s cupboard, he would have asked her instead of stealing. Amar says he did not steal. Vivan leaves. Dolly says she found it on the sofa. Meera sees Vivan left already.

At Soni Kudi Academy, Mrs. Singh/Pammi Kapoor looks at her children Vivan and Amaay’s pics. Vivan walks in and gives her file. She asks what is it. He says he has bought the land on which Soni Kudi Academy/SKA is, so he is legal owner now and if she wants to continue SKA as usual, she has to inform where Pammi is. She says he cannot expel her like this, she will go to court. She then sees via CCTV Roma walking in and hides while Vivan continues shouting he will destroy her in court itself. Roma walks in. Vivan asks why did she come here. Vivan checks property papers with lawyer and bouncers around him.

Meera walks in. Vivan orders bouncers to not let Meera inside SKA. Roma yells if she is so shameless not to hear Vivan’s order. Meera forcefully barges in and warns guards dare not to touch her, else she will smash them. She asks Vivan to listen to him. He shouts he will not as they are not related now. She insists. He shouts if he listens to her and let her stay, Pammi will know about it and he will be attacked again. Mrs. Singh reminisces Vivan being attacked repeatedly. He orders bouncers to kick her out. Bounces throw her out of academy. Mrs. Singh cries thinking how to protect her children from Roma, she is helpless and only Meera is trying her best.

Meera thinks she should help Vivan at any cost and via AC duct walks into SKA and hears Roma’s conversation hiding. Pammi/Mrs. Singh calls Roma and asks if she remembers her. Roma says long time no see. Pammi requests her to spare her children. Roma says she has to come to SKA and accept all allegations thrown at her, or else she will destroy her children and even herself.

Pammi accepts and says she needs 1 week’s time. Roma says she is waiting for so many years, 1 week does not matter. She then calls Sheri and orders her to wait outside SKA for 1 week and kill the person whose pic she will send and after her second-order kill Vivan. Meera is shocked to hear that. Something falls down. Roma gets suspicious and peeps outside the window. Meera hides and makes a cat sound. Roma relaxes and thinks she thought Meera came again to spoil her plan, this time winner is already declared and it is her.

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