Bridal Material 30 April 2022: Dimitri touches Meera forcefully. Meera warns him to go, else she will. Silky walks in. Dimitri says her shoulder was dirty, so he wiped it and going close to her says she can call him if she needs her help. Meera angrily walks behind to slap him, but Silky stops her and says she should keep quiet, or else Vivan’s business deal will be canceled. Meera says she does not mind and will teach him a lesson. Silky says they can once the dinner party is over. Meera reminisces Dimitri’s misbehavior and says it is time to teach him a lesson. She walks to Dimitri and gives him a tight slap. Dimitri shouts how dare she is.

Meera says she dared already and slaps him again. Vivan asks if she has gone mad, and what kind of behavior is this. She says he does not know what he did. Dimitri asks if this is the way the host behaves. Vivan apologizes to Dimtri on Meera’s behalf. Meera says he should not for what Dimitri did. Vivan takes Meera aside and scolds them that because of her, his deal will be canceled. Dimitri cancels the deal and leaves. Vivan scolds Meera and says it is his mistake that he tried to train her, they can train animals, but she is worst than animals. Meera says he can admit her to a zoo, but what about these fake people who act, but misbehave with women, she cannot understand parties where she is humiliated, she cannot understand high society where a man does not understand woman’s insults and scolds woman instead. Vivan notices Meera’s torn dress and reminisces Dimitri touching Meera while she serves food. He feels sorry and tries to speak, but Meera stops him and says she is better the way she is.
Vivan walks out and angrily tears contract. Dimitri asks why. Vivan says he is sparing him as he came to his house, else he would have sent him to jail. Dimitri says it happens at their parties. Vivan says flirting is fine, but now misbehavior. Dimitri says this kind of girl like it. Vivan angrily raises their hand it hit him, but punches the wall. Dimitri says he is angry as he likes her. Vivan pins him to car. Dimitri’s girlfriend asks to stop. Vivan saks to stay out of it and warns Dimitri to run away, else if Meera comes, she will not spare him. Dimtri warns he will pay for it. Vivan calls Meera. Dimitri runs away in his car.

Meera cries in her room. Naina…song..plays in the background. Vivan walks to her room and tries to touch her console her, but hearing Silky coming walks away. Silky consoles her. Dolly comes and asks what happened and says she knows her daughter would have passed test, asks why is she sad. Silky says perfect, but she made Meera emotional. Dolly pampers Meera and says whoever insulted her and called uncultured will her changed and ready for high society culture.

Meera reminisces Vivan scolding her repeatedly, Dimitri’s misbehavior, etc., and thinks nobody cares about it, so she should not waste her tears. Vivan thinks why should he be bothered, it does not make sense.

Biji asks Dolly if she will make jagrata arrangements well. Aman says Dolly is expert. Biji says they should invite Sumer’s family also. Laali laughs that they will be impressed by party and not jagrata. Biji asks to shut her mouth and asks Bittu chacha to invite Sumer’s family. Laali warns Biji if she does not help in Vivan and Silky’s alliance, she will spoil everything. Biji sees Vivan and invites him for jagrata. Vivan says he is busy tonight.

Meera gets ready for kabbaddi practice and tells her friend over phone that she is coming. Vivan walks in. Meera says he came to apologize. Vivan says he does not apologize and just came to say whatever happened last night was wrong. Meera says he is bad and she is getting late for kabbaddi match. He says whatever. She says he will apologize her during jagrata. He says again he never apologizes anyone and will not come to jagrata at all. She says he is egoistic and she knows how to get out sorry from him.

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