Bridal Material 4 June 2022: Saddi Kaur/SK/Meera hands over Pammi’s passport to Vivan. Vivan sees Pammi’s face and fumes that he was eager to see her face. He calls Roma and asks her to identify Pammi as only she knows Pammi’s face. Roma says she saw Pammi years ago. SD taunts Roma it happens in old age. Vivan forcefully makes Roma see pic. Roma sees a different pic and says she is Pammi Kapoor, thinks she escaped because of SK fool. She thanks SK for reviving Pammi’s pic and walks away smirking. Vivan thanks SK and hugs her. He feels Meera in her.

The passport falls down. They both and their heads collide. SK says they should clash again. He does and walks thinking why SK…SK thinks it is Punjab’s magic that Vivan progressed to hug from handshake so soon. SK returns money to Roma and says she gave extra money. Roma throws back saying she can keep it as tip. SK returns her and says she should not even give money like this to beggars in Punjab, they will return it and she will be humiliated, she does not need her tip. Roma thinks SK is more irritating than Meera, then how did she get Pammi’s wrong pic then.

Vivan goes to SK to thank her again. The slips and fall down. Roma walks in and does not see them in the cabin and returns. Vivan gets SK u and seeing her specs broken offers to get it fixed. SK says thanks, but she will get it fixed herself. She acts as blind. He helps her and takes her out. Roma asks where were they both. Vivan says in-cabin itself and asks Roma to sit with SK for some time till he returns and walks away.

Sweety finds white hair in comb and asks Biji if they hers. Biji says she used herbal ingredients for her hair and her hair don’t fall. Dolly says it is Meera’s comb and whose white short hair are these, if Laali is doing black magic on Meera. Sweety gets angry and says she will handle Laalli in her way.

SK/Meera thinks of pestering Roma and starts pushing and touching her roughly. Roma yells old woman, can’t she sit properly. Meera apologizes and continues. Roma sees SK’s bag and silently picking it checks it. SK gets tensed and asks if Roma is here. Roma loudly says yes and finds photo studio’s bill, tells SK will make a call and return. SK gets up and catches her and asks not to go away from her. Roma yells buddhi/oldie leave me.

Mrs. Singh gets a call from photo studio owner that he sent his boy to collect money at SKI. Studio boy reaches SKI and asks receptionist to informs Mrs. Singh. Mrs. Singh reaches there and says he should have come to her home and takes him along. Roma hears the boy telling them he is from the studio and rushes to meet him. SK sees the boy and falls on Roma purposefully. Roma arrogantly yells buddhi leave me. SK holds her tightly and apologizes. Mrs. Singh takes the boy to his car and gives him money and asks not to tell anyone that she asked him to change the photo. She leaves in the car. Roma sees the boy and holding his collar asks who asked him to change the photo. He asks what.. he comes here to give the girl’s photos. Vivan stops her and asks what she is doing..

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