Bridal Material 7 May 2022: Meera tells the family that Vivan will not come. Vivan walks in and says birthday party and no Hungama. Prince brings balloons. The whole family inflates the balloon. Nimmo brings cake. The whole family dances to the Bhangra song… Roma fumes hearing drum sound and say she wants to break their heads. Meera fixes the birthday cap on Vivan’s scalp, and Vivan obliges her. Whole family dances around them. Roma gets more jealous seeing them together. She walks in and says Meera is lying and taking oath on Holy Geeta and says Pammi Kapoor is dead as she killed her. Everyone is shocked to hear that. Meera slaps her. Roma gets out of her imagination and leaves from there. Meera’s chain gets stuck in Vivan’s coat. They free it looking into each other’s eyes. Ishq bulawa…song…plays in the background. Bimmo says let us cut the cake. Vivan reminisces his mother cutting the cake for him.

Laali gets Roma’s call who asks who is Preeto. Laali says she is Meera’s bestfriend. Roma says she wants to meet Preeto and asks her to send Preeto’s number, and find out whom Meera is meeting nowadays. Laali continues her commentary when Roma disconnects the call.

Meera goes to the kitchen to serve the cake. Vivan enters and asks why Indians are fond of paper plates. He wipes his hand with tissue paper. She asks why you London-born use a napkin for everything. Vivan says it is tissue paper. She asks if it is a sin to call it a napkin. Their argument starts. Meera says she loved her childhood birthday memories where she used to smear her hands with chutney and enjoy samosas, add ice cream in campa cola and enjoy it, etc. Vivan says such a horrible experience. She starts tongue lashing him again and says he will not know as he has not celebrated birthdays. She apologizes and says he must be happy hearing his mother is alive. Vivan shouts he is and wants to trouble his mother a lot for leaving him alone and get closure finally.

Laai walks into Roma’s room and starts her jokergi and asks why she is behind Pammi Roma shouts she killed Pammi and continues yelling. Laali suggests getting Meera’s mobile to know her next move and hands over the mobile. Vivan walks in. Roma hides their mobile and starts brainwashing him. He challenges if Meera is proven wrong, he will return to London right away. Roma looks at Meera’s mobile and smirks.

Vivan sits on the terrace. Meera walks in. He shouts why did she come here. Their argument starts again. She asks what closure means. He says peace of mind and pushes her, railing breaks and she slips from the balcony. He holds her.

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