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Bridal Material 24 April 2022: Dolly emotionally blackmails Meera and convinces her to join Soni Kudi Academy. Meera agrees and asks what about fees, they just spent a lot on engagement. Dolly asks her not to worry about fees. They reach Soni Kudi Academy and meet its owner, Mrs. Singh. Mrs. Singh sees Meera and starts taunting her. Dolly says she brought Meera here for admission.

Mrs. Singh takes them to her cabin and briefs them about her 3-month course. Dolly says she wants Meera to learn to be a perfect bride in 6 days. Mrs. Singh says she will put Meera in a fast track course and says rule #1 is Meera will not argue here. Meera helplessly agrees. Mrs. Singh asks Meera to go out. Meera gets up followed by Dolly. Mrs. Singh asks Dolly to sit and says rule #2 is they don’t repeat twice here, students should obey 1 command. Meera goes out.

Mrs. Singh says she will charge 1.5 lakhs for 5 days. Dolly says she charges around 5 lakhs for 3 months, so for a week, it will be 33000 rs change. Mrs. Singh says she has calculated everything well, but for the fast track course, she will charge 1.5 lakhs, if she agrees it is fine, else she can go. Dolly asks for a discount as she has marriage expenses. Mrs. Singh says no discount and asks to pay 1.5 lakhs tomorrow morning.

The family waits for Dolly’s call. Laali taunts Meera will not get admission at all. Biji warns her to keep her mouth shut. Dolly calls them and informs Meera that got admission to the fast track course. The whole family rejoices while Laali fumes in jealousy.

Meera waits in the waiting area and sees girls in weird dresses and sandals. She tries to teach them, but they say it is Soni Kudi Academy’s rule. Dolly comes and asks her to stop teaching others and study well here, says she packed her alloo paranthas and pickle. Meera happily thanks her. Mrs. Singh comes and snatches the box and asks the student what is her diet plan. Student explains.

Mrs. Singh says Meera should follow this. Dolly agrees. Mrs. Singh throws paranthas in the dustbin and gathers all students starts insulting Dolly that if they don’t pass here, they will be illiterate servant wives like Dolly who will spend the rest of life preparing oily paranthas. Meera shouts enough, even if Mrs. Singh tries many lives, she cannot become like her mom, truth is Mrs. Singh is running her fake academy and ruining students’ lives for money. She continues blasting Mrs. Singh.

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