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Bridal Material 8 May 2022: Meera slips from the balcony. Vivan holds and pulls her up and says once he gets closure, he will be in peace. Preeto calls her. Meera thinks why did Preeto come at this time and walks down. Preeto tells Meera that Pammi Kapoor called her and is in Dubai, she gave her number and they can speak to her, let us video chat her. Roma thinks Laali did wonders by getting Preeto’s number from Meera’s mobile. She reminisces about planning evil.

Meera opens Vivan’s laptop to video chat with Pammi. Vivan walks down. Roma says Mark sent him a mail, he should check. Roma’s aide Pammi speaks to Meera. Meera tells them she is her bahu and Vivan’s wife, Vivan is very arrogant and is here searching for her. Lady says she is Pammi Khosla and her son is with her here. Meera is shocked. Roma shows this to Vivan and tells Meera is trying to get some Pammi Khosla to fool him as his mother Pammi Kapoor. He goes and stands behind Meera. Lady tells Meera that her saas Pammi Kapoor must be dead. Just then they hear kulfi wala’s voice. Vivan asks how can Punjabi kulfi wala come to Dubai. Meera asks to tell Preeto’s full name. Lady disconnects. Meera says she was some imposter. Roma thinks plans won’t work here, she needs to be spontaneous.

Meera walks to Roma’s room and warns her to stop her dramas. She finds her mobile there and Roma’s nail polish on it realizes Roma’s plan. Roma returns and asks what is she doing in her room, get out. Meera shows nail polish on her mobile and asks if she needed Preeto’s number, she would have asked. Roma says she does not ask but gives in charity. Meera calls an imposter who says she was acting, but they started wrong questions. She then shows the chip.

Roma shouts how dare she is to allege her, wait and watch what she will do. She walks to Vivan’s room who angrily punches on sandbag reminiscing the incident. Roma tells if he also blames her. He says he did not. Meera enters and says she proved Roma’s lies and Pammi Khosla was Roma’s friend. Their arguments start. Vivan shouts to shut up and asks Meera to stop, or else Roma will not stop. Roma asks why he is angry with her. He asks Roma what is Meera to her. Roma says nothing. Meera says the same. Vivan says then why they are acting as saas-bahu and fighting, he knows who is behind all this. Once he leaves, Roma smirks at Meera.

In the morning, Vivan gets ready and tries to leave. Roma stops him and asks where is he going early morning. Vivan says there is only 1 reason to stay in India, Pammi Kapoor, he will confront her now. Roma runs behind him yelling she has to run behind him now. She insists Vivan accompany him as she can identify Pammi Kapoor. Vivan agrees and gets into the car. Meera throws water on the glass. Vivan leaves ignoring her. Meera prays to God to let Vivan meet his mother as he is eager, though he acts as hating her.

Vivan goes to an orphanage. A manager without seeing them asks to fill adoption form. Roma yells they did not come to adopt. Manager apologizes. Vivan shows papers and asks to check this. The manager says he told that girl not to take it, but she was crying. Vivan shows the dead certificate and asks how the dead lady come back after 20 years. Roma asks if Meera bribed him to lie. The manager says Pammi is alive and comes here for 20 years.

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