Bridal Material 2 June 2022: Roma steals Saddi Kaur/SK’s bag. Vivan passes by, and she hides her bag nervously. Vivan asks if she is okay, and does she need anything. She says no. He leaves. SK hides and watches Roma. Roma walks holding the bag, slips, and the bag falls into the dustbin. Roma searches the bag nervously. Vivan returns speaking over the phone. Meera/SK asks Vivan to come and check the dustbin. Vivan asks if she is mad, he is on an important call. SK thinks how to show Roma’s heinous act to Vivan. Roma finds a bag in the dustbin, picks it and dumps things in it. SK walks in and asks if she was so fond of her bag, she would have informed, she can buy one for her, what is she searching in the bag. Roma yells how dare she is to question her. Vivan walks in and asks Roma why she is holding Meera’s bag. Roma gets nervous. SK says Roma is fond of her bag. Vivan leaves hearing their nok jhok. SK shows passport to Roma and asks if she was searching it. Roma tries to snatch passport. SK says not before reviving Pammi Kapoor’s pic.

Vivan is busy working when SK brings boiled veggies for him and says she got him foreign green cauliflower. Vivan says it is brocolli and he is busy now, can she get him files. SK says she will munch then, Vivan will get ill not eating. She then says she will feed him as she is like his distant aunt. She walks to him and slips on him. Vivan feels heart racing and thinks why this is happening to him, it happens only when Meera is around her. SK gets up and insists to have veggies. Vivan munches veggies.

Dolly gets worried for Meera and calls Vivan. SK gets worried seeing mummy’s phone and thinks mummy must have called her firs and then Vivan. Vivan picks call. Dolly says her Meera is missing and says she knows Vivan is a good man, if he can find out Meera, she trusts him, though he left Meera, he should find her, rest is up to him, she will not dump Meera’s responsibility on him now. She runs and gets tensed seeing Biji and Sweety standing. Biji takes phone and checks call log. Roma thinks she deleted Vivan’s number from call log and lied as she knows Vvian knows where Meera is.

Vikvan angrily eats veggies. SK asks not to vent out his anger on veggies, what happened. He says nothing. She says she knows his wife is missing, even her husband Lattu ji is missing, they both will find their partners soon, he should forget his wife and check files. Vivan says Meera’s family is good, he has to find Meera. SK says she will accompany him. They search Meera, and Vivan thinks where Meera must have gone. SK asks why he is so tensed, he is getting wrinkles, she heard he hates his wife, seeing him searching his wife, she is remembering her Lattu ji. Vivan asks to stop, Meera irritates him so much, she makes him mad. SK says they don’t care about people whom they don’t care about, but he seems disturbed..Vivan gets more nervous. SK hides and watches him next. He call Meera. SK picks call. Vivan scolds her to return home as her family is worried about her, but he does not care about her. She disconnects call.

Vivan returns home and sees Meera sitting near door. He gets out of car and reminisces SK’s words that if he calls, Meera may return home and wait for him near door aand will hug hiim. He thinks Saddi ji’s formula worked Meera runs to him and slaps instead. He shouts if she has gone mad. She asks who is he to question him, they are not related and he broke it. He shouts he is her wife and they have not yet divorced, he will be blamed if something happens to her, does she even realize she is pregnant. She asks if he did not remember she is pregnant when he ordered bounces to drag her out and throw her away, when Roma insulted her, he should stop his drama and stop trying to back to her.

Vivan pulls her and says he should answer his family, does she know what her family is feeling, one should not go away and let family worry, in SK’s language. Meera says good to hear him speaking the proper language in someone’s company. He holds her again and warns them not to go away from him as he is still married to her. She pushes him and walks smirking thinking SK did the job which Meera could not do.

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