Bridal Material 28 April 2022: Sumer gives music to Meera and asks her to learn singing, and if she does not know, she can ask Silky. Laali takes Silky aside and asks her to stop helping Meera and concentrate on luring Vivan. Silky says he does not even look at her and is busy training Meera. Laali suggests barging into their training and session and garnering Vivan’s attention.

Meera walks into Vivan’s room. Amaya is doing a scalp massage on Vivan and silently keeps Meera’s fingers on Vivan’s head and leaves. Meera does massage. Vivan says Amaya has magic in her fingers, but that arrogant Meera. Meera angrily asks if he wants an oil massage also. He gets up angrily hears her voice and asks what is she doing here. She says Amaya forcefully left her, she came to call him down.

Meera’s family gets worried thinking about how will Meera learn western dance now. A gay choreographer walks in dancing to a Bollywood song. The family looks silently. The man asks where is Vivan Kapoor. Vivan comes down and says he is one of the best choreographers in Jersey who has come to teach Meera. Dolly gets emotional thinking Vivan is doing so much for Meera. Jersey touches Vivan inappropriately and asks when they should start. Vivan says he has to train Meera and he is not Meera. Meera asks if she has to learn dance from Jersey. Laali hears their conversation hiding, returns home, and asks Silky to rehearse her dance and impress Vivan with her dance.

Jersey teaches dance to Meera. She starts bhangra. He gets angry and says not like this. He teaches again and she steps on his feet. He shouts he can teach dance to anyone but not Meera. Vivan scolds Meera that Jersey is one of the best choreographers. Meera asks him to dance with Jersey. Jersey happily agrees. Vivan gets nervous.

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Dolly brings Silky and tries to get in. Biji stops her saying Vivan told Meera will be disturbed. Laali holds Biji and sends Silky in. Vivan sees Silky and says Silky will dance with Jersey and he will dance with Meera. Silky disappointingly agrees. Biji scolds Laali for why she is behind Meera. Laali says whoever comes in Silky’s way, she will not spare them, let us go and enjoy Silky and Vivan’s dance now.

Vivan dances with Meera on Mere Haath me tera haath ho…song. Biji sees that and taunts Laali. Meera asks Vivan what if she steps on his feet. He says that is fine. Dolly gets happy seeing Meera dancing. Meera thinks even if Vivan is trying to impress her into knowing bangle’s secret, she does not mind now as she is seeing the smile on her mamma’s face. Vivan thinks his plan is working and he is gaining Meera’s trust.

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