Bridal Material 31 May 2022: Roma sees old lady Saddi Kaur/Meera coming out of Soni Kudi Academy/SKA and asks who is she. Meera says Chota laddoo/Vivan asked not to tell anyone and leaves. Roma asks Vivan who was that woman. Vivan says his new secretary. She yells why did he hire an illiterate arrogant old lady. He says he does not know all that, he just knows that woman is helping him in his goal.

At home, Dolly with Laachi walks to Meera’s room and lifts the blanket, and sees Meera asleep. She wakes up Meera and asks when she will sleep, she should come down and have food. Meera hides her wig silently. Laachi asks to don’t forget and leaves.

Meera walks to Vivan’s room. Roma taunts that a stranger has entered. Vivan says he does not know what she is talking about and leaves. Roma taunts Meera that Vivan did not even recognize her. Meera laughs on her and leaves. Roma fumes that Vivan was behind a mad woman. Vivan calls Saddi Kaur. Meera picks it. Vivan says he was calling her for a long, where was she. She says she is available for him and only him. He asks if she found out about Pammi Kapoor. Meera says her family is filled with traitors, she needs some time. Roma hears Vivan and realizes he hired Saddi Kaur to find out about Pammi Kapoor. She walks to Vivan and fights why did he hire arrogant and illiterate Saddi Kaur. Meera walks in with bag. Vivan shouts why did she bring her bag. She says she is taking her belongings out instead. Roma continues trying to convince Vivan to dismiss Saddi Kaur, but he gets adamant and leaves. Meera taunts Roma and leaves. Meera carries her bag down stairs and slips. Vivan rushes for her help. Meera says she does not need his help, he did not when she needed him most. Vivan says think over, he will go back to London after meeting Pammi Kapoor, Meera has to decide her future now. Meera says he should not worry about her. Woh Jo Tha Khwaab sa….song. plays in the background. Vivan picks Meera’s bangles and hands them over to her. Meera drops them. Song continues in the background.

Roma calls Sheri and orders her to spy outside SKA and inform whoever comes there. Pammi calls her employee and says she is coming to SKA to pick her bag. Employee says new owner has ordered not to let her in and changed all locks, he cannot help. Meera’s aunt/Chachi returns home and scolds Meera for not taking care of herself seeing her weak. Roma fumes that Meera was not enough that Saddi Kaur entered her life now. She thinks if there is a connection between Pammi Kapoor and Saddi Kaur. She reminisces Pammi calling via landline and calls back, but no one picks call. She reads Pammi’s warning not to trouble her children, else she will make Roma’s life a hell.

Sheri spies outside SKA disguised as a corn seller. Saddi Kaur enters and gets suspicious, thinks she is getting suspicious being with Roma. Mrs. Singh/Pammi try to walk in, but guard stops her and says Vivan ordered not to let in. Saddi Kaur walks out and says they can stop Mrs. Singh, but Vivan’s name will be spoilt. Guards let Mrs. Singh in. Mrs. Singh says she used reverse psychology. Saddi asks what that means. Mrs. Singh says bending her finger and calling her Meera. Meera gets tensed seeing Mrs. Singh identify her.

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