Bridal Material 7 June 2022: Saddi Kaur/SD//Meera searches for something in Soni Kudi Academy and finds a receipt. She hands it over to Vivan and says today is his parent’s wedding anniversary and his mother Pammi Kapoor had donated 1 lakh to gurdwara last year on her 25th wedding anniversary, this is its receipt. She says she is going to gurdwara, if he wants to accompany. He says no, she can take his car. She says that is okay. He says it is his order. She leaves in Vivan’s car thinking reaches gurdwara thinking who knows Pammi may come here on her 26th wedding anniversary. Roma follows her.

Vivan rests on desk when Meera throws paper rocket on him. He asks if she came now. She says yes and asks if he remembering her so much. He says he does not remember her fights or nok jhok, leaning on her, and is remembering her beautiful smile and wicked talks, he likes them so much. She feels shy and runs aside. He pins her to wall and says he did not think of anyone like this since yesterday, he did not feel for anyone like this before. She walks aside and asks if he remembers her so much. He asks why she is smiling. She says she is wicked, so. He says he is thinking of burning divorce papers and give their marriage one more chance. She asks if he loves her so much. Vivan’s employee calls him and he realizes it is his imagination. Employee says he needs some file. Vivan thinks file is in cupboard and keys are with car keys, SD took that car.

SD stands in que to meet gyaniji and ask about receipt. Mrs. Kapoor/Pammi donates money and silently leaves. Vivan reaches gurdwara and meets SD. SD gives him cupboard and car keys. Pammi sees Roma bending near Vivan’s car and thinks what she is doing. Roma cuts car brakes and thinks SD and Vivan’s car both are gone. Vivan ets into car and leaves. Pammi sees that and panics realizes Roma cut car brakes. SD comes. Pammi pleads her to save Vivan as Roma failed his car’s brakes, she identifies her as Meera and says she always saved Vivan and even now she should. Meera rushes taking someone’s scooter. Roma comes out of her hiding yelling she had to hide in narrow space, never mind, SD and car are both gone now. She is shocked to see crying Pammi.

Meeera finds Vivan’s car follows it and asks Vivan to stop the car. Vivan tries to apply brakes but realizes they have failed. Meera prays god to save Vivan. She tries to stop the car, but it speeds far away. She prays Babaji to help her save Vivan. She reaches via shortcut and finds a pulling cart nearby and requests its owner pulls the cart in the middle of the road. She signals Vivan to jump out of the car. He jumps and a car hits the cart and stops. Vivan rolls towards the stone, but SK keeps her hand and saves him. Vivan gets up and helps her get up. Her wig falls off. He realizes it is Meera and reminisces earlier events where he realized it was her.

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