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Bridal Material 1 June 2022: Mrs. Singh tells Saddi Kaur/Meera that she liked her way of handling issues. Sadd Kaur asks what she means. Mrs. Singh says bending one’s finger and saying Meera. Meera gets tensed thinking if she identified her. Mrs. Singh looks at a girl and says Meera. Meera says that is Babli and calls her Mrs. Singh. Mrs. Singh asks if she knows her.

Meera says yes, she is Soni Kudi Academy/SKA’s owner, even though she wanted to attend SKA if it was opened 20 years ago, but sadly she cannot. Mrs. Singh says she has got stay orders from the court and asks who is she. Meera says she is Saddi Kaur, Vivan’s secretary. ‘Mrs. Singh coughs. Meera asks her to wait and goes to get water. Mrs. Singh gets into SKA silently.

At home, Dolly gets worried for Meera and says Laali is frightened that Meera may suicide after heartbreak. Sweety says Laali is a menace and speaks only wrong, apologizing to Biji for badmouthing about her daughter, but says Laali is really a pain. Biji says she can speak, her daughter is really a pain.

Mrs. Singh silently searches for something in SKA. Meera comes out searching for her. Roma stops her and yells. Meera counterattacks her. Roma yells she cannot enter SKA without her permission. Meera challenges them to dare stop her and learn to respect old women. Roma pushes her onto the earth. Meera shouts Roma pushed the old woman. Vivan rushes to her and lifts her up and scolds Roma how can she push an old woman. Roma insists on restricted Saddi Kaur. Vivan resists and asks her not to interfere. He coughs. Saddi Kaur/SK runs and gets worried for him, worried. Roma yells at SK. Meera asks Vivian not to bother as the guest has come to meet him. Vivan asks who. Meera says Mrs. Singh is waiting for him and gave a stay order. Vivan fumes. Meera slips. Vivan holds her and sees Meera’s ring in her hand. Meera realizes and hides her finger.

Vivan says Mrs. Singh must have kept something inside and walks into SKA. Mrs. Singh escapes via the window. Meera finds Mrs. Singh’s sari piece and thinks why Mrs. Singh escaped from the window. Vivan searches for clues and asks Meera/SK to bring stay orders paper. Meera brings a food menu and other weird things. Roma taunts Vivan that Saddi is spoiling his work instead. Vivan asks SK to stop if not help him. He holds her and imagines Meera in SK. He then finds an envelope and Pammi’s passport but sees dirt on her face. Roma takes a passport from him in lieu of cleaning the photo and distorts his face by scratching it. She acts like her face is spoilt. Meera reminisces Roma over the phone telling Sheri that she is sending Pammi’s old pic, and tells Vivan that she can revive this photo. Vivan asks if she can really revive it, he would be very thankful to her. Roma thinks she will destroy the passport itself. Meera plans to trap Roma in her own plan and keeping her passport in the bag acts like speaking to someone over the phone. Roma silently steals the bag. Meera smirks thinking Roma is trapped.

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