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Bridal Material 18 May 2022: Vivan thanks Roma for giving her a rugged phone, it did not get even a slight scratch after falling down. Roma relaxes and says mentioned not. Meera realizes Vivan got his mobile instead of Laali’s. The neighbor kid insists Vivan play cricket with him as promised. Dolly says he should keep his promise. They all play cricket. Vivan agrees. The kid says Vivan is from the London team and they are from India. Meera jumps and runs around. Vivan asks her to slow down as she is pregnant. Roma stands fuming. The ball falls on her. She sees the message in it which reads Roma is watching her carefully. Laali gets nervous that she got stuck between Roma’s evil plan. Roma hears that. Laali changes her tone. Roma says if she is caught, Laali will also be caught. She silently slips off thinking she may be trapped in Roma’s bigger evil plans.

Boy wins game. Meera jumps in happiness with him. Boy says he needs party. Nimmo says mamma is inside, so she will order food. Vivan thanks Meera for this cricket match and says he and Amaya never played cricket in life and just spent their childhood taking care of each other. Meera and Vivan try to kiss the boy’s cheeks. Boy back off and they stop just near each other’s lip and get nervous. Vivan then plays with the boy and makes him superman. Meera joins them. Boy says Vivan bhaiya is very good. Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok starts. Vivan says she is very beautiful and he never saw such a beautiful girl even in London. Boy enjoys their argument while Meera continues. Boy taunts Vivan he will tell Meera what he told. Vivan gives him gift to shut his mouth. Meera brings fruits for boy and they both feed him. Dolly and Amar see them taking care of boy and get happy. Dolly shows Laali’s message in her mobile and reminisces mobile falling on sofa. She tells they have to protect Meera and Vivan’s relationship, so she sent a warning Message from Pammi’s side to Roma to stay away from Meera,Vivan and their child.

Roma tells Laali she will use the same letter to make Vivan hate Meera. She shows the letter to Vivan that Pammi has sent a warning letter to her to stay away from Meera’s child, it is actually Meera who is using Pammi’s name. Vivan laughs and tears the letter and leaves. Roma says she will send another letter. Meera finds a letter in Vivan’s car and shows it to him. He reads Pammi’s message to him to dare not to leave Meera and her child. He angrily tears the letter and leaves. Meera tries to collect torn paper when Roma enters and splashes water on her from the pipe and uses her cheap comments. Meera steps on the pipe and says when God wants to save someone, evil cannot harm. She steps out of the pipe. Water splashes on Roma’s face.

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