Can you See Me 16 April 2022: Anandita tells her side of the story to Suchi, crying. Suchi says she must have misunderstood. Anandita says this is the truth, she found Mansi’s pregnancy and abortion report yesterday, Subodh did a big sin by first having an affair with Mansi and then getting her child aborted, that is why god snatched Pihu from them. She says she will not forgive Subodh and will go away from them for sure.

Pihu angrily tells Gopal that she wants to punish Mansi for trying to separate mamma and papa. Gopal smiles and permits her. She throws a stone pebble at Mansi. Mansi gets afraid. Suchi walks to Mansi and confronts why she stooped so low to send a fake report to Anandita. Mansi says she can bark and even bite, with this report Anandita will leave Subodh and Aarav will get her married to Subodh. Suchi says she is too disgusting and walks away. Pihu sees Suchi talking to Mansi and gets angry with Suchi. Suchi says she was scolding Mansi instead and calms her down.

Pihu decides to punish Mansi again and pushes her from the rocking chair. Mansi falls down and cries. Suman rushes her to rescue followed by Suchi. Pihu warns Suchi not to help her. Babli walks in and lifts Mansi. Mansi alleges that Suchi pushed her and troubled her often. Suman says Suchi came just now. Babli calls Aarav and complains to him against Suchi, yells since Anandita and Subdoh came to stay as neighbors, Suchi is venting anger on Mansi.

Aarav walks to Anandita and Subodh’s house thinking they cannot stay there. He hears their fight and stops. Anandita shouts at Subodh to get out, she does not want to hear any explanation. Aarav calls Anandita and walks in. She finds a file on the floor and gets angry seeing Mansi’s pregnancy report.

Pihu draws Anandita’s sketch. Anandita walks outside the house and cries that she feels Pihu’s presence in her. Gopal plays the flute. Sketch flies and goes near the door. Pihu gets happy seeing her mamma singing Mai Teri… Anandita says she is going away from Subodh forever. Pihu pleads not to go. Anandita leaves with her bag while Pihu cries holding the door. Gopal says he cannot tell her what niyati Devi has written in her fate..

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