Can you See Me 17 April 2022: Adhiraj raj sadly expresses his concern that he wanted an heir to this house, but Devi broke his dream. Maasi asks not to worry Kesar and Manan will give him an heir. Manan drops juice glass hearing that. Maasa says it is a good sign. Devi enters and says she is back and will give their legal heir. Maasi warns her to not enter the house. Devi walks in. Adhiraj shouts if she has gone mad. Devi says she has the right to stay in this house for 1 month and give them a legal heir.

Goons catch someone and try to kill him. Pihu stops goons and beats them. Goons are shocked seeing an invisible person beating them. Aarav and Suchi also reach there. Suchi asks Arav if he found Dr. Shukla. Aarav says he did not find yet. Pihu says only her mamma can find Dr. Shukla, now even Gopal is not helping her.

Adhiraj asks Devi will she stay. Devi says where her heart stays, where she lived a lot, where she finds peace, kaal kothri. Adhiraj continues shouting at her. Devi then reaches mela where Pihu asks if she came to help find the doctor. Devi agrees to help her.\\

Pihu insists Suchi sit in a ride. Suchi tries to convince her, but she gets adamant. Suchi asks the operator if she can sit. The operator says it is for kids. Suchi then buys a doll and asks the operator to let it sit, she will give double the money. Operator agrees. Suchi signals Pihu to run and sit with the doll. Pihu happily does. Dev reaches Suchi and asks her to tell truth to Aarav that she has someone in life, Pihu, and tell everything about Pihu. Suchi agrees.

Maasa fumes in front of Urmi’s mother that she does not like Devi, but she returns back repeatedly even after so much planning. Urmi’s mother tells about Sadhu baba in town who can help her. Sadhu comes home. He washes his hair in water and asks to sprinkle water all over the house. Devi comes and touches his feet. He blesses her. Maasa says Devi is a guest here and signals Kesar to touch their feet. Kesar touches Baba’s feet. Baba suggests doing maha shiv pooja if they want a baby in this house. Devi hears that and does pooja.

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