Can you See Me 24 April 2022: Pihu informs Suchi that Gopal told them that she is getting moksh/eternity and will leave this world forever. He told them she will be born as mamma/Anandita’s daughter again. Suchi hugs her and says she is very happy that she will return back with new life. Pihu says Gopal told them she has to forget laddu, sweets, mamma, Suchi everything if she wants to get back. Suchi hopes Pihu does not remember her past.

Mansi walks into the room. Babli notices old woman in room and asks what is she doing here. Mansi says she is decorating room with flowers. Babli says she does not have to do that. Mansi walks out hiding her gun. Babli finds an anklet on the floor and reminisces about gifting it to Mansi.

Suchi gets ready as bride. Pihu praises her beauty. Suman tells Gulgule that it is an unique marriage as bride will go from this house and return back to same house. Aarav as groom comes with baarat. Suchi looks at him from the balcony and praises him. Pihu also dances in baraat.

The wedding ceremony continues. Subodh reminds Anandita that even he had brought baarat for her similarly. She says she wants to bring back new Pihu in their life and wants another child. Subodh gets happy and hugs her. Mansi shoots Subodh repeatedly. Subodh stands freezed. Anandita asks why he is not reacting and sees blood on her hand. Subodh collapses.

Aarav and others notice that and run towards Subodh. Mansi removes her wig and tries to shoot Anandita. Anandita identifies her. Aarav runs and holds goons. Gopal shuts Pihu’s eyes to stop her from seeing her father’s murder and thinks he tried to stop Pihu from wishing which cannot happen, but she did not listen, he will keep her away for 7 days until Subodh’s last rights are performed. He disappears with Pihu. Suchi searches Pihu..

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