Can you See Me 21 April 2022: Aarav is surprised to see Pihu conversing with him via writing. Aarav asks how to find Suchi. Pihu says bad aunty got a call from her goons on her mobile and mobile is aunty’s room. It gets written on the table via magic. Aarav reads it and runs towards the room. Suman scolds Gulgule again.

Gulgule says he did not write it, it is magic. Aarav picks up Mansi’s mobile and finds some garage’s number. Pihu says he will find Suchi’s clue there. It gets written in the mirror. Aarav reads it and senses Pihu’s presence. He emotionally tries to touch her saying he did not believe Suchi and was wrong. Pihu says Suchi told them she will marry Aarav after 2 days on her birthday. Aarav reads it and says let us go.

Mansi ties Suchi to gas cylinder and says once someone opens door, both Suchi and this garage will burst. Aarav with Pihu reaches outside garage. Pihu says Khadoos let us go in and save Suchi. Aarav asks why she calls him Khadoos. Pihu says because he acts like his teacher. It gets written on his hand. He says she should written somewhere else, not on his body. She says it is magic, she is not writing. He walks into garage and frightens worker to tell where Such is. Worker says he does not know. Owner comes and warns Aarav to go. Aarav calls him from Mansi’s mobile. Owner thinks it is Mansi and speaks. Aarav picks stick and warns him to tell truth. Owner agrees and says Mansi took Suchi to some godown and rest he does not know. Mansi comes out and smirks that both Aarav and Suchi will die now.

Babli prays Gopal to protect Suchi and Aarav. Lamp blows off. Anandita enters and prays Gopal that she will start praying if he sends back Suchi and Aarav safely home. She asks Babli to start wedding arrangements as whatever bad had to happen has happened. Gopal says she should not take oath which cannot happen as her daughter’s story’s ending is coming soon. Subodh enters and says Aarav sent him the address and he is going there with the police.

Aarav reaches the garage and asks Pihu to search Suchi and inform him. Pihu gets tempted to see ladoo and drops Gopal’s feather. She loses contact with Aarav. Aarav finds godown and tries to open the door. He asks Pihu to go and check inside if Suchi is there. Pihu is unable to contact him and feels guilty for losing the feather. Mansi’s aide praises her that she looks innocent, but is very cruel. Mansi says she is doing this for Subodh’s love, once Aarav opens the door and the godown blasts, both Aarav and Suchi will die and people will think Suchi killed herself and Aarav. Aarav tries to kick the door open.

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