Can You See Me update Tuesday 29 March 2022: Suchi walks to her room crying after Babli scolds her. Aarav jumps into her room via window and tries to cheer her up singing Banja Tu Meri and dancing around her. Suchi smiles. He asks her to come down as everyone are watching party video. They get romantic and he is about to kiss her when Pihu walks in. Suchi runs saying she is seeing.

Aarav gets disappointed. Pihu insists Suchi to see Anandita. Suchi calls Anandita as Sardarji journalist Sitara Singh and says he studied Pihu’s case and needs her interview. Anandita says she does not want to give any interviews. Suchi insists. Anandita agrees to meet her at Subodh’s office and says she will send address. Suchi gets tensed, but agrees.

In living, Suman, Babli, Mansi, and Aarav watch party video. Suchi walks down with Pihu. Aarav turns seeing her and asks to come join them. Suchi says she is going out. Gopal thinks Suchi is missing big evidence. Suman goes to kitchen.

Babli sees Mansi entering home during party, reminisces telling Suchi that Mansi came home after party. Aarav’s attention is towards Suchi, so he does not notice her. Babli takes CD and hides it. Mansi takes it and tries to destroy. Aarav comes and she hides. Aarav chats and leaves. Mansi thinks she has to destroy this video before anyone sees it.

Suchi with Pihu disguised as Sardarji reaches Subodh’s office. They see Pihu’s favorite toys in cupboard. Pihu says papa loves her so much and has kept her favorite toys here. Anadita comes and seeing toys cries that he kept Pihu’s toys here instead of giving it to her and starts fighting with him. Suchi enters introducing herself as Sitara Singh and says she needs their interview. Subdoh asks who called him. Anandita says she permitted him and says they both does not want to give interview. Suchi emotionally blackmails not even for Pihu’s sake, he thought he tell their story to every parents so that they don’t lose their child. She questions if it is their arranged or love marriage. Subdoh says love married and he proposed her in college. Anandita says she had proposed him. Pihu asks to ask about her. Suchi repeats Pihu’s questions. Subodh and Anandita reply and smile remembering fond memories. Interview continues…

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