Can you See Me 20 April 2022: Babli is shocked to see Mansi’s fake medical report. Gulgule brings Suman in a wheelchair. Suchi gets worried and asks what happened to her. Gulgule says Mansi is not mad, she harmed Suman and gave them sleeping pills continuously for 2 days. He shows a mobile video where Mansi confesses her crime in front of Subodh. Suchi gives their mobile to Aarav and attends Suman.

Aarav angrily calls Mansi to come down. Mansi hides in her room. Suchi walks into her room searching for her when she grabs Suchi holding a knife to Suchi’s neck. Suchi calls Aarav for help. Aarav rushes and warns Mansi to drop the knife and leave Suchi. Mansi warns them to back off, she will not spare Suchi. Police come to arrest Mansi.

Anandita hugs Subodh emotionally and forgives him. Pihu jumps in happiness and says her Yashoda maa Suchi united her Devki maa Anandita with her papa. Subodh says Suchi united them and they should go and meet her. Anandita agrees. Pihu happily informs Gopal that everything is fine. Gopal says her story’s ending is coming and it will be unique.

Mansi continues hosting Suchi while Aarav and the police try to stop her. Babli tries to stop her and Mansi cuts her hand. Mansi then gets out of the house and leaves in a car with Suchi while Aarav continues shouting to stop. Anandita and Subodh also reach there. Pihu confronts Gopal and pleads to save Suchi, he considers himself a god, but cannot help, she does not want to talk to him. Gopal says he will become a stone for her like others and tries to leave. Pihu stops him and apologizes. Gopal thinks Pihu has to fight her own battle and disappears, leaving his feather. Pihu cries and calms down seeing Gopal’s feather.

Suman cries, and Anandita consoles her. Subodh walks in and asks Babli to control Aarav as he has gone mad. Aarav searches Mansi showing her pic to people. Pihu finds Mansi’s phone. Goon calls her and asks if the car reached on time and asks to bring Mansi to some factory. Pihu asks to repeat, but cannot hear Susan sees Gopal Gopal written on the wall and scolds Guglule. Gulgule looks in shock. Aarav returns. Gulgule asks if Such is found. Aarav sees Khadoos if Bhurburi is found written on the table and then o his hand and realizes Pihu is around and calls her. Pihu gets happy that khadoos can hear her… Drama continues…

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