Can You See Me update Wednesday 30 March 2022: Pihu tells Suchi/Sitara Singh that Paap loves her. Sitara says Subodh and Anandita that a father is daughter’s first superhero. Subodh says though a mother keeps child for 9 months in her womb, father also excitedly waits for child and can do anything. Anandita asks did not he think all this before having an affair and says she will never forgive him. Pihu asks Suchi what is mamma talking about. Suchi asks them if they would have fought like in front of Pihu. They both at once say no, they would not. Anandita continues crying and shouting she will never forgive Subodh for whatever he did. He walks out angrily and cries that loves Pihu a lot and says if he would have known that somehintg like this would happen, he would have given his life and saved Pihu. Pihu records audio.

Suchi returns home with Pihu. Aarav pampers her and asks where she had been. He gets romantic and says she has gham/sadness. Suchi thinks fake beard gum is on her face and says she had been to parlor and forgot to remove facial in a hurry. He says he means Gham, gh..from epiglottis. Mansi fumes seeing their romance. He lifts Suchi and she finds something in his coat pocket, asks what is it. He says new year party CD. Suchi and says she will watch it later.

Pihu shows voice recorder to Gopal and says it has pappa’s voice and she will give I t to mama and show how much pappa loves her. Recorder falls down in front of Mansi. Mansi thinks Gulgule must have thrown it on her and breaks recorder angrily. Pihu pleads not to break recorder. Suchi also rushes and tries to stop her. Aarav comes and takes recorder from.

At night, Aarav takes Suchi to garden and gives her a romantic supri9se. Mansi fume seeing their romance and fumes, then thinks she will steal CD from Suchi’s room. Aarav sings Bol De Na Zara song playing guitar for her and dances with her. Suchi says she did not know he is so romantic. He says even he did not know and continues dancing with her. Suchi thinks it is best time to inform Aarav about Pihu and says she wants to say something. He says not today, tomorrow. Mansi walks into Aarav’s room and tries to steal CD when Pihu walks in searching Suchi. Mansi sees door opening and hides. She then comes out not seeing anyone. Pihu gets afraid seeing her and hides under pillow. Mansi sees pillow in air and gets afraid. She runs from there and searches CD in Aarav’s cupboard. Room catches fire. Pihu gets afraid seeing fire.

Aarav and Suchi enjoy a romantic date in home garden. Aarav asks her what she wants to say. She says she wants to say that….Pihu calls her just then, pleading for help. Mansi throws something from room. Suchi and Aarav see smoke and fire emerging form room and rush up. Aarav rushes in towards Mansi and rescues her while Suchi rescues Pihu out. Babli sees smoking emerging and shouts who set fire in room. Gulgule says he was sleeping. Babli yells at Suchi that she easily blamed her daughter that she tried to kill Anandita during party when truth is she came after party finished, she is sure Suchi would have set fire to torture. Aarav says Suchi was with him, she cannot allege Suchi wrongly. Mansi thinks she will get CD from Aarav’s room somehow.

Gopal informs Pihu that a truck with luggage passed from here and her mom sent her luggage to her grandma’s house. Pihu says mamma cannot go and rushes to Subodh’s house and sees Subodh telling someone over phone that he does not need businessman award. Pihu thinks papa always loved getting awards. Gopal thinks big evidence is erased by Mansi, how Suchi will know the truth now. Pihu returns to Suchi and says papa is rejecting the award, she should do something. Suchi calls the organizer and requests to not cancel Subodh’s award. She says Pihu let us go back to Subodh’s house.

Mansi sitting on swinger thinks she has to separate Suchi from his brother. Gulgule while playing football finds party DVD. Aarav stops Suchi and asks what she wants to say him. She says she is going to pay important bills and will speak to him later. Aarav asks her to meet him at a restaurant and express what is in her heart. Suchi leaves with Pihu and at Subodh’s house sees award organizer giving award to Anandita and telling he is sure Subodh’s daughter would be happy seeing her papa receiving award. Anandita takes award. Subodh sees that and shouts at organizer he does not need award. Anandita asks to stop acting, if he did not want to receive award, why did he call organizer here, why is he using their daughter’s name to receive award.

Gulgule plays party CD, but finds it blank. Mansi thinks nobody would doubt she is mad, so she will get Suchi out of Aarav’s life. Suchi returns home and hears a sound from store room. She walks in. Mansi was sitting on rocking chair and hides. Suchi searches who is inside. Mansi comes from behind and hits Suchi’s head. Suchi collapses. Mansi then laughs and says she erased Suchi’s name from Aarav’s life. Pihu sees that and says this aunty is not mad, she will tell everyone. Mansi walks out of store room. Pihu runs in and tries to wake up Such

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