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Chandra Nandi 12 December 2020: Chandra Nandi update Monday 12th December 2020, With time things changed, but Chandra couldn’t forget nandini, he had hopes that nandini is alive, and kept his search on, no one knew where is Nandini, Chandra looked for her everywhere, he was alive but his life was gone with Nandini, Chandra still kept his search on.

Chanakya walks to Chandra and asks are you going to announce bindusara Yuvraj and give him your crown,he is small,Chandra says I was same age when I was throned and he is the one who will take over it some day so why not today someday I will die,Chanakya says Chandra you are my son don’t talk about dying,Chandra says acharya what is this life without Nandini,Chanakya says Chandra this is dangerous for Magad,Chandra says don’t worry I won’t let Magad suffer and if I’m alive I know nandini is alive too.

Chandra gave everything away and was looking for only one thing and it was Nandini. Chandra serves brahmins,he prays to lord why am I going through this hardship,give me any pain but give me back my Nandini,a man starts laughing and Chandra walks to him and gives his kadha and other ornaments,he says king these are very precious what you want in return,Chandra says life, happiness,he says it’s within,Chandra says I have lost it then.

Helina was looking after Magads politics and ruling over it,she asks where are these guards going,he says to look after queen Nandini,Helina says send them to attack here,because king shastraketu is ready to attack us,and Helina explains whole plan to them. A guard says what shall we do now,other says Helina is ruling and king has no authority and soon Yuvraj will be bindusara so do as she says,megasanis asks where is bindusara,Helina says every minute particle will know his presence he will be here soon.

Bindusara with his friends in forest,friend says there are wild animals here and look the whether is bad,it’s not safe,bindusara Says i won’t go away scared and if I do I don’t deserve to be a king, the roar says the lion is showing us his territory but he doesn’t know if he is this forests king I’m whole Magads. Bindusara faces the lion,he defeats it,Helina walks to him and says finish him,bindusara says but he is under my control,even pitahamaharaj once saved Acharya Chanakya from animal attack but didn’t kill the animal,Helina says then look at your father now,emotions never save us,remember an injured animal is very dangerous and will surely attack back so finih him, so don’t show any emotions.bindusara kills the lion.

Bindusara walks to Helina,Helina says remember it’s important to kill enemy ,you can keep the enemy alive only till you can acquire I formation from him and remember Till now Acharya has looked after Chandra but from now you will be the king and you will be decision maker and not acharya unlike he used to do in your fathers days,bindusara leaves, Apma says stupid Helina you have given bindusara favour then Adonis,Adonis walks to Helina,he gets scared of died lion,helina says don’t worry your brother has killed it,Adonis goes checks it but is still scared,he leaves,Apma gives Helina sarcastic look,Helina says ma if Adonis is throned king,bindusara will kill him,Adonis has no qualities,bindusara will fight and extend the territory on other hand Adonis will be the king in the mahal and this way both my sons will be the king.

Bindusara reaches mahal,and girls are very flattered over him,they discuss why is he so angry all the time he never smiles but he is so charming. A girl hugs bindusara, he pushes her away,she says I want you so much,but look at you and what about the quality time we spent together,bindusara says I have many women here and you were just one of them there’s nothing special go away,mora asks when will bindusara get married,Panditji says soon the kundali shows possibilities soon.

A girl stops a soldier from hitting a common man, he says how dare you,she says yes I did dare,how can you trouble common man,he says he didn’t pay taxes,she says you increase taxes how are we supposed to pay and on other hand common man is beaten hard,guard says this is the rule follow it and you pay the tax by tomorrow and they leave,she says who is the king here, a man says there is a king but his queen looks after,he is in pain and now his son is going to take over,and Rajkumar never smiles,she says god knows who this family is ,they are going to destroy magad.

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