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Chandra Nandi 17 December 2020: Princess thanks dharma for dressings her and gives her coins and leaves,dharma doesn’t like it ,Nandini walks to her and says look at you, you are dressing everyone’s hair and you,come let me dress you, dharma says sorry ma you must be so embarrassed,Nandini says no I’m not,come here let me dress you,it’s engagement here,and my daughter should look very good and I can dress your hair after all I’m barbers daughter too,dharma says ma you just said you are a barbers daughter,Nandini says did I,dharma says ma may be Magad and this is related and your memory flashes are strong here give it a try,dasi calls dharma and Nandini to go and join in clothes distribution so that they can dress for engagement.dasi informs dharma that bindusara is waiting for her,dharma says ma you go I shall join later.

Bindusara is being bathed by dasi,bindusara calls dharma in and asks to massage his head,dharma says I cant you are in bath,and ask these dasi to move aside,bindusara says no they won’t step in and begin,dasi says you cant deny a prince go in,dharma steps in and walks to bindusara,bindusara pulls her to him in water,dharma is shocked,she begins his head massage and is very awkward,dharma is very close to bindusara,bindusara has dharmas words of insult ringing into his ears and is very angry,he asks dasi to leave,dharma about to leave,bindusara asks her to stop and says I didn’t ask you to leave and walks to her, bindusara pores water on both of them,dharma looks into his eyes,bindusara asks her to groom his nails,dharma slips and falls into his arms,bindusara says I said nails,dharma begins and says they don’t need grooming they are fine,and I know you are taking revenge because your titled is being snatched,bindusara says who are you,you are no one to take away my title,it’s just a revenge of my insult so just wait and watch,dharma says so I was right,go ahead do whatever you want but I won’t back off, I’m here in front you,answering you,bindusara says you will have to give up on me,dharma says never I will.

Its nandinis turn to take clothes,she touches Chandra hands,and Chandra feels the vibes of Nandini,Nandini takes the clothes and about to leave,Chandra says you are dharmas mother right,what are you doing here,Nandini says we are here in Magad for income,Chandra says I would arrange for some income you should have told me,Nandini says no no we will work for it,Chandra says you truly are dharmas mother you both are so hard working,you gave your daughter good upbringing. Chandra says acharya we wanted a brahman lady for engagement ,Chanakya says one lady is fine,mantri says dharma mother is now in mahal we shall invite her.

Adornus,is very angry and calls dasi and no one hears him,and says all must be busy with bindusara,he walks out in anger and dashes Nandini,she falls down,adornus sees her face.adornus says you old lady you dashed a prince I can punish you,stupid lady,Nandini says sorry prince,adornus helps her pick the clothes,Nandini thanks him and leaves,adornus says god she is choti ma Nandini.

Amartya had informed few dasi and says beware of Chanakya and sent him in Magad, you should put whole castle on fire and Chandra should burn into in,and those ladies discuss their plan.guard asks who are you,she says we are from near by town to bless prince,he says I need to check you,she says you going to check a woman how dare you and these gifts are from maharaj and we were about to change into these clothes,the guard says okay and allows them to go.

Apma puts Helina crown and says now you will be known as the Queen in true sense but it would be good if it would be adornus and not bindusara,Helina says it wouldn’t be me as Queen if bindusara hadn’t taken adornus accusation on himself and adornus always puts me in problem.

Adornus runs in and says ma ,Helina says ma look at him,he is not even good to lead an army,you talking about king,adornus says granny I saw choti ma Nandini,Helina says you saw Nandini,she is dead,adornus says may be her ghost but I saw choti ma for sure,Helina holds his hand and says come with me,adornus shows her where he met Nandini,Helina says where did she go,adornus says why will she tell me,Helina asks which way did she go,adornus says there and look that lady,Helina informs guards to go get that lady and checks it’s someone else,guards smell the bottle of that women and says this is something fishy,Helina says take her to acharya.

Acharya about to talk to the lady,she consumes poison.chanakya says quickly remove that poisonous medicine from her mouth. Chanakya says she is dead,means enemy is in mahal and their plan is on the go,we need to be alert, thank you mukhyarani Helina,Helina says acharya it was adornus not me he helped us,Chanakya leaves,adornus says ma I don’t know who this women is I didn’t see her.

Guard asks Nandini to get dressed,Nandini says my dress is torn,she gives Nandini that dress which the Amartya ladies have decided to dress has a uniform. Charumati says dharma you are very good,dharma says but this isn’t my job I’m doing it for some reason,can I ask you something,when you know what bindusara has done why are you ,Charumati says dharma you crossed your lines,you just put yourself down in front of future Magad Queen,a king is allowed to have as many relations as he wants,give dharma her amount,dharma says I don’t want anything and didn’t cross any lines I was just sharing my take with you as a woman to woman talk,and gives back the coin,Charumati says how dare you and throws the coin at her,dharma picks it up,charumati says when you were going to take it why this drama,dharma says because I respect money,it’s sign of goddess Laxmi and leaves,charumati says she behaves as if she is mukhya maharani here.

Panditji says maharaj lets begin the process,Chandra says we have arranged brahman lady she will be here soon,bindusara says not dharma mother please,Chandra says son it’s auspicious to have brahman lady please co operate,Nandini is informed to get changed quickly as maharaj is waiting, charumati walks to bindusara,he praises her and says your hair looks very good,she says they are groomed by that cruel dharma. Nandini gets changed,Amartya ladies mistake her to be their partner and share with her plan and says remember you have to kill Chandragupta,Nandini says I have to inform maharaj,other dasi calls Nandini to ceremony.

Nandini walks to dharma in ceremony, Chandra says please perform Tilak,you are brahmin lady and it will be very auspicious,Nandini walks to bindusara and performs Tilak,Chandra thinks Nandini you always wanted to perform all rituals of bindusara weddinga nd fought with me but today I have to get brahman ladies for it,I miss you.

Chanakya asks are these the clothes Chandra had gifted,dasi says no acharya they didn’t have any red borders,Chanakya informs Kartikeya to keep an eye on them and inform guards about it,Chanakya decides to inform Chandra about it,bindusara and charumati exchange rings,charumati says something to bindusara and he signs to begin the performance, and mantri announces charumati princess wants dharma to be part of it,dharma joins the dancers and begins the performance she shares cold looks with bindusara.

Chanakya has his eyes on Nandini,thinking she is up to something,Chanakya informs Chandra about the ladies,there’s a blast on the stage,nandinis dupatta catches fire and she rushes behind Chandra to warn him he is in danger,guards catch other ladies but they consume poison,kartikeya gets one of them alive,Chanakya says one is behind maharaj let’s get her cmon,nandinis dupatta falls off,she is standing behind Chandra and there’s fire and smoke between them,Chandra turns around but sees no one as dharma pulls Nandini and takes her away.

Chanakya asks Chandra are you fine,Chandra says other,Chanakya says yes all are fine,but we need to still get dharma mother. Dharma says ma why did you jump in fire,Nandini says to save the king and tells dharma what happened,and then I realised that my clothes were there sign to recognise each other and so mistaken me,and I thought I should save a kind king like Chandragupta Maurya.

Chandra says dharma mother you are a terrorist we need to arrest you,dharma says no maharaj you are mistaken and tells Chandra what happened,Chanakya walks in and says dharma but I saw she was one of them, dharma mother step ahead,Nandini thinks god what if they take me as Nandini,Chandra says Prabha please step ahead don’t worry if you aren’t the one,you won’t face the injustice,as Nandini passes by Chandra he feels the vibes again,Chanakya and Chandra standing behind Nandini,the other caught women sees nandinis face and says she isn’t one of us.

Chandra says sorry Prabha to take you wrong,Nandini touches his hand,Chandra says acharya arrest this women. Chandra says Prabha you will be awarded for saving me I know you won’t accept it and but still you have a promise ask me for anything and you shall be granted,Chandra leaves thinking why is her touch so familiar.
Nandini says dharma, this Nandini woman god knows what she has done,that I’m facing this day.

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