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Chandra Nandi 16 December 2020: Wednesday update on Chandra Nandi 16th December 2020, Dharma wakes up and hears some voice and follows it, she sees princess crying and asks may I help you, she says yes please step in, I cant detangle my hair, and no dasi help me and so no one finds me attractive, dharma says don’t worry I shall help you and helps her out, bindusara sees them, and remembers dharma is reason behind him being dethroned as Yuvraj, Charumati walks to him and asks do you like her, bindusara says no I hate her, I cant bare her for even a minute but look she is here as a guest and she has to answer my insult, Charumati says you can share it with me, if you like her and she is pretty too, bindusara says she has to face my revenge soon.

Guards stop dharma and Nandini leaving mahal and says king and Queen would like to see you, Chandra and Helina walk to them, Nandini has covered her face with dupatta, Helina asks who is she, dharma says she is my mother she came here as we were abducted and she was worried about us, Helina asks why has she covered her face, dharma says it’s old ritual, Helina says here are some gifts from us, dharma says thank you, and all about to Leave, Chandra says stop, and walks to them, and asks what’s her name, dharma says Prabha, Chandra says Prabha you have given your daughter very good upbringing, she reminded me of a very special person, we need more people like her, thank you.

Nandini slips off while climbing cart,Chandra holds her, this reminds him of his old memories with Nandini,Helina thinks this Chandra keeps wasting time with common people and gets angry,Nandini has memory flashes again,Nandini and dharma leave.

Chandra Nandi 16 December 2020: Dharma says baba Magad king is so good but the Yuvraj is so bad,Nandini says dharma how many times I told you not to speak while having food,and we won’t talk about Magad anymore,that place was so wired,all are asked to gather out in city.

In Champa announcement is made,now Magad won’t take wheat from Champa,Champa people get upset,mantri says the quality of wheat here is poor quality,people say not possible we examine it before sending to mahal,bindusara says silence this order is by mukhyrani and so follow it,Nandini thinks how will we survive now,bindusara hands scratched,Nandini steps to him and cleans the wound and says sorry prince please bare with me,we need to aid it or else you will be infected,and Nandini aids his wound,bindusara is bit uneasy and emotional,bindusara thinks why did I find this voice so recognisable.

Bindusara leaves,dharma says ma I will come back soon,Nandini says wait tell me where to,dharma says I shall Tell you when I’m back,dharma rushes to bindusara calling him out,bindusara asks them to stop and says I knew you will come,dharma says I know you did this for the sake of revenge but those people are innocent ,harm me but not them,a Yuvraj should look after his people and you,bindusara says I’m no longer a Yuvraj and mukhyrani has ordered me to,dharma says I shall talk to maharaj and you will get your title back,bindusara says I need no favour from you,dharma says please,bindusara says my would be wife needs a barber and you will do it and if you do,I shall go ahead with Champa,so it’s your decision now.

Dharma says yes I agree to work as barber to your would be wife my ma has taught me no job is superior or inferior and for Champa I will do it,bindusara says deal get to Magad with your whole family. Dharma tells Nandini about going Magad,Nandini says you knew Magad is looking for some Nandini who resembles me ,dharma says we have to ma its for Champa after all,and it’s just till bindusara and Charumati get married.baba says yes Prabha you can do till

Chandra Nandi 16 December 2020 Atinka TV: Chanakya says today is bindusara engagement and so we need to be a let it’s tough but we need too,Guard announces maharaj has announced clothes distribution,so all are requested to gather in hall. Chandra remembers a past scene,Nandini trying to put bindusara to sleep,Chandra wants to play with him,Nandini says no let him sleep,Chandra says why is it your always final call,nandinis Amy’s whatever you think and remember he will always be mine and even in his wedding it will be who will look after everything.Dadi walks in and says he has peed, look who scared he is about his wedding,go change his clothes. Baba says Prabha you have to go with dharma, it’s in her kundali too,her future belongs to Magad and also you have memory flashes strong in Magad may be you find your family there. Chandra says Nandini I know you will come back. Nandini says ok baba I will go to Magad with dharma.

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