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Chandra Nandini 1 January 2021: Nandini says I’m not your choti ma,Bindusara says as usual you are lying,you are here with this dharma and all the act,what all is this,and why was your face half burnt and why this act if you aren’t lying,dadi says enough bindusara is this way you talk to your ma,Nandini if you were in mahal why didn’t you tell us,not even mora,mora says yes answer us Nandini,Nandini says rajmata I’m not Nandini,dadi says you are my Chandras wife his love,mora says why are you lying,Bindusara says the question is why did pitahamaharaj ask her to perform Tilak and haldi,Chandra says because I knew she is Nandini and she has lost her memory,and don’t worry I’m not making fool of myself and taking someone else as Nandini,she wasn’t here till now because she lost her memeory 10 yrs back,Nandini says I beg of you tell the truth.

Bindusara says you tell us,Nandini says I’m Prabha and tells the story baba had narrated her,but maharaj thinks I’m Nandini but I’m not,I’m Prabha,Helina thinks what all is this,mora thinks why was the truth about your husband hidden from you,Chandra says let’s continue with the function now and we shall interrogate Nandini later,Bindusara walks kicking everything,Chandra shouts it’s a kings order stop,Bindusara says I haven’t forgotten years back you asked me stop and also slapped me but you can never and leaves.

Chanakya disguised in Champa,he asks near by whether it’s Raj Purohit house,people around say he isn’t here past two days,Chanakya asks was anyone here to see him,I’m from Magad on order of maharaj Chandragupta it’s important,people say we don’t know any details about him,but he is here since 10 yrs,Chanakya thinks Nandini met with accident 10 yrs back and says If you see him inform Acharya Chanakya and thinks this is all fishy and I have to find Purohit but inform Chandra first.

Bindusara remembers being slapped by Chandra and Nandini applying haldi and washes his face and says I don’t want her to touch me,and remembers reading his mothers letters,Charumati and Elis see him broken,adornus and other sneak in too,Bindusara burning in anger,and shouts.princess says Bindusara bhaiya is very angry go try calm him down,Charumati says no ways,do t you know last time he shouted at me and it was so damn scary,Elis says you are his would be wife you have to calm him down and pushes her in,Bindusara turns around with his sword,Charumati shouts,Bindusara says it’s not for you it’s for that dasi who got that lady in,get out and ask that dasi to meet me,Charumati scared leaves.

Nandini walking thinking about everyone’s words that she is Chandras love . Dadi says my Chandra has his love back,mora says I have a question,if she was alive why didnt she come back then and now after 10 yrs why,when Chandra was broken in her love,where was she. Apma says Helina we have many secretes, if it’s her we are in trouble,Helina says but why isn’t she accepting it,Apma says it’s a act,a big game plan,don’t you know how clever she is,Helina says still game is in our hand Bindusara hates her,Apma says because we plotted that hatred,just wish that hatred doesn’t divert to us and we burn into it,and if Nandini becomes head queen we will loose every game.

Bindusara practising swords in anger,Elis says he is so angry and he should be his mothers murderer is here,Bhadra says don’t say anything about queen Nandini,today I saw life in mamashrees eyes,and when mamaShree loves her to this extend this is sure that she isn’t the murderer. Nandini is greeted as maharani and she says what is this.

Nandini walks to Chandra and says answer me why did you do so,Chandra says what you want me to tell you, no one is ready to accept it because you are my Nandini,she says no I’m not,Nandini looks at herself in mirror and takes off all the jewellery and says I tried explaining you lot but the love for your wife has made you blind,this mangalsutra is my husbands im not your wife,Chandra pulls her close and says may be your so called husband married you when you met with accident,Nandini asks what proof you have,Chandra says let me tell you personal things,don’t you have a Beauty spot on your back,don’t you love tamarinds,don’t you sleep on the left side,don’t you love kids,do you want more personal information,I know these because im your husband,just feel my heart beats and now tell me don’t you feel the love,I can’t believe that you aren’t my Nandini but still if you don’t believe me you can leave.

Nandini looks at him,and remembers the every emotion she felt when Chandra was with her.

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