Chandra Nandini 8 January 2021: Chandra Nandini Friday 8th January 2021 update, Dharma looking for Bindusara every where and gets irritated,she hears Bindusaras voice coming from a room and walks in,and finds Bindusara broken and drunk,she says Charumati is waiting for you,come let’s go and thinks I should get Kartikeya to help me.bindusara stops her and places his head on her laps and says my ma I lost her long back,but pitahshree never remembers her,dharma says this isn’t the truth,your father always misses her, Bindusara says and me why isn’t he never happy with me,and always Nandini,dharma says Nandini is your ma too,Bindusara says never I have no mother no father, I’m hard,emotionless I keep saying this because I want me to accept it,I have no one who I can share my feelings with,only badi ma is one I had but she has adornus too,dharma says you have Charumati,Bindusara it’s political relation,I don’t cry because I have no one to wipe my tears off.

Dharma says look I know I hate you but this will stay between us and no one should se enough in this state and dharma helps him get up and gets him out,and thinks no one should see him this way,Bindusara hugs dharma while hiding,Kartikeya and Bhadra walk in and take adornus as Bindusara and ask where were you we were so worried,Helina says he was to a temple as per our ritual,and whispers Adornus I want no problems go,Apma says quickly all are waiting,adornus leaves with Kartikeya and Bhadra,Helina says ma remember I had told you I had chosen Charumati for adornus and since Bindusara as usual is drink and must be somewhere and is missing it’s adornus there in mandap,and since we know we never want Bindusara to be Yuvraj and then all this,Chandra will announce adornus as Yuvraj and all will be in our hands,Apma says good game my daughter,and hugs her.

Dharma get Bindusara to bath,and pours water over him to wake him up,makes him a glass of lime and water, Bindusara vomits and starts feeling a little better,Charumati smiles when groom walks in.adornus very scared and says now pitahshree will kill me. Bindusara gets up and stumbles and dharma holds him,Bindusara says look the state i was in,dharma says later all are waiting for you even rituals begin,Chitra and Bhadra share eye contact,Chitra walks to him and asks where were you,Bhadra says don’t ask,Elis walks to Kartikeya and says soon there will be another wedding,Kartikeya thinks may be she learnt about me and dharma,Elis says our parents spoke about it,Kartikeya thinks may be maharaj Chandragupta and maharani Helina know about it,and says yes I’m eagerly waiting for this day.

Dharma says I wish you find the person you always longed for in Charumati and helps him get ready.bindusara reaches near mandap.
Bindusara says who is this in mandap,and looks around and says oh is this adornus,dharma thinks I saw so much pain in Bindusara this was a different him,is he really the selfish him,why couldn’t I be angry on him today,dharma sees Bindusara and asks why are you here,Bindusara says adornus is there on my place,dharma asks how can I,and if guests learn about it,that won’t be good,Nandini sees Bindusara with dharma. Apma says Helina control your excitement,Helina says soon I will tell Chandra that adornus stepped in and took place of Bindusara to avoid problems.

Nandini after learning the truth says how is this possible and says I can feel his pain,I’m just hoping to see baba and know the truth as soon as possible,but now we need focus on Bindusara because if Charumatis father learns that it’s adornus,he will attack Magad and all neighbouring kings will support him and Magad is no state of war.

Nandini says before that we need to get Bindusara,dharma says how do you know all this politics,Nandini says yes even I’m surprised but now let’s focus on Bindusara,I have an idea. Dharma runs to Bindusara and says you keep blaming your father,that he did injustice to your mother and now you are doing same thing to your childhood friend Charumati,if your father is wrong how come you are correct,Bindusara holds her tight and says just because I shed some tears doesn’t mean I don’t hate you anymore,don’t dare you advice me,you are just a dasi,dharma says I haven’t forgotten my place but you are a prince how can you do this,this problem will affect magad,when charumatis father will learn its adornus he will attack Magad,and Magad isn’t ready for any war,all kings present here will support charumatis father.

Bindusara asks how will I go there but,dharma says I have an idea,do you know Greek language,Bindusara says yes,dharma puts him sehra,all praise the arrangements even in bad climatic conditions,Nandini opens the doors and the storm gets in and disturbs Everything and blows off all the lights. Dharma gets in and whispers in adornus ears fire and pulls him away.

Chitra says Elis after this grahpravesh bride will be equal part of this house,and now you have great opportunity to ask for gift from your brother it’s a ritual. Dadi expresses her wish that Nandini should perform grahpravesh pooja,Helina thinks good then Bindusara will again create problems and says sure dadi even I was thinking so.elis stops bindusara and Charumati and says you cant enter I receive my gift,Bindusara says what should I gift daughter of king Chandragupta who has the best of everything,Elis says no excuses,I need my gift cmon,Charumati says she is right give her,her gift,Elis says see my bhabhi agrees to me.

Bindusara says well I have the best of gift but cant express infront of everyone,come here I shall tell you and whispers Kartikeya has said yes, Elis hugs him and says thank you,it’s the best gift,adornus says what it must be,Kartikeya says it’s a brother sister thing let’s not interfere,adornus asks my gift,Chitra says it’s for girls,adornus says but I want a gift too,and it’s I want to marry a princess,Helina says forget Bindusara no one can give you this gift.
Dadi asks Nandini to perform arti,Bindusara pushes the thali and says only my badi will perform all rituals,you may have married king Chandragupta but you aren’t my mother,do I have to repeat myself every now and then that I don’t want to see you.

Dharma says good you agreed she his wife,which means she is your mother too,Nandini says dharma shut up,dharma says no ma don’t stop me,prince Bindusara she is your mother and as all other queens,even she has the right and why are you doing this,just because she Hasnt given you birth, you are treating her this way,Nandini says enough dharma,dharma says but ma,Nandini says on that note it’s queen Nandinis order please leave,dharma leaves,Nandini says only queen Helina will perform the arti as prince Bindusara wishes and not me and hands a new thali to Helina,dharma walks over kumkum and her footsteps are on the floor.

Helina performs aarti and Charumati steps in,dharma running inside crying and her footsteps are all in the corridor. Chandra in the room,calls dasi and says decorate this room and arrange this room as Nandini liked it and it was to back. Dasi informs dharma that maharaj wants to see her. Dharma walks to him,Chandra says thank you, you made me realise my faults and how neglected I was towards Bindusara upbringing and when I look at you,it’s undoubtedly that Nandini has brought you up with good principles,dharma says if Bindusara would practise even little of your qualities Magad would have a great king,but why have you called me.
Chandra says I have request for you and tells her about it.

Chanakya says Chandra we need to discuss a very important matter,look at these two marked places,Nandini fell in river which meets these two places and Purohit was last seen in these two places ,Chandra says but these are quite far how did he manage to arrive at these two places at such short time,Chanakya says this points at the fact that we are right we were under a trap and the solution is announce that queen Nandini is alive and back and the next step will be taken by enemy and I have eyes on him.

Nandini says dharma I know You are angry but this isn’t a way you talk to prince and you were into a war with him,dharma says so you said it’s a queens order leave,Nandini says I said,dharma say ma you are accepting this fact,that you are Nandini,Nandini says no may be I did this to step you,dharma says ma you are the queen here and wife of maharaj he has applied sindoor on your forehead and this reminds me that he wishes to see you,why don’t you accept it ma,the fate has brought you to your people back.

Nandini says may be but Bindusara doesn’t want this,dharma says but Bindusara insults you but you never stop him,Nandini says dharma as your talks never affect me,even Bindusara never affect me,dharma says and about maharaj from now you shall stay with him now and if you don’t stay with maharaj in this wedding day,it will be such a bad impression on maharaj.
Bindusara upset about dharma and her words,Malayketu makes him a drink and says relax she is just someone else and not Nandini,Bhadra says no ways we could make a mistake but mamashree won’t she is definitely queen Nandini,Malayketu smiles and hands him a drink,Bhadra denies.
Chandra walks to them,and asks what’s the talk,Malayketu says just worried about bhadras future,Chandra says I have no doubts on his future,I have seen him grown up he shall make his own future.malayketu says yes but as a father I’m worried.

Bindusara says if a father wouldn’t think about his son who would ,Malayketu says at times I think Bindusara is my son and Bhadra yours,Chandra says that isn’t the truth but,Malayketu says let’s have some entertainment,Chandra says no thank you and Bindusara you should go Charumati must be waiting for you.

Nandini asks what is this dharma.dharma performs her arti and says your grahpravesh,Nandini in tears ,Nandini performs the rituals and goes in,Nandini looks around the whole room,and the tamarinds,and her books,dharma says maharaj himself has arranged the whole room,do you still don’t want to be here,his love is so pure,don’t let it go,accept it and dharma leaves.

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