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Chandra Nandini 4 January 2021: Chandra Nandini update Monday 4th January 2021, Chandra says I can’t believe you aren’t my Nandini. chandra is informed Chanakya is here, chandra says Nandini this is up to you now whether to accept it or not but for me you are my Nandini and leaves. Dharma walks to Bindusara, all others sneaking and looking at them, dharma sees Bindusara attack her reflection, dharma says I’m here attack me this won’t help you, Bindusara walks to her,and holds the sword on her neck, Charumati says I can’t see he will kill her,Elis tell me what’s happening,Elis says she is looking at him right away fearless,and bhaiya put his sword down and both are starring at each other with anger.

Bindusara says I’m angry because you got her here who killed my ma,you agreed to my proposal was not because to help your people but to get that lady in,you are a fraud,you brought my mothers murderer in here,so you know her intentions tell me,Bindusara holds her hair and pulls her hard,dharma says she is my ma,she has lost her memory and raised someone else’s daughter with all love and she can never hurt anyone,Bindusara says I knew you will never accept it,I have proofs,dharma says which were shown to you,no I agree to fact that I feel that is the love and trust I have for her,and if you want punish me or else I will have to go,my ma is waiting for me,Bindusara says get out with your ma or else this sword will be on someone else’s neck and pushes dharma,dharma gets up and leaves in anger.

The news is in Magad that queen Nandini is back in town and also that it’s just a similarity and all different stories start cooking in Magad,and what will happen now when maharaj will accept a women who was with some other men,Chanakya in town listening to all this.chankaya informs chandra about this and says I will find the truth but we need to be careful that people may find this hard to swallow and so till wedding takes place all well we need to handle this secretly and so no risks should be taken because enemy can take use of this and Create problems and I have sent detectives behind Purohit.

Purohit to someone says don’t harm dharma and Nandini, I have done as you said,he says the day chandra learns truth I will kill dharma and Nandini,and be careful about Chanakya,if you reveal the truth you know what will I do. Dharma says ma we are going how long will these people insult you,that Bindusara was so rude, we will leave now,Nandini says how will I leave dharma,I’m so confused,baba made me believe that my husband left me and maharaj isn’t my husband but maharaj told me personal facts about me which only my husband would know.

Nandini says is it that baba is lying and maharaj is right,I’m so confused,dharma says ma if you are Nandini,we aren’t going any where ,not until we have answers to our questions,I will fulfill this love story of chandra Nandini,only for you ma and your love,even if I have to face Bindusara,and hugs Nandini.

Chanakya says Chandra all arrangements are made,chandra hears people waiting for him and wanting to see him,chandra asks to let them in,few people come to see Chandra and say maharaj you are smarat,but as per news heard, you have taken some other women as Nandini,Chanakya say sots oersonal,Purohit says a kings decsiison is taken forward if king does something like this,how will we progress,Chanakya says yes it’s right it’s not corrrect to take someone else’s wife as his own. Chandra walks away.

Helina says Bindusara now it’s just people and soon near by states will oppose us,we are being questioned because of Nandini and soon you will be queen and I can’t see your future affect because of it,he as always has forgotten everything because of her,I’m going and talking to Chandra about it,Bindusara says no ma,I will go and talk to him,he will insult you because of that Nandini and I won’t accept that,magads future king will go and handle this and throw that Nandini out of this mahal and leaves.helina says good Bindusara you have done things so easy.

Nandini says maharaj this isn’t good,what will you do,let me go,how will you handle all this,people are right,even if I’m Nandini I was with someone else and this isn’t good,it’s bad for you as king, i will return Champa ,chandra says no,you are my wife and you can’t go and holds her hand and says come with me we will have to answer together to all questions.

Bindusara says wait pitahamaharaj you cant let her here,questions are being raised against her character such women cant be here,Chandra says Nandini won’t go,just don’t stop me,Bindusara says but your pride,Chandra says it’s also my responsibility to look after her,Bindusara says and what about us the pain we have to face because of her,Chandra asks what pain,all gather due to voice,Bindusara says she tried poisoning me,Chandra says sad to hear this from you and anyways Nandini won’t go anywhere,Bindusara says she has to,not from mahal then from this world and tries to attack Nandini,Chandra pushes him away and says how dare you raise a hand on a women and your ma,trying to show your manly hood fight me,Bindusara says he yes I will fight you,

Bhadra says he is your father lower your voice,Bindusara says it’s no use to talk to him,Chandra says let me crush down your anger now,fight me forget that I’m your father let me see what strength Magads future king has.

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