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Chandra Nandini 31 December 2020: Chandra Nandini update Thursday 31st December 2020, Chandra looks at Prabha and says Nandini and says I meant, it belonged to Nandini and now they belong to you,Nandini asks why,Chandra says you performed bindusara Tilak and took place of his mother so,Nandini says it’s so weird,Chandra says sure it will sound weird but come here see these rains people think this happens when god is angry but it happens when two clouds share their feelings and these things are expressing my happiness,come let me help you with remaining jewellery,Nandini says no I shall help myself and leaves.

Apma stops her,nandinis face is covered and asks what’s in this plate, Apma sees it,and thinks these are nandinis jewellery how does she have it,nandini says I didn’t steal them maharaj gifted them to me as I performed Tilak,Apma says no no I just wanted to check now go dress well and wear these to and see you in function. Helina says Elis don’t worry i will talk about you and Kartikeya to your father. Chandra walks in the function,he looks at Nandini and smiles,she is wearing the jewellery and thinks I’m so happy to see you,Helina says Chandra, Elis loves Kartikeya and so once bindusara is married we need to talk to Champa naresh,Chandra asks does she really love him or you are behind some new profit,Helina says I’m not lying,Elis told me,she also has his name on her Mehndi,Chandra says the thing is I don’t trust you and so if Elis really loves him I shall talk to Champa naresh.

Helina asks how come you are back in king costume,Chandra says I’m in love,Helina says so I am,Chandra says I hope you don’t interfere any more ,Helina gets angry and leaves,Helina calls adornus and asks him where is bindusara,adornus says last few minutes of freedom,Helina says seriously and leaves,Apma pulls Helina and says I have a really bad news,Helina says I’m busy,Apma says Nandini is alive,Helina is shocked,Apma says yes the same Nandini who fell of the cliff is still alive, Helina asks why isn’t she in mahal then,Apma says she is here,Helina asks where she is ,Apma points at Nandini and says the one in veil ,Helina says it’s Prabha,Apma says I saw her face it’s Nandini,Chandra Nandini are back in game,Helina says bindusara has seen her face and it’s half burnt,Apma says it was all a game.

Apma says when Prabha is in Chandras room,no one is allowed in and today Chandra gifted her nandinis jewellery,think on it,you are betrayed again,you have given him two children but,Helina says ma we know,rajmata forced Chandra and so we have babies and let me tell you I looked after Magad and bindusara when Chandra was lost in nandinis separation,I’m going right away,Apma says stop it Chandra and Nandini are playing a game and so let’s play one to,bindusara hates her and she showed bindusara her burnt face and fooled him and bindusara will be our facade,we will use him,Helina says it’s so long he hasn’t met her choti ma.

Bindusara says what this isn’t possible,she can’t be alive,no ways I don’t want that women back to destroy us,Helina says so you think I’m lying,look I have no problem of her returning but why lie with that half burnt face and that veil and fool you,bindusara drinks alcohol,Helina says forget her come it’s your day,all are waiting for you,once our function is down I will handle this issue,don’t do anything in function,and you know how your father reacts when it comes to Nandini and I don’t want you two to fight,bindusara angry and leaves,Helina says today people will see bindusaras true face, and the hatred I have planted in his brains.

Bindusara walks in function,Chandra walks to him and says I’m proud of you I hope you will make us all proud here after too , god bless you. Kartikeya says dharma I’m going to talk about us to pithashree,dharma says not today,dharma says this isn’t the day,Kartikeya says shoo I will today I can’t wait anymore. Chandra calls Elis,and says I heard you like Kartikeya, so before I talk to his father I would like to hear it from you,Elis nods yes. Kartikeya tells his parents about he has found his love,and looks at dharma,about to say dharma,his father thinks it’s Elis and says I know your choice I’m happy with it.

Chandra and Champa naresh discuss and arrange their wedding, dharma applies bindusara haldi and says I hope you Learn to respect women after your wedding. Kartikeya tells dharma pitahamaharaj agreed and leaves. Nandini applies bindusara haldi,bindusara sees reflection of her face and remembers helinas words,and gets very angry and says stop prabhaji,and walks to her,and says you performed my Tilak and then Shagun haldi too and says I want to thank you and perform your Tilak,Nandini says that’s not needed,Bindusara says cant I Panditji,Panditji says off course you can,Bindusara says please,Chandra says you don’t need to,Bindusara says I know her face Is half burnt and what’s her fault in it so cmon remove your veil,and pulls her dupatta,Nandini closes her face with her hand and turns around,mora steps in,all are shocked with bindusaras step,Bindusara says won’t you show your face choti ma,Nandini looks at him,all are surprised seeing Nandini.

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